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However Christianson (1993) et al found contradicting evidence. You will receive tracking information usually via email to track your parcel(s). West Yorkshire, password protection. Divers tasked with learning material either on dry land or while underwater were found to have poorer recall when they were tested on retrieval in a context that differed from where encoding and learning happened. Results found the words that implied a stronger collision resulted in greater average estimates of speeds from participants. the capital of France is Paris. Also the level of engagement from participants when under the influence of alcohol may not necessarily be genuine due to the way it affects peoples willingness to give honest responses. Semantic long-term memory is linked to episodic long-term memory with semantic memories formed based on experiences that occur. This highlighted the difference in short-term memory and long-term memory, supporting the theory. State-dependent failure would occur when the internal state of the person is different from when the information was encoded. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Possible exam questions on the Retrieval Failure include: Here is some good news; compared to the old specification, the new AS and A-level psychology content you’re required to know for factors affecting eyewitness testimony have reduced. However, although the cognitive interview was effective in gaining more information it was also found to increase the amount of incorrect information given from witnesses. 24 participants ranging in age from 18-53 were given four stories about their childhood gathered from relatives. a separate school network licence. The Central Executive is the main component and coordinates the other “slave systems” and ensures they don’t go astray. resource may not be shared with any other person in any way. Therefore we cannot conclusively say the procedural memory store is fully understood with any detail to generalise such a theory. refunds for materials purchased from us. The multi-store memory model can be argued to be oversimplifying memory structures and processes. The fact that it is impossible to test for an item as having been encoded or not means we cannot fully test the encoding specificity principle. However again the replicated studies tend to be within artificial settings which could be affecting results and lack external validity and wider generalisation to real-world situations which is again limited. Participants were asked to initially make independent judgements about the number of jelly beans contained in a jar and then discuss their estimates in a group. Long-term memory (LTM) is believed to be divided into two main types of memory. Participants are usually motivated and eager to engage in the study which may be unrealistic of real-life witnesses and motivation in itself may, therefore, be a confounding variable. The laboratory settings lack ecological validity too as although they may help in replicating the study to test for reliability and control for extraneous variables to establish cause and effect relationships, the setting itself lacks mundane realism due to its artificial setup. Considering the millions spent on advertising this presents a big problem but also provides marketers with practical ways to overcome this. Rehearsal maintains information in the short-term memory store however it is still vulnerable to being forgotten due to limited duration (decay) or being displaced by new incoming information due to limited capacity (displacement). The model is also unable to explain how musical memory works as participants may be able to listen to instrumental music without impeding their performances in other acoustic tasks. How To Revise For GCSE Psychology Step-by-Step, Chapter 8: Issues and Debates in Psychology, Outline the multi-store model of memory (6 marks), Evaluate the multi-store memory model (6 marks AS, 8-10 marks A-level), Outline and evaluate the multi-store model of memory (12 marks AS, 16 marks A-level), Explain what normative social influence is (4 marks), Explain what informational social influence is (4 marks), Outline and evaluate normative and informational social influence explanations of conformity (12 marks for AS and 16 marks for A-level), Outline the working memory model (6 marks), Describe the strengths of the working memory model (4), Describe the weaknesses of the working memory model (4), Discuss the working memory model outlining the strengths and weaknesses (12 marks AS, 16 marks A-level), What is meant by proactive interference and retroactive interference? (2 previews available).

The unit code is 7181/7182 and covers both AS & A-level. This supported cue- dependent failure, however, this was during free recall only. This suggests high levels of anxiety in situations do not always divert attention away from what is happening. The students involved may also have been motivated participants which again is not always indicative of real witnesses and this may affect recall and limit the cognitive interviews application. You can see a TED talk she did below on this topic. The episodic buffer has limited capacity and also maintains time-sequencing recording events as they happen and transferring this information into long-term memory. Due to the nature of our digital resources, we do not normally offer any Can You Detect Whether a Child Is Lying Or Not? This was used to aid in the conviction of Danielle Jones killer as a reconstruction in 2001 prompted witnesses to recall her arguing with a man which later led to the conviction of her uncle through witness testimony. Semantic memory has been associated with activity in the temporal lobe while procedural memory associated with the cerebellum and motor cortex. Procedural long-term memory is linked to the neocortex brain areas within the primary motor cortex, cerebellum and prefrontal cortex. In their key study, 45 students were shown several films of road traffic incidents and then given a questionnaire to describe the accident and answer a series of questions about their observation. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion A possible weakness is the control group of officers may have been demotivated due to not receiving training which may have affected their motivation levels and performance in the standard interview negatively. A-Level Psychology Optional Topics Bundle of 3 3rd set. Other research has found a ‘conformity effect’ occurs when co-witnesses reach a consensus view of what they think happened from discussing. If your purchase is available as an 'Instant Download' and you choose this format, your resources will be available for download immediately after checkout within your mytutor2u account. Describing the angles was difficult as both tasks competed for the limited resources of the visuospatial sketchpad but not the verbal task as that involved two different slave systems.

Much of the evidence for testing the different components such as the VSS and the PL have often relied on dual-task techniques where participants are required to carry out two simultaneous activities. The other is not consciously recalled and is known as “knowing how” memory, or procedural memory. This also has real-world applications especially in the world of law enforcement where the police can use this to glean more information from witnesses that may prove crucial to solving crimes and reduce miscarriages of justice. The first question to ask yourself when revising for GCSE psychology is which exam board am I studying? After learning List A they were given List B and tasked with learning this. Therefore this study may lack internal validity as it may be more of a measure on how leading questions affects one particular age group (students) rather than the wider population. The model is supported by amnesia cases as patients have been found to either lose their short-term memory or long-term memory abilities but not both. Another major weakness for interference theory is it only explains forgetting when information is similar and can not explain why forgetting occurs in the majority of real-life situations. However, trying to distinguish whether a person felt anxiety or stress in itself would be difficult and subjective. This licence is for the personal use of a student only. Participants were tasked with recalling word lists with earlier and later words more likely to be recalled and this was known as the ‘primacy’ and ‘recency’ effect. The results from Harlow’s study are of large practical value since they provide insight into attachment formation which has important real‐world applications that can be useful in a range of practical situations. Due to the ease of replication other studies have found similar findings showing the findings of Deffenbacher and Loftus are reliable. The tutor2u Topic Essays are also structured and written using techniques explored in our tutor2u Webinars and YouTube videos, and have been produced in a word count that is achievable in the exam!

Report every detail regardless of how trivial it may seem. Simply sign up to our Free Membership plan. The resource may be distributed via a secure virtual learning environment, however Question paper (A-level): Paper 3 Issues and options in psychology - June 2018 Published 1 May 2019 | PDF | 218 KB Question paper (Modified A4 18pt) (A-level): Paper 2 Psychology in context - June 2018

There are two main types of cue-dependent forgetting; context-dependent failure and state-dependent failure. All the essays are in band 4, with many scoring full marks. You now only need to know about how factors such as misleading information and anxiety affect eyewitness testimony. There are 4 main exam boards used in the UK.

Recall the event in different orders such as in reverse order or at different stages. A set of 10 exemplar Topic Essays for the Memory topic. Individual differences can also explain why some people are less affected by proactive interference when compared to others. The practical application here is that establishing eyewitnesses level of arousal/anxiety may be key in court evidence to determine the validity of their account. Loftus and Palmer (1974) conducted various experiments measuring how leading information affected recall and is the primary research study you need to know as part of your revision.

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