forza 7 tuning guide

Example: RWD car, 325hp, stock power 300hp, stock final drive 3.30

The tyres are an integral part of the car. And usually speaking, if corner exit understeer is is a problem with power, you are able to most likely repair it by growing the acceleration setting around the LSD. Generally warmer tracks require higher gear ratios while colder tracks require lower gear ratios. Essentially, the spring is the force pulling the steering wheel toward center; that is to say gravity through caster, KPI and scrub radius (the distance in front view between a car’s king pin axis and the center of the contact patch of the wheel, where both would theoretically touch the road).

Likewise for each 6hp. This can improve your grip and maximize the quantity of cornering pressure your tires can generate. 3.30-0.04166667=3.25833333 --> Final Drive: 3.26, Example: FWD car, 325hp, stock power 300hp, stock final drive 3.30 Set brakes for FWD cars according to following scheme: Brake distribution: RWD brake distribution + 1%. Road tracks are all tracks that are not official race tracks but where you are racing on legal streets or on closed test tracks. This force is overcome when static by friction and at speed and cornering load through pneumatic and mechanical trail, the causes of align torque (the torque that a tire creates as it rolls along, which tends to steer it). Race                Decrease front springs3. For FWD cars simply swap front and rear spring rates. Differential tuning for specific tracks depends on the tracks differential profile and balance and is a two step process. Fast forward to 2020 and QuickTune 7 for Forza Motorsport 7. and QuickTune H4 for Forza Horizon 4 are now available and QuickTune has evolved dramatically from the early days. Front Downforce          Increase                Dec, Front Downforce         Decrease                Increase /, Car Type                          Brake Distribution, Off-road Truck                             48, Off-road Race Truck                    48, 20/10 is good middle ground for modern open wheel race cars, decrease accel and/or increase decel for older, cars with more flexible chasssis/suspension. Finally depending on tracks balance springs are altered to achieve more understeer or more oversteer. The power may be the lateral weight transfer from left to right and to left. Raising it too much may overpower oversteer or understeer feeling.

Generally ARBs need to be setup in relation to chassis stiffness and vehicle weight, i.e. the more rigid the chassis is the lower the ARBs can be set. Turn10 have banned me from the Forza forums (and blocked me from twitter, no explanation for either) so if you need to contact me, do so via twitter @nedge2k. If you set the sensitivity lower the steering ratio increases therefore the steering is less responsive. Finally depending on tracks balance dampers are altered to achieve more understeer or more oversteer. Powered by PHP and MySQL our Forza Tune Calculator is free to use and no personal data is collected or stored on our servers. For cars with a Standard Forza gearbox and a 6-speed sport gearbox and a stock final drive for sport transmission < 4.00 the sport gearbox is scaled to a reference final drive of 3.25. For AWD cars set damping according to following scheme: Prototype race cars cars require an extra 3.5 increase of rear dampers on top that provide extra stability during cornering.

Also a good ratio between accel and decel supports smooth cornering without unnecessary corrections. Generally for RWD cars front and rear tire pressures should be the same. Medium High Speed: mostly full throttle with some slow corners, Medium Speed: mostly straights and fast corners. Set final drive for FWD cars according to following scheme: AWD cars require a higher final drive compared to RWD cars. When a location offers three track variants often the full size variant is the neutral variant complemented by a shorter more speed oriented variant that requires understeer balance and a shorter more grip oriented track variant that requires oversteer balance. The differential profile of a track denotes if the track requires a high, medium or low differential setup. This really is at their peak in double apex turns and lengthy sweepers. For the first time in the Forza franchise, hoarding cars is actually important to your progress. STEERING AXIS DEADZONE OUTSIDEThis sets the size of the outer deadzone for steering. Ultimately this led to my first tuning app QuickTune 6 for Forza 6 in 2016, a fully automated tuning calculator that calculates ready-made balanced tunes that don't require any tweaking. Cars with Standard Forza gearbox and very low power (<=200hp) that would potentially exceed the available final drive range simply require to double the cars power and do the above calculation.

Your profile now has a Car Collection rating, which tracks all the cars you own and gives you a ranking based on the quantity and rarity of the cars. Temperature                  Front Springs        Rear Springs, High                                         +0.5                        +0.5, Medium High                          -0.5                         -0.5, Medium Low                          +0.5                         +0.5, Low                                           -0.5                          -0.5.

