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Bandit's In-game BIO > BACKGROUND section, Bandit's In-game BIO > PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE section, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 Season 4. Bandit is in the "if it ain't broke" camp, so it's going to take some convincing. Cedrick Brunsmeier (Brother) Ten kilometers of internal wiring, eleven hundred expertly machined and assembled components. I’ve been told that it helps. Using what was available to him, Brunsmeier fashioned a crude electrical device and was able to secure his defenses by electrifying a metallic door and shocking his assailants as they attempted to breach his stronghold. Critical independent gearboxes enabling zero to twenty in under four seconds. Because I got it from a YT video and manually typed it while listening, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 1 . They were wrong. Due to the Yokai Drone not being affected by the Shock Wire. Armor Rating Transcript dated 12/7.

These devices send an electric charge through metallic gadgets and will damage those who come in contact. These correspond to dates in Bandit's own bio, where he went undercover in 2006 and departed from his undercover duties in 2010. Details. Dominic: I don’t have nightmares. Organization Resourceful and adaptive, Brunsmeier relies on his cunning for survival. Bandit deploys the Shock Wire on the ground next to the metallic gadget. And sometimes, the only way to save a live…Is to take one. Flawless control at over 300 meters. I trust my teammates. Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile BANDIT-0. Rainbow Six Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I even had to kill.

General information They said I could not make it smaller and more accurate. Kapkan: These soldiers think their training will keep them alive. I put the commas there for convenience so people know when to take pauses, Also theres no such thing as "I did time" its "by the time". 5'11" (1.80m) Thermite Operator Video. Frankly then, I was surprised by his sense of humor. Date of birth He enjoys being an uncle to his brother's kids - how they're the only ones who let him be as silly as he'd like. Even considering the question was dangerous.

Thatcher: GPS Satellites, unmanned drones, fookin' laser sights. Bale Band-It Seminar (5) Baler Videos (1) General Support Videos (9) Bandit Operator’s Manual 2020-10-10 Ver1.11 – Pike. Smiling, he assured me they're only half true. I trust myself not to move, not to flinch. Now I was bored so decided to write them all down. It's critical that Brunsmeier doesn't close himself off. And in re-reading Specialist Dominic "Bandit" Brunsmeier's file I'm struck by just how resourceful he had to be. 1 . 1 comment . Nothing reminds me that I'm a soft civilian more than looking into Brunsmeier's eyes.

Device: CED-1 Crude Electrical Device "Shock Wires" 149 lbs (68kg) But by the time I’m done, that number goes down to zero. Smoke Operator Video. With a few exceptions, shocked objects destroy all electronic gadgets they come in contact with, regardless if they're friendly or enemy gadgets. I could tell ya, but then I’d have to kill ya. I merely need to assess if it has any lasting impact on him and the Rainbow team. Stationed with border patrol, Brunsmeier spent his first year getting accustomed to taking orders and filing paperwork. A Light Armored Operator, Bandit's unique gadgets are four Crude Electrical Devices, a.k.a. […] The most I can offer at this time is that the team works well together. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The Shock Wire takes around 2 seconds to deploy. Your gear come with that polish? The CED-1 is the result of Brunsmeier's resourceful nature. Not an office. I never did. The more crutches you have. ●●●Fast. Their heartrates can be 70 to 100 beats per minute. Evaluation Lead: Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada. Bandit: I used to be undercover. Rook: I trust that the ceramic trauma plate I’m wearing ** no comma ** will stop a 357 magnum round travelling at 490 meters per second. Defender Dominic: Then I recommend yoga, Doctor. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that a six-inch blade never loses reception. [1], A prankster, Brunsmeier honors and humiliates his brother's memory each time he deploys the Crude Electrical Device (CED), the weapon responsible for Cedrick's early retirement from the BGS. […], I didn't want to ask about the undercover work directly. Bandit's more of a grease monkey and so he seemed out of place at first in the test facility. How sometimes they'd hear a BOOM from something triggering a land mine. And I was so good at it that…. Speed Rating And I was so good at it that…. So far we've collected a solid amount of data.

So I forgot the person who asked this a while ago but someone wanted all the scripts from the different operator videos. And how they couldn't resist pranking the patrol guards with some twin antics. About GFC; Refurbished; Shows; Contact Us; FAQ; Testimonials; ROI; Web Design by DreamCo Design.

In addition, after the year 2010, the word "Exits" can be seen, possibly referencing the year Bandit departed from his undercover duties. In 1992, the day after their eighteenth birthday, both brothers joined the Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS). The Shock Wire is an electronic gadget, and can thus be: An electrified gadget is visually identifiable by the small electric arcs being emanated off of the surface of the gadget. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Height Hot enough to cut through nearly any barrier known to man. Hehe, I’m only mucking about, relax. As for what’s in the canister…It’s best you don’t ask. The device, though relatively low-tech, has followed Brunsmeier from GSG 9 to Team Rainbow, due to its consistent and effective performance in the field. Pulse operator video. Dominic: In my dreams, I can remember every detail of every room, who was there and what they talked about.

I did time, I had to deal drugs. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that a six-inch blade never loses reception. We discussed details of what he had to do to ensure his cover wasn't blown, the source of some fantastic rumors circulating about him. Glaz operator video. Pulse: In a life-threatening situation, the average person’s heartbeat can be upwards of 175 beats per minute. Training scenarios alongside operators such as Specialists Miles "Castle" Campbell, Emmanuelle "Twitch" Pichon, or Elias "Blitz" Kotz could help.

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