which of the following is covered in part 1926 subpart j of osha standards

Memos are commonly used to _________ or _________. Letterhead allows a letter to be more professional because it designates the letter is a(n) __________ document. When the welding, cutting, or heating operation is such that normal fire prevention precautions are not sufficient, additional personnel shall be assigned to guard against fire while the actual welding, cutting, or heating operation is being performed, and for a sufficient period of time after completion of the work to ensure that no possibility of fire exists. Concrete buckets equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic gates shall have positive safety latches or similar safety devices installed to prevent premature or accidental dumping.

The preservative coatings shall be removed a sufficient distance from the area to be heated to ensure that the temperature of the unstripped metal will not be appreciably raised. Concrete buggy handles shall not extend beyond the wheels on either side of the buggy. Drums containers, or hollow structures which have contained toxic or flammable substances shall, before welding, cutting, or heating is undertaken on them, either be filled with water or thoroughly cleaned of such substances and ventilated and tested. What is the difference between Material Safety Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets? Suitable fire extinguishing equipment shall be immediately available in the work area and shall be maintained in a state of readiness for instant use. A reliable and up-to-date source of codes. When coatings are determined to be highly flammable, they shall be stripped from the area to be heated to prevent ignition. If it is not in compliance, it must be rendered inoperable (for example, by locking the controls), or identified as unsafe by tagging. Required fields are marked *. Precast concrete means concrete members (such as walls, panels, slabs, columns, and beams) which have been formed, cast, and cured prior to final placement in a structure. In addition to the requirements in Subpart Q, other relevant provisions in Parts 1910 and 1926 apply to concrete and masonry construction operations. Oxygen shall not be directed at oily surfaces, greasy clothes, or within a fuel oil or other storage tank or vessel. Employers must provide a place of employment which is free from known hazards which may cause harm or death, All fire extinguishers should be stationary. Which of the following is NOT a true statement? Standards in this part requiring training on hazards and related matters, such as standards requiring that employees receive training or that the employer train employees, provide training to employees, or institute or implement a training program, impose a separate compliance duty with respect to each employee covered by the requirement. Which of the following is NOT likely to occur on a material safety data sheet? §1926.32 Definitions. Welding and Cutting and the regulations found in 29 C.F.R. 1926.20 - General safety and health provisions. Which of the following is an important step after evacuation has taken place? and speak with an expert.

The employer must provide PPE to each employee required to use the PPE, and each failure to provide PPE to an employee may be considered a separate violation. The bracing shall remain in place until permanent supporting elements of the structure are in place. View a consolidated view of relevant sections tailored to your project.

No damaged or defective cylinder shall be used. John Smith is an additional recipient of the letter. Which of the following is a health-related hazard? Code calculators may not be available. (This action is generally termed "cracking" and is intended to clear the valve of dust or dirt that might otherwise enter the regulator.) Cylinders shall not be kept in unventilated enclosures such as lockers and cupboards. Welding and Cutting Compared With 29 C.F.R. They shall not be hoisted or transported by means of magnets or choker slings. Oxygen cylinders and fittings shall be kept away from oil or grease. Local exhaust ventilation shall consist of freely movable hoods intended to be placed by the welder or burner as close as practicable to the work. Concrete mixers with one cubic yard (-8 m(3)) or larger loading skips shall be equipped with the following: A mechanical device to clear the skip of materials; and. Electrodes shall not be struck against a cylinder to strike an arc. Which of the following is NOT an example of a direct cost of workplace injuries? All feedback is helpful!

When this is impractical, fire resistant shields shall be provided. Most letter formats require single spacing. No employee (except those essential to the post-tensioning operations) shall be permitted to be behind the jack during tensioning operations. Because of its high toxicity, work involving beryllium shall be done with both local exhaust ventilation and air line respirators. Which of the following is a tip for welding safety? functionality. This subpart sets forth requirements to protect all construction employees from the hazards associated with concrete and masonry construction operations performed in workplaces covered under 29 CFR Part 1926. The minimum clear working space in front of electric equipment such as switchboards, control panels, switches, circuit breakers, motor controllers, relays, and similar equipment shall not be less than specified in Table K-2 unless otherwise specified in this subpart. Artificial cooling of the metal surrounding the heating area may be used to limit the size of the area required to be cleaned. All machinery, tools, materials, and equipment must be in compliance with the applicable requirements of OSHA 1926. If you enjoyed this “OSHA Basics” article on OSHA’s 1910 standards for general industry and 1926 standards for construction, you may also want to check out some of the following articles: And before you leave, download our free EFFECTIVE SAFETY TRAINING GUIDE, below. A reliable and up-to-date source of codes. Code Calculators automatically generates a detailed list of requirements. Notice: 1926.30 - Shipbuilding and ship repairing. Personal protective equipment. Each tier shall also be diagonally braced in the same two directions. When it becomes necessary to connect or splice lengths of cable one to another, substantial insulated connectors of a capacity at least equivalent to that of the cable shall be used. Which of the following describes mixed punctuation in letterheads? For the purpose of paragraph (k) of this section, a jacking operation begins when a slab or group of slabs is lifted and ends when such slabs are secured (with either temporary connections or permanent connections). See differences between code years or jurisdictions. Rapidly and efficiently calculate project parameters. The Secretary shall, pursuant to section 107(f) of the Act, establish and supervise programs for the education and training of employers and employees in the recognition, avoidance and prevention of unsafe conditions in employments covered by the act. Formwork means the total system of support for freshly placed or partially cured concrete, including the mold or sheeting (form) that is in contact with the concrete as well as all supporting members including shores, reshores, hardware, braces, and related hardware.

Drawings or plans, including all revisions, for the jack layout, formwork (including shoring equipment), working decks, and scaffolds, shall be available at the jobsite. Standard Test Method for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field (ASTM C31-85). The employer's actions must include providing for frequent and regular inspections of the job sites, materials, and equipment. Initial training and maintenance of ongoing training programs are considered as separate compliance duties with respect to each employee. This includes respirators, gloves, goggles,   and other types of PPE. This subpart sets forth requirements to protect all construction employees from the hazards associated with concrete and masonry construction operations performed in workplaces covered under 29 CFR Part 1926. Which of the following is NOT a true statement about personal protective equipment (PPE)? Which of the following is an important step after evacuation has taken place? Valve protection caps shall be in place and secured. For instance, a review of excavations, stairways and ladders, discussed in detail in Subparts P and X would be part of Subpart C. OSHA 1926 Subpart C also contains the definitions of key terms used throughout the 1926 construction standard. Such equipment includes, but is not limited, to the following: threaded rods, lifting attachments, lifting nuts, hook-up collars, T-caps, shearheads, columns, and footings. Where a welder must enter a confined space through a manhole or other small opening, means shall be provided for quickly removing him in case of emergency. Inside of buildings, cylinders shall be stored in a well-protected, well-ventilated, dry location, at least 20 feet (6.1 m) from highly combustible materials such as oil or excelsior. Quickly locate sections across your jurisdiction. Employers are required to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to each employee required to use PPE.

Which of the following is an example of a direct cost due to workplace injuries and illnesses? § 1926.350 Gas welding and cutting. Jacks/lifting units shall have a safety device installed which will cause the jacks/lifting units to support the load in any position in the event any jacklifting unit malfunctions or loses its lifting ability.

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