is ghana card 666

And the speed of this connection means sometimes your next move could be predicted before time – you are connected in real-time; and the implication is that whoever is controlling the AI (via 5G networks) could play God.

The registration exercise will begin in the Greater Accra region and move to other regions in the country. The National Identification Authority (NIA) will start issuing instant smart National ID cards under a very strict multi-level verification process. For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Mfidie on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. This eliminates business registration fraud through the exposure of false identities and prevents multiple registrations of businesses for fraudulent purposes. Confused, but did so. For Ghanaians. In this light the agents of Satan will attempt to CRASH all rebellion and resistance including that of both the Elect of YAHOWAH (I didn’t say the Church), and many of other people who will attempt to oppose the 666 Rule, for one reason or another, irrespective creed, nationality, color or anything else. For instance, under this current Lockdown, how would you escape the Government’s Notice if you are not complying with its stringent rules or Not die if you intend not to be in line with Government control in the advance economic domains?

More cameras and microphones are on the streets and public places.

Develop a plan of action and a time frame for the implementation of the system. [4] The National Identity Register Act, 2008 (Act 750) was also passed to give authorisation for collection of personal and biometric data and to ensure the protection of privacy and personal information of enrollees. [3], The project was discontinued three years later due to problems with logistics and lack of financial support. The presence of Ghana card will eliminate the usefulness of all other cards possessed as Ghanaians. So the Ghana Card has become the acceptable verification document for mobile connection. Ghana's Coat of Arms super-imposed on main portrait.

It has been very difficult to establish the identities of children rescued from human traffickers or those found in the streets to reunite them with their parents. Add the Drones of all size to the size of a Bee; and multiply it with the number of watching satellites in the skies above. Registration of Business: Business registration is linked to a Ghana Card holder’s PIN to help identify them as the true owner of their business. Barely 24 hours after the online registration took off, the NIA Shut down the registration site[6] because their servers could not handle the number of requests coming in. Ghana map with a star in the middle and a layer of stars attached to the left directly on ghost portrait depending on tilt of the card.

Cryptocurrency is going to be the universal One World Currency that visionaries and watchers have seen from afar many years ago. Note: I mentioned the Elect of YAHOWAH, and NOT any religious group because NONE of all the Religious groupings in the world are YAHOWAH’s People. The National Identification Authority's Head Office was built and 97% of the building completed. Therefore, the system will be such that you are forced to obey of die. President Putin gave the answer last year when advising the Russian youth, “whoever controls AI (artificial intelligence) will control the world”. So the Rule of the Beast 666 is beyond religious stuff, and Satan’s own interest is to rule all and demand universal worship, not shrouded under any cover after he has completely taken over – what would he gain by ordering Sunday worship – for which people or religion, and how about the rest, and if all, who would the people worship on Sunday?

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