alice in wonderland wii walkthrough part 3

3. I forget how that all works now. 42. 46. Arrange the books on the shelf to make an image and then take the medium key. 44. Find 2 photos of Alice. Then do the same for the shield mold using the gold ingot. Go back to the hook room and add the gold inglot, anvil and stone/rock to the hooks in the right order. Use the knife to cut off some blue resin from the tree. You can access it through your inventory. See solution below.


I also offer affordable testing and consulting for iOS developers. So we’ll come back to it. Go through the left one and open the drawer to get a cylindrical piece with the number 11 on it. # 5. Head down the middle path to see two doors. Use the rusted key to unlock the rusty door. Tap on the 2 to add another clue to your journal. Solve the puzzle and get another clue for your journal. I got so far then couldn’t change the seasons. Place the key on an element, then go back to the Door to use the transformed key on the element’s lock. That’s where the station guide clue comes in handy! Assemble the pieces of the door. 64. Solve another rotating tiles puzzle and another pipes puzzle to turn on another nozzle on the fountain. Disney's Alice in Wonderland: The Movie Walkthrough (Nintendo Wii, Windows XP, Windows Vista) courtesy of Disney Interactive Studios.

Place the helm with the other and then turn both at the same time to lower the drawbridge. Head back to the staircase and go down and through the front door to the street. Inside is a pick and another clue for your journal. I’m stuck at the second fountain puzzle.

I think its back right. Head up the spiral staircase to the roof.

60. 16. Go back to the Duchess’ house. Alice Trapped in Wonderland im confused what i should do with them bith? Continue to the market. Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland is the latest game by MediaCity Games, the sequel of Alice Trapped in Wonderland. 32. You have to solve the gear puzzle first. Then leave the room. Once found, an item in your inventory will be fully colored. No go back and down the right path. Drop the key in and it will cool off.

Then leave and take the right door. Enter the Duchess’ house. 1. Give the shield to the statue and go through the door. Place the gears in the proper spots so that they all turn. I’ll give you exact steps later. Slide the tiles around so that the white key tile can enter the keyhole. Perspecto: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions, Escape Game: “Sealed Love Letter”: Walkthrough, Samsara Game: Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide and Solutions. The clue isn’t helpful, though, because the lion heads are all the same. 5. He’ll give you a piece of the robot heart. Use the knife to cut the red resin from the tree. Return to the Rose Garden and find the heating lamp. Place the emblems in their slots by the knights. Place the 11 piece in the center of the lock. Go back all the way and climb up the vines to the hill. There are four doors before you. See solution below. Enter the first cell and tap on the White Rabbit’s clock to see it stopped at 9:55. Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 7 (VII) The Rookery, Jenny LeClue – Playable Teaser: Walkthrough. i can not the diamond out of the cave,need help please. So put the levers like so: Down, Up, Up, Down, Up. When all three are open, the door will open. Items that need to be found are shown in a separate tab in the inventory. Ignore the rake for now.

61. Solve the puzzle by putting gears in the correct spots so that they all turn. Also, tap on the watch to see that the White Rabbit’s clock stopped at 3:30 PM. Also, tap on the 1 near the candle to have it added to your journal. Your cursor will change to walking Footsteps.

17. 57. Solve the rotating tiles puzzle on the statue and then solve the pipes puzzle to turn on one of the nozzles on the fountain. The door will unlock when you match all four up. Read the note inside the envelope. Sign up for the Gamezebo Daily Newsletter, Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, Chapter 4 guide: All puzzle solutions, Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, Chapter 3 guide: All puzzle solutions, #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips.

Place the control panel on the device area. Head over the bridge to the campfire and take the grappling hook. .

Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. 26. 65. Learn how your comment data is processed. then green feather fern hair with bronze head, , last mask with gold, orange,ble, red. Go back through the pink door and head down the left path. Then leave the room. 55. Use the telescope to see the banner on the castle. 50. Read the scroll from Time. This walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck. Go back to the scene with the tree stump. There’s a drawing on the wall. Go back down to the bottom of the well. Solve the tile puzzle to get a clue for your journal. 69. Learn how your comment data is processed.

31. Then leave and go upstairs. Slide the tiles around so that the white key tile can enter the keyhole. Open the door and go through. 18.

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