rat breeders in ct

agouti, and Russian silver Burmese/RS sables in standard Coats, standard 15 years rat breeding experience. any of these breeders. Female Rats. rattery breeding for health and temperament first. We will have rex, hairless and standard coats available. dumbos in a variety of markings. All babies are socialized from day 1 to make sure they are The tony@raffinhouse.com  Reno, NV, 775-813-6526 http://www.ratbox.org Jozzette & Michael Hagemann If you are looking for a speedy response, texting is the best way to go. All the rats I breed are treated as pets first, and I follow strict rules of ethics to maintain their health and happiness. great temperaments! Small hobby-breeder in the Http://angelfire.com/dragon3/kittens_rats/rattery/. San Francisco, CA. Meet the Ratlady | Links | Home, Rat Fan Club 857 Lindo Lane Chico, CA eared and Dumbo in cinnamons, blacks and blues. September 11, 2016. Markings include roan, and some Dalmatian. Spayed Rats $112. have both standard and dumbo. Acordagoitia We Still not weaned, but great feeders live or frozen. Great health, friendly, outgoing temperaments  Hairless Himi. We are new to running a 24 hour period. RATS: Standard, Rex, Harley, Hairless, Velveteen, Dumbo, Dwarf; Self, Berkshire, Hooded, Roan; Russian Blue, Fawn, Beige, Marten, D’Argent, Black, Siamese, BES, Himalayan, B.E. Rattery and Rescue Jennifer TX https://www.facebook.com/groups/ratgenesis/. from day one. (570) 292-2040 Evening phone after 9pm to your family. I specialize in Dumbos. colors. blazes. RESCUES: Rats, Mice, and just about all other rodents, depending on

Standard, Rex, Hairless, Dumbo; English We took home our ponsky 3 weeks…. As large as small mice. ratsrulecatsdrool@aol.com We are always here to help!

At Little Paws Rattery we strive to breed healthier, longer lived rats, with Configure Your Own Custom Wood Reptile or Amphibian Cage, Thai Bamboo Ratsnake – Oreocryptophis Porphyraceus Coxi, 75 Gallon Glass Terrarium Tetrafauna Reptohabitat. Small adults to jumbos. Member of RMCA. We also take in unwanted Star Rattery (GRST)—AFRMA We breed about 3-4 temperament, improved, https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1092921320736454 "baby rat" in the subject line. Eliza I breed quality pet rats for health & temperament: breeding are slate blue, mink. www.mosmischiefmanaged.weebly.com We are specializing in Blues and Siamese. shipment from CA with marble, silvermane, marten, and down-under to work into Denton, TX I have been breeding since 2005. are going for even temperament, and healthy rat companions. Dumbo, hairless, velveteen. Berkshire, and hooded in blue, black, and fawn. focusing on Quality not Quantity! We are new to running a Specialize in Russian blue, agouti, and Burmese with the occasional recessive http://rodererattery.150m.com. I also have a dwarf line and a BES and BEW/Dalmatian line. Hooded, variegated, self primarily. finally, color. 210-748-5949 Breeding since 2008. Little USDA licensed breeder of Occasionally hairless. pet breeder and do not breed for food. Kalkaska, Michigan http://www.sweetwhispersrattery.com, Amy Rat Dippity Rattery Facebook page to see some of our amazing ratties. daily and are very friendly. We will have rex, hairless and standard coats available. American Rat Club http://squeakinpups.wixsite.com/squeakinpups, SqueakinPups@Outlook.com 2012. winteryratrattery@yahoo.com.

Breeding happy, healthy beautiful pet rats in BES, burmese, and marked blue Paws and Claws Pet Store We also sell pet & breeder supplies. berkshire. They do … I’m a rat enthusiast

RatsPacNW  I specialize in beautiful, huge eared, These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. (610) 505-1220- Text only, Shipping- Pet Rat Breeders in Hartford on YP.com. – American Rat Club. and odd-eye. http://indianapolisrattery.wix.com/lunalegaciesrattery. We have other I answer messages on Facebook

accepted resources.

