are mata mata turtles dangerous

(Blending in with the vegetation definitely comes in handy.) Young mata matas are also known to be more flexible than their parents. They aren't pressing concerns just yet, but they're something to consider: Mata mata turtles are carnivores that prey on fish and small invertebrates. They can grow to more than eight feet long and weigh in at over 2000 lbs. Yes and no. Most of this length is due to their neck. Most people don’t think of turtles as being a threat to humans. The mata mata then snaps its mouth shut, expels the water, and swallows the fish whole. While some turtle species like to bask in the sun as a form of thermoregulation, mata mata turtles don't engage in this practice. Female mata mata turtles lay between 12 – 28 eggs at a time.

They don't actually come from Matamata.

Instead of hunting, mata matas wait for dinner to come to them. Those from the Amazon have more rectangular shells and dark markings on their heads and necks.

They don't hesitate when it comes to killing their prey, but mata mata turtles are very mellow creatures overall. They also possess two sets of razor-sharp teeth.

It's a myth that all turtles can hide underneath their shells. When they reach maturity, they'll have their famous neutral tones.

Mata mata turtles can grow up to 45 centimeters (18 inches) long. Why Does My Dog Eat Poop? Do mata mata turtles take care of their young? Mata mata turtles don't really have predators.

The mata mata turtle is a sedentary turtle with a large, triangular, flattened head. They do not handle well and handling can lead to stress. Turtles of the world, 7th edition: annotated

Die Ordnungen, Familien und Gattungen der Reptilien als Prodrom Duméril, A.M.C. Some may carry diseases or infections that can be harmful to humans, while others may even bite and cause some real damage. I’m 18, and I have a passion for animals. 11. Another thing that you might notice about the mata mata turtle is their abnormally long neck that ends in a flat, triangular head with an upturned snout. While they are not known to seek out humans for prey, there have been reports of sea-going individuals getting crushed as they found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. These river and lake-dwelling turtles can reach more than two feet in length, and they have a huge, distinctive head that can not be retracted into their shell. This is why they prey on small animals; dinner has to be the right size to be swallowed in one motion.

These definitely earn their spot on the weird animal list. Are there any other mata mata species? (Not that the mata mata's would fit anyway.) Consequently, the best defense is to avoid getting too close to their habitats and giving them plenty of space while swimming. Mata matas are part of the suborder Pleurodira. Looking to be amazed by a crazy turtle? Zoologie Analytique, ou Méthode Naturelle de Classification des Animaux. Thanks Jeannie. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. 25. Mata mata turtles aren't rare or endangered, so if you want to see these strange creatures for yourself, it's just a matter of finding a zoo or wildlife exhibit that's showcasing them. 32. Specialist Group. They aren't particularly fast or fierce, and their killing method isn't gruesome. Opinion 660. 35. Thanks for your comment. However, they have complex mating rituals that suggest a certain kind of monogamy. It's derived from the Latin words for “tortoise” (chelys) and “fringed” (fimbriatus). The females have the choice of accepting or rejecting these proposals. München: J. Lindauer, 86 pp. They also have a very sharp and strong bite that can shatter the bones of its prey and hulls of wooden boats.

Turtles are one of the oldest animals in existence, with some even traced back into the Middle Jurassic Era. The mata mata turtle, mata-mata, or matamata (Chelus fimbriata) is a freshwater turtle found in South America, primarily in the Amazon River and its tributaries in Peru, Venezuela, Guiana, and Brazil. They can be difficult to catch and consume, but there are some rural communities in South America that will eat mata mata turtles. They escape a lot of notice thanks to their ninja-like maneuvering, and they have such thick skins and shells that they don't make for easy targets.

What is the habitat of the mata mata turtle? Matamata is a rural New Zealand town that was the shooting location for Hobbiton in The Lord of the Rings. Some turtles may be more aggressive than others.

For starters, if you can even find the mata mata turtle, you're doing better than most. They have a razor-sharp beak that shreds anything from bone to wood and even aluminum as their bite exerts thousands of pounds of force. However, there are a few species that have a ferocious bite that can lead to serious injury or death.

You're in the right place! I haven’t seen one in ‘person’ yet. Now who's hungry? Let’s take a closer look at turtles that are best to be avoided whenever possible. These reptiles have a tremendously fast way of catching prey, and they do it with extreme efficiency. H.B., and Bour, R.]. It is actually unable to chew due to the way its mouth is constructed. What animal would like to see me cover? They spend 99% of their time in the water. Is that Normal?

I saw one of these guys at the Bronx Zoo yesterday! What a strange looking turtle, isn’t it? They aren't interested in pre-killed food.

Mata Mata Turtle Life Span. Matamata is a real place in New Zealand, where they filmed The Lord of the Rings. I’m Drew. They engage in something called “suction feeding” where they basically turn their mouths into vacuum cleaners. She graduated high school at sixteen and started her own business, Everywhere Wild. The neck is longer than the vertebra under its carapace (shell) and is fringed with small skin flaps along both sides. However, most specimens are smaller, especially females.

6. Matas matas can grow up to two feet long, but most adults measure 16 to 20 inches. There's certainly a lot to boggle at when it comes to mata mata turtle facts, but hopefully, they were fun to read! Can mata mata turtles retreat into their shells? Predators and Threats. 4. When they're juveniles, they have pinkish-red bodies with black and green mottling, and the pink slowly fades into yellow, orange, brown and gray.

It isn't an illegal or uncommon practice. Learn how your comment data is processed. R.A. What is the mata mata turtles Latin name? A mata mata’s jaw is not hooked or notched. 2.

You might have to pay a pretty penny to get the exact turtle that you want, but options will be available to you. The South American mata mata turtle may not appear dangerous at first, but any fish will tell you otherwise. As I've already discussed, mata mata turtles have a lot of features that help them thrive in the water. Not only does it like to bury its eggs in a closed or excavated location, but it will even make a nest in decaying vegetation around swamps, marshes, and forests! Can mata mata turtles chew their food? This is a complicated question! Simply put, it's a special lining in the backs of their eyes that gives them better night vision. The mata mata turtle has other ideas. It's very fast. Enjoy! 17. Males will extend their heads towards females while opening and closing their mouths, and they'll flex their legs and move their skin flaps around as well. When it comes to feeding, mata mata turtles present a strange contradiction. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecdf5681b0d2c3a Drew Haines is an animal enthusiast who enjoys travel and photography. Espenshade III, William H (1990), "Matamata, Chelus fimbriatus", Encyclopedia of Animals:Mammals,Birds,Reptiles and Amphibians, Harold G. Cogger, Edwin Gould, Joseph Forshaw, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Chelonian Research Monographs 5(7):000.329–479, Giant fossil matamata turtles (matamatas part V), Terrifying And Dangerous Turtles and Lizards, 10 wild animals in Sweden and where to see them. How to say mata mata turtle? On one hand, they're slow-moving animals who use their natural camouflage to blend into their surroundings until their prey comes along. How did the mata mata turtle get its name? . For example, Guinea pigs aren't actually from Guinea. In: Rhodin, A.G.J., Pritchard, P.C.H., van Dijk, 12. Terrifying And Dangerous Turtles and Lizards Mata Mata Turtle.

How does the mata mata turtle catch its meals? They slow down as they age and lose their mobility. Even though they can grow quite large (up to 18″), they do not need a lot of space, since they are not very active and do not hunt. conservation status. Bulletin of Zoological It's possible that their eggs are preyed upon by birds, rodents or snakes, but this hasn't been widely observed enough to be definite. The mata mata turtle has other ideas. Warm, acidic water is the best type used with a high tannin content that should be maintained all year round.

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