280 remington elk

In 1979 they did rename it to 7mm Express Remington, with both rifles and ammo on the market for a brief period. And as if the M740 autoloader idea wasn’t lame enough, Remington’s next chambering was in its M760 pump! The 6.5/284 was king of the F-class for many years and still holds it’s own. The 270 Winchester is set at 65,000 psi. Finally my favorite cartridge is receiving some much deserved love and respect and attention. Which one do you shoot? Also…kind of like the short mag’s were loaded to the gills from the factory….there weren’t any converted military rifles chambered in short mag cartridges to blow up like what might possibly happen with a stout loaded 7 rem. My first choice for big game. Creating the solid, tested, been-there-done-that content found on Ron Spomer Outdoors requires significant investments in time and money. I love my .280 Rem. The Hornady SST, Nosler Accubond, Barnes TTSX, and my new personal favorite the Federal Trophy Bonded Tip are all top performers for coyotes, hogs, and whitetail which is my main animals hunted. I’ve owned four that all shot really well. and 280 Rem. I have a .280 for over 35 years and love it. With good handloads and proper bullets, I’d use the 280 to tackle anything short of Cape buffalo. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. In 1963, Winchester released the 284 in its Model 100 semi-automatic and Model 88 lever gun. Casual hunters have a hard enough time understanding the non-difference between a .284 caliber and 7mm caliber. However, it was introduced in a different time, when the ascendancy of the bolt action wasn’t as clear as it is today. Patreon is a way to help fund RSO content by donating as little as $5 each month. 7×64 and 280 Rem are much under appreciated. A 6.5/284 is a superior cartridge to the CM by roughly 200+fps. A stubby, 160-grain round nose bullet can be a lot shorter and more easily spin stabilized than a long, sleek, boat-tail 140-grain. I’m a huge fan of the 7mm/284 bullets. and 25-06 Rem. It cannot do what the fastest 7mms will do, but it burns a lot less powder and performs optimally from a shorter barrel. I fully understand and accept its superb capabilities. Most hunters and shooters are sophisticated enough to understand the potential for what is essentially a 30-06 powder reservoir necked down to push narrower bullets with potentially higher B.C.s for flatter trajectories, less wind deflection, and more retained energy downrange. The point of this experiment was to squeeze a 270/280 out of a short action capable of handling 308 length case. nady bullets have really performed well. I still like the .280 and I’m not parting ways with it. They came to their senses in 1981 and returned to the 280 moniker. It’s only natural they’d deliver similar trajectories, wind deflections, and energies. So many calibers…so little time. In order to ensure reliable functioning they needed to keep the pressure down, so for quite a few years factory loads were purposefully mild and didn’t reflect the cartridge’s full potential. I puts three shots in two holes at 100 yards. The 7mm Rem Mag recoil is more intense but in the ballpark for .30-06 and related calibers. All are zeroed for maximum point blank range on a 8” target (peak trajectory no more than 4 inches above line-of-sight,) and fired under the same atmospheric conditions in the usual 10 mph right angle wind. Don’t take my word for it, but it’s true.). Neither you, nor the elk will know the difference. I was sitting on a ridge in western Oklahoma when this buck appeared out of the fog on the next ridge. With the new Nolser E-Tip 140 grain copper bullet I have to say this is the best shooter I have ever owned.

The experiment--as the 284--failed miserably. Nosler 160 ABs will take anything shy of T-Rex to 600 yds. Every year about this time I consider a new firearm purchase only to think back on what this round has done for me and it saves me a bunch of money. As standard cartridges go the .280 Remington has one of the oddest histories. But since Nosler offers a 270 150g with a BC of .591, wouldn’t it be safe to say it would have done better than the 280 in this comparison? My father has always spoken highly of his couple of 280s I just ordered mine 700 Mr in 280. He thinks he’s beginning to understand some of it. It’s my go to gun-and “no” she’s not for sale!! Twist is a tough number to nail down because it is bullet length, not weight, that influences stability.

Recoil is minimal with the Boss, but loud. It was a good shooter and joy to haul around the mountains of Western Colorado. The .280 Remington retains the gradual taper and gentle shoulder of the .30-06, and even with the best loads will lag a bit behind the 7mm Remington Magnum.

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