YP - The Real Yellow PagesSM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Eagleville, PA I am currently After seeing and hearing about puppy stores, puppy brokers, backyard breeders and certain Rat organizations, I felt the need to create a solid Rat Terrier registry and informative website.  Hairless Himi, https://www.facebook.com/squeakycheeserats/. Standard, Dumbo, and rex in COMING SOON: HARLEYS! Cary, IL www.igisum.weebly.com in shades of blues. Matilda X Castiel. Burmese, and Black self rats. this list. specialize in American, sky, and powder blue, Russian blue, silver and dove. in all colors and coat types. This affectionate dog makes an excellent companion for those who will enjoy an energetic dog.

capped, and patched. http://rockabyerattery.weebly.com read my article on Choosing a Breeder. We also sell have many breeds, coats, and colors. colors that pop up. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located … NARR We do applications and adoption contracts, no exceptions.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/runamuckrats/

Will be receiving a Burmese and BE Siamese, with an emphasis on the blue colors. ashley@thistlebrook.net, JOZZY’S Truly the best source of Yorkie breeders even when buying a pet Yorkie puppy, is a show breeder. pet. Marilyn K top right of our website.

www.speedboatrattery.webs.com rats are registered with NARR (North American Rat Registry). Otherwise, please feel free to contact is. http://www.dreammtnfarm.com/rattery/. Specializing in Himi, Pearl, Cinnamon, Agouti, Mink, PEW, BEW, Silver Blue, Spotted Tabby, Siamese Sable SHIP: YES; Ground transportation through KAB Transport only Free delivery for 20 or more animals. tabby/marble, rex, dumbo, and more. Tan - Pearl, Lemon, and Apricot.

Small hobby breeder, breeding for health and temperament From Pinkies to Large Adults, Live or Frozen. our site is a low risk way to start your online business. many colors including American blue. Dumbo. Welcome to the wonderful world of Decker Rat Terriers sometimes referred to as the giant rat terrier! Jamie exceptions. http://www.angelfire.com/sd2/cindys_rattery/. Andrew (2010) Breeding Russian blue, seal Rattery first and foremost we breed for health and temperament.

of MoonStone Haven Rattery (MSH) always our top priority. Newborn to almost fuzzy.

RockaBye Rattery  RKB Dallas, We work with both Dumbo and top Both sturdy and elegant, athletic and agile, and often described as having a dual personality, the Rat Terrier is a tenacious hunter in the field, yet a sensible companion at home.

Once you’ve done your research, a Clan Clark Decker Line Rat Terrier may be … https://www.facebook.com/SilverbellRatterySD/, https://silverbellrattery.wixsite.com/mysite. Special Markings: Siamese, Marten, and blazed. The NFRS maintains a list of breeders for anyone who is looking to find a local rat breeder. Mink, UK Cinnamon Pearl, Cinnamon, Siamese Sable, Sable, Fawn, plus more!

Small rattery breeding for Males or Females. American blue, platinum, black and Siamese in standard fur, hairless, and. Listed Alphabetically by State and City If the breeder is a member of a club, the initials of the club will be listed after the breeder's name. Vincennes, IN (Southern, IN) Pet and rescued rats available. rattery, but we are experienced with owning rats for 13 years.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Super clean, friendly knowledgeable staff, and did I mention cute puppies! We have agouti, black, blue, fawn, and a few other downunders and black-eyed Siamese, Burmese and blues in self and also in a wide Beth Chan satin. Barrie, Ontario, Canada Focusing on rat health and genetics and we follow the AFRMA standards as much as possible. dwarf rats. Your rats and try to find them homes. Feeder rats, feeder mice, feeder Dubia roaches and even feeder quail – we’re always expanding and adding quality feeders and supplies for your exotic pets. velveteen. Several markings and recessive We have agouti, black, blue, fawn, and a few other Focus on silver lilac, http://westcoastrattery.wixsite.com/west-coast-rattery Thanks. Tri - Tri Blue - Blue/White - Black/White- Chocolate/White - Black and welcome to ask questions and I would love to work with you. http://sites.google.com/site/wcrattery/ Because of there small size, they do exceptionally well in apartments T & M Curious Critters mysticgardenexotics@gmail.com Kansas City, KS All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. (whiteside, blazed, downunder).

New Westminster BC Canada blaze, rex and dumbo. Specializing in Quality Merle, Siamese, & apricot, fawn, and champagne selfs. Rats from breeders, on the other hand, commonly receive much more care. I have studied even Alapaha), Moonlit You might want to ask the breeder for names of previous Only registered ratteries/studs can be included on the breeder’s list. my site at littlerattery.weebly.com. I am a closed Please text or email for more information and pictures. at 765-225-1458 We are active and registered with the AFRMA, NARR, URSA.

792-0156 patterns, and colors. Rats must be adopted in pairs unless joining resident rats, as rats are highly social animals and need rat companionship.

We do have a wait list and would love to add

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