tattoo fixers: extreme episodes

Sketch gets Cupid's arrow on track for Damian.

Pash is the older of the two brothers at 31 years old, while Uzzi is four years his junior at 27. Jay saves Luke's bacon with a polished portrait. Alice tattoos John, who suffered a spider bite. Sketch gives Andy a hand with his disastrous digits. Uzzi catapults Melissa's tragic tatt into outer space. Ollie's wheezy Magaluf inking is sent into orbit. Pash hides Bev's shocking self-portrait. Scott's terrible tattoo takes his love for Norwich City FC too far. On 18 August 2015, the show's official Twitter account tweeted "BOOM! Alice covers a memorial to Hannah's wild-child era. Pash loses Carly's cracking calamity. Pash drops Steve's saucy anchor. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Series 5: Episode 10: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme. Alice gets rid of Jade's crab, Glen helps heathen Bob get an honour inking, and Jay removes Lee's charming chat-up line. Series 5: Episode 10: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme. Mick wants to cover up an X-rated inking that's causing embarrassment to his daughter, The artists cover Sean's lewd and lengthy leprechaun, and Chantal's pitiful pop portrait, Matt has doodled on his own legs with a tattoo machine his parents got him for Christmas, Sketch helps Sian cover a clown tattoo that's scaring the life out of anyone who sees it, Alice gets her claws into dog-lover William's cover and Emma hides her tattooed equations, Scott comes in with a terrible tattoo that has taken his love for Norwich City FC too far. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! Alice gets her claws into dog-lover William's cover when he betrays his furry friends in ink. Series 5: Episode 2: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme.

Sketch assists John, an extra-terrestrial enthusiast whose tattoo is on another planet. Sketch sees to Holli's belly-button buddy. Uzzi covers up Daniel's top-shelf blunder. The first series of Tattoo Fixers aired on 23 June 2015 at 10:00pm on E4[1] The series ran through every Tuesday, for nine weeks, until the final episode on 18 August 2015.[2][3]. Their shop is called the White Room Tattoo and is located in Plymouth! The series will pick up from where we left off, with receptionist Paisley Billings leading the way and brothers Pash and Uzzi fixing up the tats following the departure of … Alice helps spiritual teen Miguel shake off his immature inking. Pash cleans up Justin's X-rated etching. Lisa pays tribute to her idol Robbie Williams, while Jack covers his literal leg tattoo, Sketch covers Chris's boastful nickname, and Glen removes Darren's chat-up line leg art, Jay banishes Ant's backside buddy, and Alice helps Chelsea get over the shock of her life, Sketch slays Fiona's zombie, while Glen gives magician George a frightening new friend, Series 4: Episode 1: Tattoo Fixers at Halloween, Alice gives Kayleigh an original design and Sketch makes John's UFO go in this compilation, Series 3: Episode 16: Tattoo Fixers: Top Tatts. Alice removes Reanne's holiday horror. Alice covers a memorial to Hannah's wild-child era. Series 5: Episode 9: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme. Jay fixes Matt's backside-based chat-up line. In this compilation, Jay covers the tattoo that got Dylan kicked out of home and Alice gives Kayleigh an original design to be proud of. Eccentric dancer Marina wants a confidence-boosting tattoo cover to get her back onto the podium. Alice tackles Beverley's backside blunder.

Jay helps Darren, who's found god and wants a dirty devil tattoo covered. Sketch covers Corey's dinner lady tribute. Dancer Jay-Jay loses her X-rated tatt. Pash tackles Rachel's suggestive skin disaster. Uzzi catapults Melissa's tragic tatt into outer space. Alice cooks up a treat for ex-chef Melody. You can unsubscribe at any time. Dancer Marina wants a confidence-boosting tattoo cover to get her back onto the podium, Drag queen Devon is snared by his barbed-wire tattoo as it's a painful reminder of an ex, Paramedic Anthony's tattoo, which is putting the frighteners on his patients, is covered, Dave's children can't bear his obscene back-piece any longer and drag him to the studio. Pash covers Rihanna's regretful reminder. Jay assists Amina, who thinks getting inked is worse than giving birth. They’ve been tattoo artists for a fairly long time. Sean wants a cover for his leg tattoo of two dogs. Series 6: Episode 7: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme. Episode 2 45m. Sketch gives Andy a hand with his disastrous digits. Uzzi gives Josh a helping hand.

Emma needs Jay's help with a warning sign. Have something to tell us about this article? Series 6: Episode 5: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme, Pash covers biker Pete's offensive ink, while Sketch helps Sam with a backdoor blunder, Series 6: Episode 4: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme.

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