eufy battery doorbell review

Plus, it does work with an existing mechanical chime. Suffice to say that the main selling point for this thing is the local storage and nothing more. What if you already have the Homebase? And Why’s it so Important for Your Smart Thermostat? Next, I tried to reduce the sensitivity all the way to person only. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. A typical interaction goes something like this: A visitor presses the button and 10 seconds later a notification pops up on your phone. Great Alternative to Ring, with local storage. Charging should take about 6-7 hours to charge fully. In low-light conditions, an infrared LED turns on to light the scene while the camera records it.

I also wish the aspect ratio of the video would have been 1:1 for fully wide coverage. There's no 3s pre-recording like on v1. That’s why the Eufy doorbell includes a person detection feature. See all details for eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD,... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I re-positioned the camera but because of my doorway recess, the infrared-lights cause a bad glare when using at night off the adjacent walls. From there, you can transfer the file to your preferred storage space. That way, you only get notifications when something relevant is happening. After the release of the Eufy 2k video Doorbell and the Amount of success, it had in the market.

The Eufy battery doorbell sports a camera sensor that is meant to provide HD 2K Quality images and videos. The Eufy battery doorbell was made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather. Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2020. Then, shortly after a cascade of Alexa saying “someone’s at the door” echoes through the house. Regardless of whether you have existing wiring or not, it looks to me like the battery-powered version is the better product. Check Prices | Eufy Doorbell | Battery version, Wyze Cam Review: The Best Value Smart Cam. If you are installing the doorbell in a new location, you will need to drill the required holes with a drill bit. February 22, 2020 at 7:36 pm Thanks. Before the Eufy battery doorbell, our only option for battery-powered doorbell was the Ring Video doorbell 2. At the front, you have a large camera section, which is visible from any angle. In the box, you get a Eufy base station with an inbuilt storage of 16GB. Just like other smart Doorbells, the Eufy video doorbell also supports motion detection and Night Vision.

It’s very reliable with quick response times. You could also use the Alexa routines to set up time-dependent responses. Big thumbs up to Eufy for that. If you bought some of the Eufy indoor cameras, you may already have a Homebase 2. Which Smart Speaker Is Best Suited For You. The only thing you will be paying for is the price of the doorbell its self. If you don’t want this feature, you can easily disable it from the doorbell’s settings.

NOTE: The only available trigger is a doorbell button press. The only down side (besides the higher price) is it requires the use of an additional hub called the Eufy Homebase 2. If you don’t have a chime, the base station has an inbuilt chime you can use, or you can also set Amazon Alexa to notify you whenever anyone is at the door. I'm going back to v1, this is awful. Aside from wanting the battery version so I can use my old-fashioned chime (sigh…the grass is always greener, right? Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2020. At the back of the base station, you get a power port for powering up the device, next to it is a USB port for charging your doorbell, unfortunately, you can’t use the USB port to transfer media, you have an ethernet cable, a reset button, and sync button. Flic 2 Review. Eric Blank blogs about smart homes and other connected technology here at Best Smart Vent: Room by room climate control…sort of, 4 Smart Switches that work with your smart bulbs, can be used with existing mechanical chime. He dreams of someday living in a castle on an island but for now will settle for smalltown, USA. There's a problem loading this menu right now. August Smart Lock Pro Review.

Is It The Best Doorbell. Wirecutter highly recommended the wired version of this doorbell, so I eagerly awaited the release of the battery version and I was not disappointed. Those are good products if you plan on buying in to their respective ecosystems. 130+ Alexa Commands, Easter Eggs And Funny Questions You Should Try Now. If you have a smart display from Amazon or Google, you can use it to receive calls or stream your doorbell, although load time is really slow, it can take up to 20 secs to switch to live stream.

I have several Alexa devices throughout the house and they all seem to respond at different times. In the time I’ve owned it, I haven’t had a single problem with the connection. After that, connect it to your home chime. You could still easily recognize faces. You can also watch all your stored videos from the app, As well as stream your doorbell live. Most of the time the recorded video is quickly discarded. The Eufy’s camera is top notch. Which is not that bad, but it would have been better if it was a 1:1 aspect ratio.

eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD,... eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD, No Monthly Fee, On-Device AI for Human Detection, 2-Way Audio, Simple Self-Installation. Eufy takes a picture of the person, detects the face, and uses it as a thumbnail in your notification.

