vince mcmahon entrance song lyrics

While the second part of this theme song applies to just about every ambitious wrestler in the world, the opening word has been reclaimed for one man in particular. For many years, this was the case with “The Architect” Seth Rollins, and there still aren’t all that many words to the emphatic guitar riffs that lead him to the ring. But credit needs to be given where it's due; Cena's theme does tend to get everyone excited when it begins to hit.

"What I cop them for?" from the New Age Outlaws. Since marrying Stephanie McMahon, Triple H has gone from a cerebral wrestler poised for years in the main event to the absolute peak of power in the WWE Universe. This process shows just how powerful a song can be, turning nonbelievers into loyal fans simply through a shared love of the same music. down for the count, so I'm round in the mouth Redman lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. {ERRRR!} Chorus One: Redman, {Rock} - repeat 2X {ERRRR!} During the Attitude Era, there was no group Vince McMahon hated more than the outlaws of D-Generation X. Granted, that’s just because WWE would no longer allow a female to compete for the Intercontinental Championship, which Chyna won twice.

Much like his theme song boasts, Corbin has also cast thunderous destruction on all those who stand against him despite the fact he consistently refuses assistance of any kind. From Brick City to Brownsville do you [niggaz] think it's on

It’s a New Day, yes, it is. Many of them simply combine forces for want of glory, but as a trio that stuck together for years, The New Day obviously have a greater purpose than mere title belts.

We like immigration - we send you back to where you came from With that iconic beginning: "Are you ready? When the original nWo made their WWE debut at No Way Out 2002, it was one of the most spine-tingling entrances of all-time. From there, one of the most enduring themes in the WWE Universe goes on to fill those other roles, but really, it’s all just further confirmation that the World’s Largest Athlete is hitting the ring with business on his mind. Guerrero's character was built around lying, cheating and stealing, and that's exactly how his theme music goes. Aiyyo there's {there's} no {no} chance in hell It was one of those theme tunes that worked whether Punk was operating as a face or a heel, and it made him even more popular than he was prior to his infamous "pipebomb" promo. {You can't beat me} you ain't got no chance in hell Whilst most theme tunes have heavy guitar or clever lyrics, The Undertaker's is chilling and spine-tingling for a variety of different reasons. In some ways, their theme tune was perhaps what made them so famous, as well as the patented pre-match promo Road Dogg and Billy Gunn cut prior to every match they competed in. If any one superstar throughout WWE history should have been expected to sing his own theme song, it was probably country music wannabe The Honky Tonk Man. Chorus Two: Redman, {Rock} - repeat 2X

As iconic as Randy Savage was in the WWE, you get the feeling it could have been a little bit different had he not taken on such music. Then again, as her theme song suggests, most of the bling is affixed somewhere on her body, shining brightly alongside her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship belt. So, we know what it takes to make a good theme song. you gonna take what's mine, you're just too frail Now, tie a string around your finger now, boy. … It's a theme song that features no lyrics whatsoever, but it doesn't really need them. Aiyyo there's {there's} no {no} chance in hell you gonna take what's mine, you're just too frail And judging by the crowd's reaction, it seems they felt exactly the same, too. Don't pretend you've never screamed "WOO!" Whether you're about to cheer him on or boo him out of the building, it garners a reaction. with ghetto chickens that can stash 30 bags of em It took AJ Styles several years of convincing before he left TNA and New Japan for the WWE Universe, once he finally arrived, there were probably a few wrestlers who wished he never made the jump. That's not to say that his first theme tune wasn't great (it was), but using this Living Colour song gave him a whole new edge as a wrestler. Also the lead singer of a heavy metal band, this obviously includes tweaking his entrance music with every character change, yet one thing about his themes generally remained consistent. {You can't see me} you ain't got no chance in hell, [Rock] Keep your mother-in-law indoor when we walk outdoor When I write my hand is open, other one is catipultin Aiyyo there's {there's} no {no} chance in hell When Vince McMahon was selecting his entrance theme, he went for a tune that embodied strength, power, and the Ruthless Aggression with which he runs the WWE Universe. You pay tolls to the drummer, I EZ-Pass at it Won't find their place in line. However, as a man who eventually won 14 WWE Championships in total, he was also often made a target of lesser athletes, so he formed Evolution to serve as his backup. When on his own, Wyatt’s macabre tune is often accompanied with the lights going low so fans can raise their cell phones as torches to sway back and forth to the melody, perfectly setting the tone for the cult leader antics that are sure to follow. Atlantic Ocean in a frantic motion You got no chance, no chance in hell, yeah. Of course, contrary to what the theme song implied, this Evolution was viewed by millions around the globe watching Raw and SmackDown. Though he still made short term alliances now and again, from then on, Batista largely lived up to his theme song and stuck to himself rather than play backup roles in stables. Back when Triple H was dominating the WWE in 2003, he formed an alliance with the legendary Ric Flair, and new talent in Batista and Randy Orton. Everytime, befo' I catch you, and make you pay It's hard-hitting and heavy, and it just seemed to suit Edge to perfection every time he made his way to the ring. to take yo' [shit] like yo' punk-ass never had nuttin “No Chance In Hell” was a song by WWE. Upon winning the match, though, McMahon used the theme song for the show itself to celebrate his victory. Everytime, befo' I catch you, and make you pay Unlike the flashy bright colors typically seen in her enemies, the Raven-Haired Renegade generally wore all black.

No chance that's what you got.

This was immediately clear from the day he won the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royale in his main roster debut. It was a theme tune that perfectly summed up Warrior as a wrestler; he was fast, energetic and certainly knew how to entertain a crowd. I'm not driven by fear I'm Just Driven by anger and You're under attack

When Hogan returned to WWE ahead of WrestleMania XXX this year, it was great to hear the iconic theme tune reverberate around WWE arenas all over again.

When coming to fame in the Hardy Boyz, the currently Woken superstar Matt Hardy was one of many athletes who chose entrance music without lyrics.

down for the count, so I'm round in the mouth Break The Walls Down (Chris Jericho Theme), Breaking Point (Rob Van Dam - One Of A Kind), Disturbed - Glass Shatters (Stone Cold's 4th Theme), Disturbed - With Words (Stone Cold's Theme Song), Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr. Indeed, it took Styles less than a year to become WWE Champion, proving any such fears were entirely warranted. Okay, maybe not the day he debuted, as it took a few months of being “Nicky from the Spirit Squad” before he was anywhere near World Championship contention. You pay tolls to the drummer, I EZ-Pass at it It might not sit too comfortably with people that John Cena's theme tune is so low down on this list, but there are a few reasons why. Pores reaking testosterone. C'mon, c'mon, come and get it, come on. In a rare case of a WWE theme song being used by multiple top level superstars, Billy and Chuck, their manager Rico, and the completely unrelated Santina Marella all used this strangely catchy theme song at one point or another.

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