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So what’s the first thing I can say to suck you in? The close relationship that exists between production and Brent’s vocal cunningness can be likened to oil and water: his sound, delivery and cadence simply glides over the track’s engineered base. 'To be completely honest, I'm an R&B singer because I’m black and I sing. His solo projects Sonder Son and Lost showcased an array of different styles, from stripped-down ballads to that Nineties nostalgia bounce.

I didn’t really know how to write my ideas out this well before having producers that allowed me to make lyrics my main focus. I mean a brother can look at the news for an hour and then have an album. Hahaha, nah, it’s way too late for all that.

Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post/Getty Images. [Verse 1] “It was the songs with your singing — that’s what sucked me in,” says Ty.

It was honestly just something that I read and it held a place with me, so I tatted it on my face.

I think it’s healthy.

I really don’t give a shit. [Chorus]

Wale & Radiant Children), The Internet, Steve Lacy, Tyler, The Creator, Palace/Curse (feat. We all go through it. Release Date January 27, 2017. It comes with a lot, but I’m fortunate to be the one that made it. I got popping out here and it got to my hometown after. Came Right Back is the second song on Brent Faiyaz’s second studio EP Lost.On the song, Brent raps about his new performer lifestyle and how it affected his relationship with a woman Brent … His years of drawing inspiration from rappers like Curren$y and Lil Wayne, mixed with the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Gil Scott-Heron, come through on songs like “Clouded,” where Faiyaz delivers bars for almost two minutes straight without a hook. We got some more shit on the way.

Brent is caught between whether this girl is playing games just to get his attention or if she actually doesn’t care for him like he thinks she does. Were you expecting that?I am at a point now with this music shit where I just don’t really give a fuck about what anybody wants to hear. And I can't be alone" The 24-year-old singer (real name Christopher Brent Wood) sounds calm and collected as he discusses his new EP, Fuck the World. Bluffin - Brent Faiyaz Lyrics, Letra: You're really bluffin' or just don't care?

I have never been in a label situation, so I wouldn’t even know how to compare it — it’s just all I know, for real. Is for you to know you look divine [Part I: First World Problemz] [Verse 1] Ebm B Everyday, I come late Bb Ebm Wash my clothes in the same sink Ebm B I don't give a damn 'bout what they think Bb Ebm As long as I pay rent Ebm B I don't even whine 'bout my paycheck Bb Ebm I know it is short, but i'll make ends Ebm B Bb Ebm 'Cause it could be a worse situation [Pre-Chorus] Ebm B All that glitters ain't gold Bb Ebm Ebm B Bb …

U … I would go to different cities and do a session there for the project. You’re going to be making stuff that’s naturally good to you, but you’re [also] going to try to make stuff that people are going to receive well.

Sonder, “the realization that every individual passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own,” serves as the engine not just charging Brent’s approach to his craft, but also life. I was born in Baltimore, but I’m from Columbia, Maryland. We locked in.

[FREE] Brent Faiyaz x 6LACK Type Beat 2020 "CARE" - YouTube Key and BPM for First World Problemz / Nobody Carez by Brent Faiyaz. Get DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing. I am just like, “Bruh, this shit getting exhausted to listen to.” I don’t care if I have four, five, six, seven tracks that don’t have drums on it. From there, I was like, “Aight, bet, now I’m-a cut to it normal, but on the pitched-down track too.”.

I want to change the way music is approached out there. I wake up, do a session, stay for a couple hours, get some food, go out to the club, wake up in the morning, and cancel the session.

And I'll let that be known." Could you give readers a snapshot of growing up in the DMV and how DMV culture has shaped your artistry? I'm always makin' time for the things you do And baby did I forget to mention He’s got the word “sonder” tattooed over his right eyebrow — a reference to the group he fronts with frequent producers Dpat and Atu — and he takes his sunglasses off to meet my gaze. People kill me with that shit. Rather, his story underneath the … Sampled In. All I want The record is slightly exaggerated from the actual story but I … Shorty said she was going to get a boyfriend, and I was like, “Even if you get a boyfriend, I’m still going to hit you up.” She was like, “I’m just going to tell him, ‘You know how Brent is.’ ” So I just took that and put it in a song.

This is more important than that. We want to hear from you! You know I care bout you You know I care Bout everything you do. This world is insane.

Have you always been doing that?

Listen, sonder could’ve been any word. “To be completely honest, I’m an R&B singer because I’m black and I sing.”.

That you got all my attention, baby Your new singles “Fuck the World” and “Rehab” have gotten a great response from fans. Also see Camelot, duration, release date, label, popularity, energy, danceability, and happiness.

To make the most appealing shit that you can for someone’s ear. A lot of them are scared to be leaders. All I Want Lyrics: She said "I don't really care where you been / But wherever you go save a place for me / I'll be by your side 'cause you're made for me / And I can't be alone" / She said "I don't I really just do what the fuck I want to do. It’s what I’ve been loyal to since its inception, and it’ll still be here long after I’m gone. What do you think of the state of R&B right now?I think it’s perfect. If you made music, you had to keep that shit low-key and push it somewhere else. “Fast Life Bluez.” There’s a lot to my life that people don’t know. Where did you record this project?I recorded everywhere. You do that a lot, where you play with your vocals.

Brent Faiyaz "Bluffin": You're really bluffin' or just don't care? As requested, I am currently uploading content on SoundCloud as well! We named the band after it because of our inability to come up with anything else, but it worked.

What’s the story that you wanted to tell with this EP?“Fuck the world,” like, fuck all the negativity.

All I want I fuck with the vocals, I fuck with the beat.

Circling back to “sonder,” what is the message you want listeners to come away with after listening to your debut project?

How did those collaborations come about?Those were real organic. Sonder has grown to become a real thing, more than just a word — it’s about connecting. Brent Faiyaz has emerged as one of the premier rising acts within the rejuvenated R&B scene, and has no plans of slowing down. ideas that I am sitting on that I still have to finish up. “Rehab” has a similar feel to some of your earlier songs, like “DSN” and “Allure” — stripped-down ballads where you sing without too many drums. Sonder Son is an open diary of your life experiences thus far – what’s the most personal track and the story behind it? It’s like a million artists that sing that they put in the same category that all make different music. Not a kick or snare. Is for you to tell me that it's mine I don’t have any children, but an urgency hit my soul and told me that record needed to happen. Either you’re bluffin’ or you just don’t care (You could be bluffin’ or I could mean nothin’ at all)

I just gotta finish that shit, ’cause I just start ideas and then not finish them. We speak to artists Virgil Abloh, Arthur Kar, Richard Stark of Chrome Hearts and many more.

I’m not famous, or a celebrity, or an artist inciting a call to arms or anything like that.

Not to mention, this ongoing SNL skit we got going on in Washington, and a mass shooting three times a month? But I feel like if I want to keep it the most true, I look at where I came from. Brent Faiyaz has emerged as one of the premier rising acts within the rejuvenated R&B scene, and has no plans of slowing down. I don’t care about missing notes or having the most complex production. In case I don’t live long enough to see my kid grow up, I want her to know that I’m always there.

Not a kick or snare. I don't care to play, I'm just glad you're here today What inspired you to take that route?We were just listening to a lot of older shit, like Gil Scott-Heron, Curtis Mayfield, and shit. I’d rather keep it rugged than come off “cute” or follow the trend.

I’ll go in there, cut a verse or a hook, and then pull up the next idea. DC’s hip-hop scene is rooted in a “crab in the barrel” artist mentality. is really when I get shit done. People in Maryland typically don’t make the 30-minute drive outside of their particular region.

I am just playing with it.

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