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Many people even believe that Pooja is Alia's mother. But not many people understand the relationships between them, like who are children or siblings of whom. In this family chart, we only include famous people in the film industry that you may know if seeing their names.

Mahesh’s daughter Pooja played her own grandmother.

To understand the connections among Bhatt people, we have to trace back to Nanabhai Bhatt who set the first steps in the industry for this family. Nanabhai Bhatt is the first member of the Bhatt family to make it big in Bollywood. In this post by Starbiz.com, we provide you with a simple illustration of Mahesh Bhatt family tree, which is also Alia Bhatt family, along with detailed explanations on their relationships. |Nov 02, 2020, 16:14. Other Works H. S. Rawail-Wikipedia. Soni Razdan was born in 1956, 8 years younger than Mahesh Bhatt. While his family, sons Mahesh and Mukesh and granddaughters Pooja and Alia, have carried the name forward, we look back at the career of the Bhatt patriarch. 3. Showing all 8 items. Many prominent film directors like Kidar Sharma, Nanabhai Bhatt and Gulzar made films on the story of Meera bai. Nanabhai also means younger brother in Gujarati. She used to act in Raazi, co-starring her daughter Alia Bhatt. He also directed several features under that name. He is best known for such movies as Mr. X (1957) or Kangan (1959). Shaheen Bhatt is dating the comedian and writer Rohan Joshi. Rahul Bhatt is mainly working as a fitness trainer. Copyright © 2019 Starbiz.com - All rights reserved. 5.

Being one of the most powerful families in the Indian film industry, Mahesh Bhatt family include famous actors and producers of Bollywood. In his award-winning film Zakhm (1998), Mahesh based the relationship between the characters of Nagarjuna and Pooja Bhatt loosely on his own parents.

Updated : 24 Jun 2020 16:26 IST. |Nov 02, 2020, 10:16. Pooja Bhatt is the oldest daughter of Mahesh Bhatt with his first wife Kiran Bhatt. South Indian Stars US Election 2020: Mia Khalifa And Kim Kardashian Urge Men To Vote With Their Sultry Posing, Collection Of Unforgettable Moments In Kajal Aggarwal’s Dreamy Wedding With Gautam Kitchlu, Actor Emraan Hashmi – Mahesh Bhatt nephew, Director Dharmesh Darshan – Mahesh Bhatt nephew, Filmmaker Suneel Darshan – Mahesh Bhatt nephew, Director Mohi Suri Bhatt - Mahesh Bhatt nephew, Actor Udita Goswami – wife of Mohit Suri Bhatt, Director Onjolee Nair – Mahesh Bhatt niece, Director Milan Luthria – Mahesh Bhatt nephew. Bollywoods News Soni Razdan is a British actress and also a film director in the Bollywood industry. Balwant also directed a few films for the studio. You may not remember Aishwarya Desai, the actress who made a quick appearance on "Gully Boy", but her glamorous photos will definitely make you mesmerized for life. Some sources say they are planning a wedding in the near future. She studied filmmaking in London and used to write for several cinema projects.

Robin Bhatt is the son of Nanabhai Bhatt and his wife Hemlata Bhatt. 2. Other names can be mentioned related closely to the Bhatt family are their cousins, nieces or nephews but the relationships are rather complex. In the movie, Soni also played the role of Alia’s mother. Mahesh Bhatt is the son of Nanabhai Bhatt and Shirin Mohammad Ali. The patriarch of the Bhatt family started out as an assistant and worked his way up to launch his own banner in 1946. Please Login with Facebook.

You will see details of her relationship in the Mahesh Bhatt family as follow. Rahul Bhatt met David Headley at a gym, then developed a close relationship with each other. |Nov 04, 2020, 9:06. However, she seems to get married now! Father in law of Producer Darshan Sabharwal. This email id is already registered with us with facebook. Nanabhai Bhatt (1915–1999) Director | Writer | Producer + Add or change photo on IMDbPro » Born: June 12, 1915 in Porbandar, Western India States Agency, British India. Her mother is Soni Razdan, so she is the younger sister of Shaheen Bhatt and half-sister of Pooja Bhatt.