The Eufy digital chime plugs into any outlet and connects to the doorbell wirelessly. This page works best with JavaScript. For the Eufycam 2, 1 year. Thanks to the AI technology, Eufy added to the doorbell you get the human detection feature in this doorbell with no extra fees. You also get a base station in the box, which is meant to be the Eufy battery doorbell central hub. The background (things like the sky) were mostly over-saturated. Instead the Eufy comes with a digital chime.

But, if you prefer to avoid subscription fees and cloud storage, the Eufy doorbell is a high-performing option that is priced significantly lower than the other top options. But, the battery version can also be installed with existing wires. For example, maybe between the hours of 6am and 8pm an audible doorbell announcement plays. So the Eufy doorbell is a minus from the monthly bills. Not wanting to base my review score on the disconnection issues, has been a real tussle for me. I have the wired version of the Eufy doorbell. The Eufy video doorbell comes with a lot of eye-catching features like the 2k HD video resolution, advanced motion detection with the ability to activate human detection, long-lasting battery, and a user-friendly app. In this post, I will be reviewing every single section of this doorbell to see if the Eufy battery Video doorbell is Worth it. Easily Automate Your Deadbolt. Notification delivery is speedy. He enjoys technology, sports, outdoors, and dabbles in the dark realm of politics. 1. The hub acts as a video storage device and provides a reliable low-power wireless connection for the doorbell. Too much sunlight causes the background to get washed out or the face of your visitor to be way too dark. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD, No Monthly Fee, On-Device AI for Human Detection, 2-Way Audio, Simple Self-Installation at Therefore, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t use my existing mechanical chime with the Eufy. Overall the image quality of the doorbell sensor was bright, vivid, and sharp, and I bet you would love it. There’s no subscription fees and you don’t have to rely on a cloud server to retrieve your video clips.

I really like the sound of my old-fashioned doorbell chime. The idea is to use an algorithm to identify images that are visually similar to humans. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ... For now, the battery-powered doorbell is only sold as part of a package with the Homebase included. Sure it isn’t consistently happening, and eufy offering a replacement is an excellent sign of support and warranty service. Updated Review: Eufy support contacted me to address the concerns I expressed in my review and sent in to their support email. For the battery doorbell and Eufycam 2c, Eufy is stating about a 6 month battery life per charge. Before powering up the doorbell, make sure you charge the doorbell fully with the USB charging port. Eufy decided to release a battery-powered Video doorbell.

Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020. You have the option to adjust the sensitivity. Then, I cranked up the sensitivity. This is noted as possible to occur in the installation manual, so I have them disabled at night and footage is still visible. Other than that, the Eufy doorbell gets high marks in all the areas that make a great video doorbell. I did have to fiddle with the settings to get the motion detection notifications perfected. As far as I know, this was doing a great job of identifying all humans. To put that price in perspective, Eufy… Eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2020.

So, that setting was too strict. The motion detection of the Eufy doorbell works excellently.

Found the need to take down my whole doorbell … So, rather than rely on the person detection algorithm, I decided that 99% of the time, if something was on my porch, I wanted to know about it. It has 16gb of storage (compared to only 4gb for the wired doorbell) and also works with other Eufy security devices. One advantage of using the wired Eufy doorbell is that it has enough power to be constantly recording. Avoid.

The Eufy battery video Doorbell comes in a sleek and modern design. But in my opinion, the flexibility of the settings are a strong point for the Eufy. Another feature I love from this smart doorbell is the way it sends you notifications when someone rings your doorbell. Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2020. However, shortly after I purchased mine, they came out with a battery-powered version. You don’t need a subscription and you don’t need a cloud connection to get full function out of your Eufy doorbell. The Eufy battery powered doorbell can live stream in top quality 2560 x 1920, 2K resolution, with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range, a variant on HDR) to help illuminate shadows in poorly lit or backlit areas, it also has IR night vision, a 160-degree field of …

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Finally, I adjusted the sensitivity again to one notch from the right and everything’s working great now. If it happens to record something you want to save, you can download the clip from the doorbell using the app.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell In-depth Review 2020. So you don’t need the internet to operate it, you will need the internet if you want to watch saved videos from anywhere in the world. Comparing the HDR from the Nest Video Doorbell and Eufy battery video doorbell, the Nest wins because it’s HDR videos are excellent, with every element being well balanced. In my experience, the Eufy doorbell has performed exceptionally well in this area. The fact that it offers HD 2K videos, a smart motion detection system, local storage, and a $0 membership fee makes the Eufy battery video doorbell …

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