means of ascent summary

It’s about the home of the Vice Presidents and there are a great number of pictures. PART I: TOO SLOW Chapter 1: Going Back After his defeat in his 1941 race for the Senate, Johnson returned to Washington.

It was the start of a broadcast empire that would make Johnson a multi-millionaire. In short, naval service was a box for Johnson to check off as a part of his career plan. This book is probably the least substantial of his LBJ books, yet its in-depth account of a crooked regional election is utterly fascinating stuff – reportorial history at it absolute best.

Published in 1990, “Means of Ascent” covers seven difficult years of LBJ’s life – from shortly after his 1941 loss in a special election for the U.S. Senate (while a congressman) to his controversial 1948 Senate victory over former Texas governor Coke Stevenson.

A remarkable story . .

It’s 5 stars in my book, but your justifications for its faults are well argued and insightful. In 1948, Pappy O'Daniel decided not to run for re-election thereby opening a seat for Johnson. . I have come across Charles Denyer’s book Number One Observatory Circle.

If it weren’t a cliche, I’d say it has Tolstoyan epic grandeur.” —Robert K. Massie, “Riveting .

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She was involved but it was the family business, as Caro makes clear in the book. Volume 2 begins in earnest with Johnson’s brief service in World War II (the subject of significant embellishment by the future president).

Epic.” —Mark Feeney, Boston Sunday Globe, “Immensely engrossing .

The story of the ’48 election is remarkable, unique.

As a popular Speaker of the House and Governor, he was a formidable opponent. Caro tells it with the same thriller instinct as the old novelists, yet with the passion for accuracy of the most exacting detective.” —Denis Wadley, Minneapolis/St. No brief review does justice to the drama of the story Caro is telling, which is nothing less than how present-day politics was born.” —Henry F. Graff, Professor of History, Columbia University, “Caro has a unique place among American political biographers. Caro is that rare biographer who seems intrigued by his subject but happily free from the urge to either heroicize, psychologize—or excoriate and punish.” —Francine Prose, 7 Days The most important of these introductions is aimed at Coke Stevenson (Johnson’s primary opponent in his 1948 Senate bid) who receives an entire chapter – much like Sam Rayburn in the previous volume. Paul Star Tribune, “A great book, and I believe the completed biography will be the great book about American politics in the twentieth century. Johnson ran as a semi-liberal New Dealer against former Texas Governor and Conservative Democratic icon, Coke Stevenson. There were allegations of widespread fraud and ballot box tampering in South Texas in areas dominated by bosses who controlled Hispanic votes. — 123,546 pages, Mar 2019 – [It has] the suspense of a political thriller.” —Steve Neal, Fort Worth Star Telegram, “Magnificent . Johnson and Stevenson waged a pitched battle for the Democratic nomination, which was the only election that mattered in that one party state.

In contrast, Stevenson drove from town to town as he always had. *stay* this good…..I found vol 4 a bit of a disappointment compared to vol 1-3. in the White House the longest shot of all. The Stevenson camp was convinced that Johnson had stolen the election, which was confirmed by Caro in this book in an interview with an associate of Boss George Parr. Above all, it is a richly textured, multilayered chronicle of a fundamental social and political change and how this change highlighted elements of Mr. Johnson’s character: his powerful needs, tremendous ambition and particular genius.” —Robert A. Kronley, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Riveting drama.” —Jim Finley, Los Angeles Times, “The most compelling study of American political power and corruption since Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men . Caro’s prodigious research, and his discovery of original sources ignored by other biographers, proves beyond doubt that much of what Johnson said about these years was false .

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