Stiff ARBs provide more control during cornering but can result into harsh and unpredictable car behaviour when setup too stiff. The serious nature of racing can be a hurdle for some, but we've come up with some great tips to ease you into the Forza experience, so you get the most out of your game. The general logic here is a car with more power requires a lower final drive and vice versa.

Experience the danger and beauty of competitive racing at the limit with Forza Motorsport 7. The balance describes the overall car balance that the tracks requires to work best. FWD cars require higher tire pressure on the rear and lower tire pressure on front as compared to RWD cars to stabilize the car while turning. To get the required final drive subtract the cars power from the cars stock power, divide it by 6hp, multiply it by 0.01 and add it to the cars stock final drive. Dampers for Indianapolis GP Classic (Full Race Track, High Temperature, Understeer Balance): Front rebound: 7.5 + 0.2 + 0.1 + 0.1 = 7.9, Rear rebound: 7.2 + 0.2 + 0.1 - 0.1 = 7.4. Likewise cars with standard Forza race aero kit and with very low power (<=200hp) don't require as much downforce as usual. Tuning Calculator for Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. Gearing Profile                      Final Drive               Gear Ratios, High Speed                                                                         -0.2, Medium Speed                             +1.0                              -0.2, Speed                                                                                   -0.1, Accel                                                                                    +0.1, Medium Accel                                 -1.0                             +0.2, High Accel                                                                           +0.2. The ranges given are for the different body types within the car type. The following table depicts which tuning area is affected by track type, track size and track profile. My own preference is medium to medium-soft springs and lots of sway bar. Setting up brakes to specific tracks is a two step process. Gearing tuning for Suzuka (High Accel, Medium High Temperature): Gear ratios:  2.89+0.2-0.1/1.99+0.2-0.1/1.49+0.2-0.1/1.16+0.2-0.1/0.94+0.2-0.1/0.78+0.2-0.1 = 2.99/2.09/1.59/1.26/0.88, Example: Car with custom race gearbox, general gearing settings: final drive 3.26, stock gears: 3.31/2.83/2.00/1.57/1.27/1.06/0.90. For open wheel race cars rear dampers should be 3.5 higher than front dampers. The calculations on this site are based on the 1.0.4 tuning guide by GTR CesarsWrath.I have modified them slightly in the following ways: Example: FWD car, 2500lb, stock weight 3047, maximum/minimum downforce levels 155/158, drivetrain swaps available, Front: 155-2.47=152.53 --> 153, Rear: 158-2.47=155.53 --> 158 (minimum downforce), Example: RWD car, 2100lb, stock weight 2745, maximum downforce levels 392/570,  no drivetrain swaps available, Front: 392-6.45=385.55 --> 386, Rear: 570-6.45=363.55 --> 364, Cars with Custom Race Aero Kit and High Rear Aero.

Brakes for Indianapolis GP Classic (Full Race Track, Understeer Balance): Brakes for Bernese Alps Club (Short Road Track, Oversteer Balance): Then tire pressure are adjusted to the tracks temperature conditions. Altering the sensitivity completely alters the input/output map of the steering, effectively changing the steering ratio of the car. Full race tracks require softest ARBs while full road tracks require stiffest ARBS. However since possible drivetrain swaps can actually increase the cars weight as compared to cars stock weight there is a headroom of 300lb on top of the cars stock weight before reduction of downforce levels is required. To sum up the impact of downforce on springs consist of two factors: amount of added downforce: for each 10lb added front downforce increase front springs by 0.5, for each 25lb added rear downforce increase rear springs by 0.5, deviation from balanced downforce: for each 2lb difference of front / rear downforce from balanced front / rear downforce increase or decrease front / rear springs by 0.5. Having front and rear ride height sliders unaligned  creates over- or understeer effects and is only required when tuning for grip, speed or specific tracks. In this case multiplying the maximum downforce levels (or maximum / minimum in case of FWD) with 1.5 is required before performing the above calculation. for 51% front weight distribution the front ARB should be 1 higher than the rear ARB. Being calibrated means the aero kits maximum downforce levels (RWD/AWD) or maximum/minimum downforce levels (FWD) are optimal for the cars stock weight. Balance               Camber       Front Toe         Rear Toe         Caster, Oversteer                 -0.1                +0.1                  -0.1                 -0.1, Understeer              +0.1                -0.1                  +0.1                +0.1.

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