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%�쏢 Route Map & GuideA beautiful and highly detailed shaded relief map with highlighted points of interest along the way. 18 0 obj endobj 17 0 obj The railroad struggled through market and weather difficulties, was ordered into receivership in 1898 and was sold under foreclosure in 1904. All Rights Reserved. [1] It was reorganized as the Silverton Railroad Company,[4] but was never very successful, and was finally dismantled in 1926. Though there are no longer any operating mines, the mining legacy pervades every aspect of the town, as a visit will show. For a more information on our year-round recreation log on to or call 1-800-752-4494. Try out our inexpensive in-town ski area at Kendall Mountain with a double chairlift accessing three beginner trails and one intermediate trail. >> However, it’s always good to be prepared for rain or snow any time of year! endobj Along the Route. The Silverton Railroad was the first of three railroads built to tap the mineral resources in the mines above Silverton. For the heritage railway operating between Durango and Silverton, Colorado, see, Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Narrow gauge railroads in Ouray County, Colorado, Transportation in San Juan County, Colorado, Articles lacking in-text citations from September 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 3-foot narrow-gauge mountain mining railroad, Chattanooga Loop – Gibbs achieved a 550-foot rise in the line over a quarter-mile straight-line distance by a detour from Mineral Creek up Mill Creek gulch, with in a 30-degree (194-foot radius) curve looping 200 degrees at the end, and returning to Mineral Creeek, all on a, Railroad Passes of Otto Mears – Railroads until 1906 commonly issued free printed paper or card travel passes to such people as employees, their families, shippers, clergymen, politicians, judges and others whose influence was sought in the railroads' favor. x����N�0E�6_��c��[bÆQ%>`��_"}xR�E�"��͍�I������:ds��p�1�a�^�� �I F�?jm���E9�8)o�>M��3��S�s�������0c��u͒A��J�*�9�.����A��B y%R��`����l�P��K5�HUJSB�3��l��n��Km�W"k�O���ȝ�w}��O�N������سx�� ���m�; 6 ���AD�n���I��6�������&[��@�оLK6�/�Ǿ��$`��80J��~���8�I�H�����endstream The passes for the Silverton Railroad in 1888 were printed on buckskin, in 1889 were of stamped silver, and the 1890 passes were watch fobs. Guests are encouraged to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. %PDF-1.4 Between Rockwood and Silverton it is a designated wilderness area and there is no motorized access.

Fun and fascinating facts of the D&... Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum. <>/Length 45632>>stream Visit the Mayflower Mill, Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour, be deputized by the Silverton Gunfighters, or take a listen to the Silverton Brass Band; all offered May to October.Heading out of town towards the 4-wheel drive Alpine Loop will take you on an excursion connecting Silverton, Lake City and Ouray through ghost towns and old mining claims. © 2020 Durango & Silverton. 332 <> ÐURANCO, co • TRAIN DEPARTURE DEPOT TRAIN SHORT STOP TRAIN ROUTE Gateway Reservations Lodging Activities Packages 800.828.4228 . It is a legacy that glitters in Silverton's elaborate Victorian-era architecture, reflecting the millions of dollars drawn from the earth during the mining boom of the late 1800's to early 1900's. The mining history of Silverton had its roots in the first prospectors that found their way over Stony Pass in the mid 1860's. The fun doesn't have to stop here, with easy access to hiking and mountain biking trails in the Uncompahgre and Weminuche Wilderness areas you have access to an abundance of alpine lakes, waterfalls, and fields of wildflowers.

