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Be sure to explore the Glue Class for oodles more inspiring easy DIY projects and tips. Fill the bottles about 1/2 -3/4 full and shake. When flocking electro-statically, the adhesive will also need to have a certain amount of conductivity inherent to it. Evenly brush on glue. After the flocking is dry, is it possible to add details with paint, or would that just destroy the flocking? Question I have a couple sizes linked below. Available in multiple colors!Colored glue to match the flocking. I remember flocked things.

Comparison page link: Aero Ure-Glue and Rustoleum Paint. hi, i want to know how to make flock adhesive for screen print. Please contact Nyatex sales staff regarding specialty colors. Can spray on glue with no more than 3-5% dilution per volume/weight. Keep covered.Store standard living room temperature. All materials, including metal Remove all loose paint. Spray glue is awesome because it dries so quickly and can be substituted for white glue, hot glue, tape, and other adhesives, just be sure that the adhesive you are using can be bonded to your project materials. This is great. Repeat until the figurine is flocked to your heart's content. I have all the awesome classes on Instructables. Enjoy your new fuzzy friend! You separated the pieces of tube, put the flocking dust into the bottom tube, slid this back into the top tube. Special adhesive systems available to bond flock fiber to many Polypropylene & TPO plastics.

Do not use oily soap. The links you've embedded are not onlyhelpful instructions-wise - they keep your narrative tight and inviting toread.

Waterproof Flock a Figurine With Spray Adhesive: Remember those tacky velvet statues from the 60s and 70s? Paint provides a good adhesive for the flocking to attach to. Tack set in two (2-4+) hours, and ready to hunt in 48+ hours. There are many methods for applying adhesives such as brushing, spraying, dipping and silk-screen. 140°C =    5-6mins, Durable If you are starting out making your own handmade greeting cards, one of the items you will need to add to your crafting workbox is adhesive. It's alchemy I'm sure? It depends if you want to attach a flocked fabric to a ball or want to directly flock the ball. Every person that has been crafting for a while knows that it is important to use the right type of glue to have successful craft projects. 3 days to 2 weeks or so. This can work with any figurine, or really anything I suppose, so use your imagination. This is a messy process so having a “flocking station” was a good idea and by flocking station I found a box large enough to contain my dash and I lined it with plastic. In order to facilitate the application method preferred, it is possible to thin down the adhesives that we offer using either water or acetone. Products provide adequate "open" time when spray applied to parts in a high volume production line process. Just be careful to not spill. Optimum adhesive performance does require the flocked parts to be oven cured. Make sure all precipitated color particles are dispersed.

Apply only what you can apply flock to in about 8 minutes. Then I sprayed them with the DIY snow flocking. If you are unsure of what type of glue to use, ask for advice in your local craft store or take a look at one of the online glue advice websites such as This to That or Glue It to It from Michaels. We recommend that the paint is of a similar tone as the flocking to be applied as it will ensure an even look.

Curing: place object by med speed fans in a warm room. Exercise care to ensure the glue only goes onto the correct surface locations. Trim the top level 1/2 off. Paint provides a good adhesive for the flocking to attach to.

covered boxes or bags.

Storage: Use dish soap such as Joy and brush lightly, then rinse.Wash with a hose (not high pressure nozzle) or under faucet. Personal protection (bandana for face, wrap safety glasses and gloves (if desired). All Rights Reserved. With the flocking applicator filled approx.

Paint provides a good adhesive for the flocking to attach to. The Ure-Glue is the secret to making your finished product durable and lasting. SnoFlock The Original Premium Self-Adhesive Snow Flock Powder with ShimmerSpec | Exclusive Formula | 2 Pounds [0.90Kg] 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,578 $23.95 $ 23 . aecurtis: 28 Feb 2010 2:44 p.m. PST: White glue or acrylic medium, diluted enough to brush or spray--for both applications. Save fibers which are not dirty, to be re-used. You’ve given me hope! (Solvent based paint/glue meant for solid surfaces.).

Your products are first class and

Our GLUE makes the difference... Make your efforts last....use Aero Ure-Glue. These systems allow for excellent pot-life (1-3 hours) and a variety of application methods. Testing will determine this. Let dry over night, brush off excess flock, and your field is ready to play … Many years ago I used the Elmer's Spray glue on Felt method, and found it worked extremely well! Recommended for applicator types requiring durability, solvent & abrasion resistance. Special adhesive systems available to bond flock fiber to many Polypropylene & TPO plastics. By applying a layer of paint the flocking grips to the item in a consistent and lush way. This characteristic makes it ideal for forming bonds with everything from paper, cardboard, fabric, and foam to plastic, metal, wood and much more.

Most systems designed for large scale production uses in mind. Order online today with worldwide delivery. By applying a layer of paint the flocking grips to the item in a consistent and lush way. Bad fumes 7 warnings! Gold Adhesive/Acrylic Paint 2 Ounce

(see this post for all the details) So much fun. 2 years ago Velvet Feather has the same light reflective properties of real feathers. Sno-Flock (premium artificial decorative self-adhesive snow flock powder with ice flakes) Elmer’s Glue All Sifter Spray Bottle . I simply used some hot glue and the pieces from the swag I pulled apart in and around the wreath. The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. recently flocked a number of duck decoys with your kits and must Curing or full water evaporation depends upon humidity, temperature, thickness application etc. For use on rigid multiplaned substrates to bond Nylon or Polyester flock fibers to ABS, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Noryl, and some metals. clean. To prevent overspray going all over the place, it is smart to place the figurine in a box. Washable up to 90°C shine and fade. Sno-Flock (premium artificial decorative self-adhesive snow flock powder with ice flakes) Elmer’s Glue All Sifter Spray Bottle. In this project we'll be using all-purpose spray adhesive, to transform a dingey figurine from the past into modern decor. directly to the purchase page, click here. Washable

Use the puffer bottles to get the fibers embedded into the glue, for a better finish. Flock It! Krylon sealer on top of the flocking.

from P.W.

Broom and dust pan to clean up ALL loose fibers after each color, before applying the next, to prevent lofting fibers tainting the next color. Flocking is made of precision cut industrial grade Ure-GLue Use and Storage:  Stir glue well before using.

You will find a list below of 15 adhesives that should be in every crafter's toolbox. Note: After applying the flocking kit to your decoy, please do not spray Waterborne & Solventborne systems specifically designed to meet the automotive requirements for interior flocked trim in addition to a wide variety of other 3 dimensional substrates including plastics, metals and glass. decoys when they were flaring away from guys in the next

Flexible when set, Car dashboards This gives

Reply Stain resistant Apply more fibers than you think you need and then some more.

Lightly, roughen surface to increase glue adhesion. We tried all the others before we Supplying the largest range of flocking fibres, flocking adhesives and flocking equipment in the world! Remove all dust and loose contaminates. Water and humidity resistance Share it with us! Thanks! Did you make this project? (due to its rigidity when cured, it is not recommended for use on fabrics), Waterproof Solvent clean-up required.

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