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The semi-concealed pop-up headlights, and the front fascia are similar to the 1983–1989 Nissan 300ZX (Z31 Series). Handling-wise, the Ruiner is a stellar performer: constant grip, very little oversteer, and a lot of torque. A Ruiner in Grand Theft Auto V. GTA Wiki ist eine Fandom-Videospiele-Community. Braking is very good, if not the best in class, and ABS comes standard. The turn signals can be seen on the bumper, while a set of square-shaped lights can be seen on the hood area within black housings, under small hatches that resemble pop-up headlights (though no animation is present).

However, in the enhanced version, there is no blue tint at all in the interior, and the instrument cluster is standard analog, If the player manages to open or remove the rear trunk of the vehicle, the inner side of the hatch will have textures of. R4 der japanischen Vorbilder nicht viel zu tun. The Ruiner is powered by a 7.3L (450ci) V8, coupled to a high-performance 5 speed gearbox in RWD configuration. Due to the nature of the chase, the car may inevitably be damaged, but can be repaired at a safehouse parking space. Details It is painted black with a unique golden trim. A tertiary color is also available for the rims, which is set to white or gold (the latter only available in at least three color sets). 1.600 kg According to its badges, the Ruiner is powered by a large 450 cubic inches (7.4 liter) Fuel injected V8 engine, which is supported by its engine model (a single cam V8, judging by its small details on the cam covers), coupled to a 5-speed gearbox.

Ruiner (2008) Getriebe Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Ruiner-Fahrzeugfamilie. License Plates (GTA V) Its top speed is also excellent; it is brisk, yet controllable. Ruiner 2000 Manufacturer Auf der rückwärtig verbauten Kennzeichenhalterung kann man den Slogan „Ruining Imports since ’67“ lesen, was übersetzt so viel bedeutet wie „Ruiniert Importe seit ’67“. Bei Los Santos Customs wird man feststellen, dass der Wagen nach japanischer Bōsōzoku-Art frisiert werden kann, etwa mit einem massiven Frontspoiler mitsamt Ölkühler, einem großen Dragster-Flügel oder völlig überdimensionierten Auspuffendrohren.

Several vehicles with the same engine model have this too.

Distance between identical models (GTA V)

1. Der hubraumstarke V8, den man unter der Haube findet, ist klar und deutlich amerikanisch und hat mit dem V6 bzw. One of the available paint-jobs for the Ruiner is black with yellow trim and stripes. The player may continue to chase Ivan after getting in and out of the car. Diese kann man jedoch nicht benutzen. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The car may appear with one of a variety of iridescence paint tints, including, but not limited to, red, blue, and gold, making the car's body color unique.

Kategorie Auffällig sind die Rückleuchten mit ihren 24 einzelnen Segmenten, die von der Form her eine Mischung von Camaro und Firebird darstellen, wobei die mittige Platzierung der Logos wieder in Richtung Firebird zeigt. The car can be obtained after Ivan abandons his car. The Ruiner is powered by a 7.3L (450ci) V8, coupled to a high-performance 5 speed gearbox in RWD configuration. Der Ruiner 450 GT (kurz Ruiner) ist ein Muscle-Car aus Grand Theft Auto V, das von Imponte hergestellt wird. However it is considered an entirely separate, driveable vehicle.

There is also an off-road counterpart under the Off Road category, named "Dune Basher". Ruiner 2000 Population Group Names Vorbild (Rear quarter view)

Muscle The tail lights and trunk spoiler are shaped like those of the Camaro, but the area between and below the tail lights better resembles the Firebird, with "IMPONTE" and "Ruiner 450GT" positioned where the Firebird logo would be. The Ruiner features a T-top roof, which comes in three different variations: with solid roof panels, with glass roof panels or without roof panels.

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