argumentative essay on gender inequality in sports

They are typically stronger and more athletic as well. In other words, the complexities of our identities are not formed through cultural identification alone (monologic model) but through the interactions with people who are important to us. This is a great topic that I think is very relevant to today’s culture. It is now 2016 and sports play an enormous part in the U.S. culture. Well that’s not true. Among the many easy writing service providers, we are the most preferred.This is no self-proclamation but a fitting testament from our customers. Company Registration No: 4964706. As inequality continues in todays sports, women are striving to get what they deserve.

Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Although top women athletes have also excelled in their sport through discipline, skill and finesse, some are still not according women with equal recognition. Men sports teams are considered to be more popular and more exciting than women’s sports. Decades ago, women were mostly shunned from sports. Teachers being aware of stereotypical perceptions of females in sports can correct the misconception amongst girls that sports is not for them. In 2013 WNBA players’ salaries started at $37,950 a year and maxed out at $107,500. Reinforcing of male as a dominant force in sport reinforces gender as a dominant mode of social classification. I think it would be cool if you could talk about the basketball program here at UCONN.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say with last paragraph but I assume that it has to do with the funding that is provided for girls compared to boys in respect to sports. When asked why, Arefyev responded, “It’s a pretty difficult sport with a high risk of injury. Conversely, women are not encouraged to play sports because the above traits are not associated with women (women’s athletics: coping with controversy). Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? In this case, males are being reinforced. It had always been that some sports are aimed towards the male gender and others towards the females. VAT Registration No: 842417633. Women have proven that they deserve everything that men receive and there are facts that prove them right.

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Although, they are similar ideas I think they are also a little different in proving your point. It might be a good idea to supply pictures or examples for better support. In reality, no hobby or sport can dictate or predict ones sexuality. A simple example would be the one where girls are supposed to like pink and boys are not supposed to. I completely agree that the advertisements for female sports are very sexualized, and that if male and female sports were entirely equal, there would be no need for the ads to be put this way. I think it explicitly states what you are going to say in your essay but is also captivating. Even if girls do persevere in sports, they often find themselves playing with boys and in the minority (need paraphrase). They are a practical way to improve athletic stance and stability, so the fact that society objectifies women volleyball players or dancers because they wear skimpy outfits, again, creates a form of inequality.” In this part of your essay, you acknowledge how some people might believe that women’s outfits for sports such as dance and volleyball might be too revealing, but then you go on to say why you don’t agree with their point of view by saying that the outfits have to be that way to help improve the athletic ability. To start off, your essay title is very clear and straight forward which I like. One of the main topics that is being brought to the forefront of this issues, is that of gender equality in sports. I think you need to establish an introduction paragraph.

If so, then do professional female choose money over being treated equally? “If women are not getting paid the same amount as men to play the same exact sport, it is clear that they are not going to be treated or viewed as equals.”. Love the introduction. From the first Olympic games to 2016 a whole lot has changed in the world of sports. All in all, your essay is pretty sufficient and does an exceptional job of introducing and arguing several viable points which are quite relevant in today’s world. This was particularly interesting because they normally do this for fashion ads and I never thought much of a sports ad being about looks either. We are a reliable writing company. It is also important that you realize that women are not the only ones who are discriminated against, when talking about sports. Women do not get paid as much for the same reason. Although, there are few women’s leagues for “men’s” sports, but these leagues are not nearly as prominent and recognized as the male counterpart leagues. (These links will automatically appear in your email.). Discrimination is defined as unjust treatment of different categories of people or things. Quite simply, even in this day and age of supposed equality and meritocracy, sport still remains a male domain, especially on the community level. Also, adding to your statement on how sport sexuality has progressed, any time before the 21st century, no football player would have declared themselves gay even if they were for fear of being kicked off a team and football being the manliest sport; now recently we had the first NFL player to declare themselves gay for the public, we are definitely more accepting. Gender inequality is unlawful because of Title IX, a law that was passed in 1972, that banned gender discrimination in sports (Buzuvis and Newhall). This is more than five times that of the LPGA tour, which is only $50 million. An example of one of these stereotypes is all men who cheerlead are gay and not masculine. Thank you. I thought your introduction was very strong and I liked that you put your thesis at the end of the introduction. In the late 1700’s sports became more popular. The concept of ideology is one that we take for granted, or rather, something we do not even think about.

Although Arefyev is not alone in his argument, studies show people are diverting away from this traditional view that women are suppose to be stay at home mothers with dinner ready on the table. For your last paragraph, after defining the law, you can talk about sports before the law and how it has increased after. Your introduction does just that. These gender attributes, some of which are natural while others are sheer stereotyping, largely contribute to gender differences in the world of sports. Santiago has proved in his paper how the success of a national team can impact the sports popularity. Only in major competitions such as the Olympic Games, or ‘feminine’ events such as ice-skating and gymnastics, do we see the achievement of female athletes. In nearly all advertisements for company’s like Nike and Under Armour women are standing in a provocative and unnatural positions wearing minimal coverage. Overall, I think that your argument is very strong and you have a lot of great research to support it. I think it would be good to separate the two examples for basketball and golf. For example in the Women’s World Cup game USA vs. Japan there was 25.4 million viewers, making it the most watched women’s soccer event in U.S history. I would propose that you suggest ways to change these problems that women face and you will have a strong paper. In the catalogue of marginality as discussed in Tatum (1997), gender is one of the categories of dominance and subordination. Women sports are not talked about nearly as much as mens’ sports and most people do not even consider women to be athletic when compared to men.

But equality has not found its way to women’s sports yet. Your thesis sentence was very straight forward and made sense, however, I feel like your introduction paragraph ran on a bit too long. You made extremely crucial and specific points to show your argument and was fun to read. I think it’s extremely unfortunate but that’s a major public opinion and I don’t anyone should be judged for it. Once equal pay is received, people will start respecting and accepting women sports in the same way that they do with traditional male sports. I would try to separate some things from your introduction paragraph and put them into a new paragraph right after the introduction. As women are working harder than men, bringing in more ticket sales than men, and selling more merchandise than men they will one day get what they deserve. This one statistic shows how big the gap between men and women sports really is. Not only has sports vastly changed but so have social norms around the United States, roughly half of what a US Men’s soccer player earns. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know. I also liked the area you included where you talked about how girls who are athletes are paid more in advertisements for their sexuality as opposed to their skill level in their respective sports. Some of the reasons why women and mens sports should be equal are women work just as hard as men or even harder. The way that you include statistics and quotes goes to show that you know what you are talking about and that you know how to write a paper. Most essays on Gender Inequality are about social problems which men and women face today due to their differences. There are a decent amount of people in the world who consider women’s sports to be a joke in general. The Title IX, back in the day there’s always been that big barrier blockading females and males when trying to engage in a sport that is not “appropriate” for their gender. These uniform choices are not for the benefit of the audience in any way. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. It was easy to tell that you are trying to prove that there is a lot of gender inequality in sports. In some cases yes, men do bring in bigger audiences than women, but that is changing. And there is a lack of inspirational and positive stories about the triumph of female athletes. By doing so, your audience will better comprehend what you’re striving to prove, while at the same time opening up an opportunity for you to analyze the advertisement in your own descriptive words.

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