Nadia played separated twin sisters Rani and Madhuri. Alia Bhatt will also join Sadak 2 and Brahmastra, which are predicted to receive critical acclaims in 2020. Rajrani Meera-Wikipedia. Sitemap, Alia Bhatt gets scared as Mahesh Bhatt got angry when asked about depression. TV & Digital Porbandar, Western India States Agency, British India, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Alia Bhatt is currently dating Ranbir Kapoor. Once again Babubhai Mistri provided the special effects, while Chitragupta was the music composer.

pramod.shinde@cinestaan.com, This email id is already registered with us with facebook. Pooja Bhatt got married to Manish Makhija in 2003 but they have gone in separate ways since 2014. Publicity Listings The talented South Indian actress just had her wedding ceremony on Friday and a reception party on Saturday night. Mahesh Bhatt was born in 1978. Mukesh Bhatt is the uncle of Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt.

Nanabhai Bhatt is the first member of the Bhatt family to make it big in Bollywood. |  Died: April 24, 1999 (age 83) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Shaheen Bhatt is not mentioned much on the mass media as she doesn’t act in films, but she is working as a writer with the latest book named ‘I’ve never been (un)happier.’. The two stars took to their Instagram steamy pics and urge people to vote for their US President in the 2020 election. Hanima Anand Baby Madhuri, who played the child version of Nadia, was Meena Kumari’s younger sister. The marriage would be a boost to two among the most influential families in Bollywood. 1. Also remember the Bhatt family has already been in the Bollywood for 3 generations, and there’s no sign their children would stop joining the industry in the future. He often works with his brother Mukesh Bhatt under the banner of Vishesh Films. |  Nanabhai Bhatt, born in Porbandar in Gujarat's Saurashtra region on 12 June 1915, arrived in Bombay in the 1930s like many others hoping to make a name for himself. So who is Alia Bhatt's mother? If you have more information to add in Mahesh Bhatt family or better version of Mahesh Bhatt family tree, please feel free to comment or email us. Mahesh Bhatt has 4 children in total, including Pooja Bhatt (48), Rahul Bhatt (38), Shaheen Bhatt (32) and Alia Bhatt (27).

Biography. Check their swooning moments! He is a reputed film director and producer in the Hindi and Gujarati film industry. David Headley was reported to have warned Rahul Bhatt not to visit the attacked area on November 26. Robin Bhatt has written many films including Baazigar and Aashiqui. Invited to the show as a special guest, Shehnaaz Gill has set up a romantic date night for the Bigg Boss 14 lovebirds Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan. Quick Links. He has 2 children with his wife Hemlata Bhatt and 7 children with mistress Shirin Mohammad Ali (also called Shirin Bhatt). Before reading details on Mahesh Bhatt family relationships, please take a look at the simple version of Mahesh Bhatt family tree. Despite the same surname, Nanabhai Bhatt is not related to Vijay Bhatt and his family (Arun Bhatt, Pravin Bhatt, Vikram Bhatt). Trending Worldwide Read why she got married so many times! Now, let us explain further on each of these well-known Mahesh Bhatt family members. Mumbai - 12 Jun 2020 13:30 IST

He isn’t passionate about the filming career of the Bhatt family though.

He used to act in several films and TV shows but didn’t gain much popularity. She is the sister of Alia Bhatt and half-sister of Pooja and Rahul. Another story related to Rahul Bhatt is about his controversial connection to David Headley, the terrorist involved in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Aurangabad Mother Married 3 More Times In 3 Months While Not Divorcing Her Husband, Here's The... Senior Shehnaaz Gill Brought A Special Gift To Pavitra Punia And Eijaz Khan On Bigg Boss 14. Mukesh Bhatt is the co-owner of Vishesh Films which has produced big hits as Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Sadak and Ghulam.

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