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In the future, although there is no specified timescale at the moment, will most likely see certain air force bases around the United States, as well as those in territories around the world that are mainly used for “space operations” could “rebrand” in anticipation of the eventual roll-out of the Space Branch. You can check out the footage in question below. One using the world’s oceans to hide their underwater alien bases. On the same day as the sighting of the craft over North Dakota came another incident of an aerial anomaly. UFOs: Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape Part 2 - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut, UFOTV Presents: Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation On UFOs, The Aldebaran Mystery - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut, UFOs the Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut. The object, however, remained over the area when they walked through the door of their home. Since 2006 we have been morphing into the most original and most honest paranormal/UFO show and to this day actively creating and searching for a painfully truthful show. Immediately getting the sense that whatever it was, this strange craft was “not a plane, drone, planet, or a star”, the witness got out their phone with a view to using it as a telescope. It was at this stage that the witness grabbed their Nikon P900 and quickly snapped several shots. As it did so, it raised higher and higher into the air. What has perhaps proven to be one of the most fascinating recurring themes over the last few weeks, and indeed, something we mentioned at the start of the year, is there appears to be a growing, albeit completely unofficial, that some kind of conditioning to disclosure is taking place. And they range from the bizarre to the more plausible.

Furthermore, given the size of the Sun, Waring would estimate the object to be around ten times the size of the Earth. It would remain visible until sunrise (around an hour to two hours approximately) and then “gradually faded away”. While that does perhaps make sense – certainly more so than the “swamp gas” explanations of a similar nature in the 1960s – some in the UFO circles and chatrooms are a little harder to convince of this “convenient” explanation. Although the sighting happened in the early hours of 27th February, just after 6:30 am, it didn’t really begin to enter the outside and wider world of the UFO community until several days later.

It is perhaps up to us as a collective to spot the opportunities for progress toward that plateau of truth and balance, a place the vast majority of us wish very much to see become a reality. You can view a short news clip of the incident below. You are the typical person who has normalcy bias. New US Navy Guidelines – Committed To “Investigating Every Report!”. In this instance, a recording from Frackville, Pennsylvania, in the early hours of 29th June 2019, that was only submitted online on the 22nd December.

The sightings themselves are relatively regular, with several such incidents happening each month. The officer then exits his vehicle and approaches the car in front. Strangely, though, they then begin to reappear, gradually, as if getting brighter as opposed to coming closer. If 2019 has (continued) to tell us anything with clarity, it is that literally, anything is possible. We take care of filtering profanity as much as we can. The witness would further see another orb a short distance on their journey which once more broke into several identical orbs and ultimately vanished. You can view a picture of the strange markings below. A documentary about the life of Dr. Stephen Greer and his claims of existing energy technologies that would change the world as we know it. And while such an increase might not constitute a wave – at least in terms of some of the classic UFO waves of the twentieth century – it is yet another definite sign of a steady increase of UFO activity which shows no obvious signs in slowing down. Unlike many similar sightings of lights or orbs, aside from the sheer volume of them, the witnesses would report now flashing or changing colors. You can check out that particular footage in the video below. You can view the footage below and make up your own minds. The witness would at this stage begin recorded the bizarre scene. In anticipation of the offering that what they had captured was merely a bird the witness would offer that the object was likely at least a mile out to sea and was (therefore) “way too large to be a bird”. On that evening, at a little after 7 pm, a strange beam of light was witnessed by multiple residents across the city. This would cause both of them to look up and witness the apparent fleet of bizarre glowing craft. The main witness, a 17-year-old boy managed to capture a picture of one of these bizarre flashes through the passenger window from his seat. You can check out one of the pictures of the sighting below. Perhaps of interest, despite control tower operators being able to visually see the UFOs for close to an hour, they would only appear briefly on their radar screens. And while there is slightly more than usual this month. Did History’s Unidentified Influence Congress and UFO Disclosure? I do believe, life exists on other planets, Aside from the picture itself, the location is of particular interest, especially to those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, as it has a long history of alleged extraterrestrial activity and contact. Perhaps returning to another dimension instead of another planet.

We’d see it and then when we looked again it had moved to a different point in the sky! When they took a still shot of the frame and then enlarged that section of the image, although it is quite blurry, there does indeed appear to be a strange, solid craft buried within the clouds of the morning sky. There was no sound and after first considering it might be a satellite, but they would later state it was “too low and too large”. Of most interest was, though, was the claim from one of the witnesses that despite attempts to capture the crafts on their mobile phones. Copyright © 2020 UFO Insight, All Rights Reserved.

The following morning, in reality only hours later as we travel back across the pond to 11:30 am in Central Park, New York on 25th May. They managed to capture footage of this part of the incident. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It would appear the video was originally filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana by a YouTube user named Daniil Tumanny.

July was another busy month for UFO sightings. You can check out the footage below. He immediately ran to the window to view the lights for himself. She would claim to have “no recollection” of how she might have received the markings. Quite possibly one of the most intriguing sightings of the last month occurred over the Volga and Ural regions of Russia. The witness would continue to follow the two crafts until they vanished into the distance. However, when they later examined their digital haul of images, they discovered what appeared to be a saucer or cigar-shaped objects against the cloudy backdrop. And what’s more, it would remain that way for several hours, with (local) online commentary seemingly awash with theories and explanations as to just what this “portal-like” light beam was. The object itself is best visible just after the 20-second mark. And we provide you with 100% genuine and unbiased information. Then, the boom! So, what should we make of all this? It wasn’t until later that evening while examining the pictures that the tube-like object came to light. From the memes spawned by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and his crazy hair, to famous UFOlogist Zecharia Sitchin, author of must-read book Chariots Of The Gods, this docuseries has everything when it comes to modern UFO discourse. Some who have briefly examined the case would point out how the region surrounding the location was absolutely awash with military bases. However, that the couple both claimed to have seen the object with their own eyes, as well as the photograph taken at approximately the same time perhaps warrants further investigation of the night in question in and around the Big Apple. You can see two angles of the picture below. The lights were a solid bright, white light throughout the encounter. The footage was captured from the passenger seat of the vehicle the witness was traveling in, at a little after 9:30 pm as they went along I-405. If you wish to skip to the mysterious sounds it is approximately six minutes in. It should be noted that this particular sighting could very well be an early appearance of Venus which would have been in the same position as the apparent anomaly. Orb-Like Object In Doncaster Garden, South Yorkshire, 17th January, UFO “Lands On Roof” In Trinidad, Colorado, 14th January, Other Intriguing Sightings Over The United States, Strange “Circle Of Lights” Over London, 11th January. If this is the case the incident, and the footage that was captured, might indeed be very intriguing. | Whether this sighting is genuine or not is perhaps understandably open to debate. Although there isn’t any photographic or video evidence of it, a sighting from West Auckland in Australia on the evening of 31st March going into the 1st April would receive considerable attention after media platforms picked up the report from a Reddit user. One in Menane in North Carolina and one in Livonia, Michigan. We are sure that you have many other questions you want answered. However, unlike the many military jets that fly over the area, these objects were completely silent and didn’t make a sound – something that comes up in numerous UFO sightings. One of them, only days later, across the pond over the skies of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in Northern England. They would report that they witnessed three orange orbs but only managed to capture two of them on camera. The pictures were taken at a minute apart at 8:43 pm, 8:44 pm, and 8:45 pm from the Banpo Bridge near the Han river.

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