endobj The Silverton Railroad, now defunct, was an American 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge railroad constructed between Silverton, Colorado and mining districts near Red Mountain Pass, Colorado. The route along the Animas, which begins high in the San Juan Mountains and ends in a confluence with the San Juan River in New Mexico, boasts some of Colorado's most striking canyon scenery. Silverton is a former silver mining camp, most or all of which is now included in a federally designated National Historic Landmark District, the Silverton Historic District. endobj 6 0 obj /Rotate 0>> Title: Microsoft Word - Durango Silverton Train Map.docx Once you’ve arrived, it’s easy to find fun things to do, popular resorts and more with these maps from Visit Durango. <> If you have any health concerns, check with your physician for advice. Except for severe weather conditions, the D&SNG runs trains as scheduled.If you're driving in Colorado, you can find current road conditions by visiting the CO Department of Transportation's Web site at For recorded phone information call: 303-639-1111 or instate toll free 877-315-7623. The D&SNGRR travels 45.2 miles each way along the Animas River from Durango to Silverton during our summer season May through October. ��:t��t�ڕ��mDOPf���X���Q}���V����"�y����Lf?�8Z��������ڑ| �Ν��o�γ�W�]������!�b�U"^�t�B��}�.|�}m���d�F��p�G��v�Z��R�y��ӧ�FR�]�������6��>؂v�7x|�'�UU^:��^���G�>r��q�w$�q7,���f� �]�x��ɓk�0�M��_���xb́F��ݿ��j5"���>'f������y��o�����z�mL�e�+�[�:ت/�9�Q� �C���֠ With the high elevation and brilliant sunshine, we recommend you have a hat, sunglasses,  and sunscreen handy. We will pass fertile farmlands, old stagecoach roads, the breathtaking "Highline", the remote Tacoma Power Plant, old mining camps, and be in the shadow of peaks reaching over 14,000 feet, often with year-round snow! 5 0 obj The Durango area boasts nearly 300 days of sunshine each year. 3 0 obj The Silverton Railroad, now defunct, was an American 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge railroad constructed between Silverton, Colorado and mining districts near Red Mountain Pass, Colorado. WikiMili The Free Encyclopedia. The route followed a survey made by the Denver & Rio Grande up Mineral Creek to climb Red Mountain Pass to reach the incredibly rich mining district around Red Mountain Town. �����fUC�D� �C=t{�p>���5���y�,��Tɽ;E�2���&r�YlxFY����c���>s�&

<> Construction resumed and service began the following year, and the line reached Ironton in November. The route to Silverton aboard the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is an unforgettable journey along the spectacular Animas River. SILVERTON, CO ELK PARK NEEDLETON CASCADE WYE TALL TIMBER DEPOT San Juan Forest TACOMA ROCKWOOD STATION CR 200 HIGHLINE stat. The Silverton Railroad is remembered for the innovative solutions to difficult engineering problems presented by the steep, mountainous terrain which were devised by the railroad's chief locating engineer, Charles Wingate Gibbs – the Chattanooga Loop, the depot in a wye at Red Mountain, and a covered turntable on the main track at Corkscrew Gulch – and for the unusual and expensive annual passes …

The last point of highway access between Durango and Silverton is the Rockwood Station. Silverton Railroad ... Route map. The railroad arrived in Durango on August 5, 1881 and construction on the line to Silverton began in the fall of the same year. [3] The line reached its greatest extent in September 1889 with the completion from Ironton of a spur to a mill at Albany. Be sure to watch for a glimpse of the wildlife that, although often elusive to train travelers, abounds in the area. When traveling on the D&SNGRR, we suggest you wear layers of clothing. ]h���p���:�WF�qRJ��\�\TG��/�/�h��;���[�+��n׮]�޽��އzH�W:t�رc���L�,��d���m���?��/��ߪ�vM�4��[^Di�(_�����CO�t��1�αյ�NC��b��/[^�Դհ#���W��T�% �f��%i��t��EFG8BL�v��\�rE�!F��nG����#�9��SR^�ܴb��X������S _��B]/*V+��u�n". [1], In 1889, surveying and grading was begun on a branch up the upper Animas River to Eureka. 16 0 obj On our winter trips late November through early May, the train travels 26 miles each way to the wye at Cascade Station. When the snow flies, Silverton turns into a winter wonderland boasting of great snowmobiling, snow shoeing, groomed tracks for cross country and skate skiing, groomed and lift-accessed backcountry skiing, and amazing landscapes! Durango's elevation is 6,512 feet above sea level and Silverton sits comfortably at 9,305 feet elevation.

None were issued in 1891, but the 1892 passes good on both Mear's Silverton and, This page was last edited on 24 July 2020, at 19:06. Between Rockwood and Silverton it is a designated wilderness area and there is no motorized access. 4 0 R c��C;w�ޝP�ȹ��V���w�v�!��j�7>�����_§"d�TX��������gD`�-Գ�V��\�i8$Ї`L���T�nx!�M � ��ʛk׮=z4}�n�Ų9���$_���?���-Njƭ��$��pxW�S�Z{Q(Ad7��ֺ����]��.�I�CBBrrrd9��E9�¯���&>�����_�"`���X�{���}�.� Throughout the season, the river will rise from around 400 c.f.s (cubic feet per second) in April, to over 6,000 c.f.s at peak snowmelt runoff in June, and will mellow out again in September.The train will cross the river five times on its journey to Silverton, offering spectacular views from both sides of the train. The town population was 531 at U.S. Census 2000. Throughout the year this space is available to rent for your special occasion! Downtown Silverton along Greene & Blair Streets boasts of a bold past and is designated as a National Historic District.

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