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I didn't have the mental techniques to get myself out of those dark moments. The comeback of learning to run – or simply live – with a new body and a new approach to eating is the hardest part.” This is the part that Seidel says she continues to battle. Underneath the surface of her hard-won weekend victory, a more complete picture of Seidel emerges when talking to her inner circle.

The soon-to-be Olympian was a high school star as well, and a Nike Foot Locker National Cross-Country champion. Even I knew it. Molly Seidel, 25, scored second place at this weekend's Olympic trials in Atlanta finishing in 2hrs 27mins 31sec. So instead of competing in the Olympic trials in the summer of 2016 and signing a pro contract, I entered into a treatment program for my eating disorder. Beyond my training and marathon builds, I have to make sure that I'm focusing on my mental health over the next year. By the end of the day, she had qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. I have a therapist. About two months before the Olympic trials, I wanted everyone to know the real Molly. Seidel … Molly Seidel's parents react to her Olympic Marathon Trials second place medal. All of these things have helped me through this time. I am also learning that it's OK to eat all the time -- because I have to for fuel -- and it's OK to have a doughnut or cookie or a bowl of mac and cheese. According to my running résumé, I had it all, but inside I was struggling with OCD, crippling anxiety and bulimia. Molly Seidel ran her first marathon in February at the U.S. Olympic trials in Atlanta -- finishing second and qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Seidel said she went into it thinking: “This might be really fun, I like the longer distance, I’ll get the experience. The one overwhelming feeling I have going into @londonmarathon is gratitude I’m so incredibly grateful not only for the opportunity to race a marathon this fall, but also to have so many people supporting me To everyone who helped me through the crazy past 7 weeks of abbreviated buildup THANK YOU. . They knew I struggled to eat anything I deemed unhealthy. It's the realization that I'm going to struggle with things daily, especially during the coronavirus quarantine and the Olympic postponement. The election could have big implications for Native Americans. To make the Olympics is the greatest dream of any runner. As an amateur coach for his friends, he had never previously trained a marathon runner or run one himself. In order to maximize my training, I need to be open about my daily struggles. "OK, you have to go harder than you've ever gone, and if you do that, you're going to make this team," I remember telling myself. I can't just stay consistent in my training, but I also need to stay consistent in going to therapy and all the nitty-gritty stuff that isn't quite as fun, but I have to maintain. I can, however, control how I view this postponement. "Goddamn it people, can't we take ONE nice photo?" Now I feel like I'm finally ready to go and do this. Molly Seidel says eating disorder remains a struggle, What every runner can learn from Molly Seidel, Bowerman runner opens up about dealing with RED-S, Nutrition advice for runners dealing with RED-S.

You have to escape from your comfort zone and run toward the discomfort to see and feel the joy and freedom found on the other side. Coaches, talk to your athletes and normalize conversations surrounding RED-S, disordered eating, body image, etc. I changed up my training from low mileage and high intensity for 10Ks to long distances for marathons in early 2019 to help get me healthier physically and mentally. I became Notre Dame's first individual national champion in women's track and field during my junior year, then won three more individual national championships in less than a year. As of Saturday morning, Molly Seidel had never run 26.2 miles. I was mentally keyed in. And I did. Some days will be better than others, but keep challenging the negative thoughts, the fearful thoughts. My focus until recently had been the 10K. If you or someone you know is dealing with an eating disorder, there are multiple resources online, but you’re better off speaking with a medical professional to get the best help possible. This time was different. And now you’re the freakin’ MARATHON TRIALS CHAMPION! “It’s pretty surreal. SHORTLY AFTER THE postponement of the Tokyo Olympics in March, I started to nosedive. @theschultzee @coach_rico2.19 @gogreenxc, A post shared by Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) on Sep 27, 2020 at 2:11pm PDT, RELATED: What every runner can learn from Molly Seidel. After her race on Saturday, her sister and roommate, Izzy, 23, ran Atlanta’s “Take the Bridge” night run wearing Seidel’s bib. But when she went back to our hometown in Wisconsin in the early summer, I was alone in the apartment. I will never overcome my eating disorder. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, National Geographic and the Guardian. Growing up as a kid in Wisconsin, her family stopped by the corner store after church on Sundays to pick up crullers.

While running for Notre Dame, I was the fastest woman in the NCAA. This wasn't like any of the 5Ks or 10Ks I've competed in before. I know I'm going to struggle. She also suffered severe injuries, including a reconstructed pelvis and a torn Achilles’ tendon. I specialized in the 10K. I felt like a different Molly. “They say you aren’t in your prime for marathoning until you’re 27 to 35.”. PC: @toripintarphotography, A post shared by Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) on Oct 10, 2019 at 6:50am PDT. Now, all of a sudden, we're leading. . “I think I would have ended up like a lot of talented female runners who deal with these things where you break, you get swept under the rug, people don’t talk about it and it’s a cycle just keeps repeating.

Just having a marathon on the horizon is a big deal for me. The podcast was followed up by an article in a magazine the week of trials, and suddenly I was the Eating Disorder Runner or the Once-Great Runner Who Overcame an Eating Disorder. The London Marathon won't be perfect. But Green is who Seidel chose to train with after leaving the Saucony team in Boston to pursue a less traditional training program. I'm in a healthier mental state. The first 16 miles, I kept reminding myself to stay with the pack, stay calm, stay controlled, just try to do it. Share your goals with them and communicate what you need so they can help you as best they can. I won the Mary Garber Award as the 2016 ACC Female Athlete of the Year. After Saturday’s finish, Green said he was “surprised, but not shocked,” which were the exact words Seidel’s sister, Izzy Seidel, used to describe her reaction. Run toward health and strength. Amelia Boone, an OCR-world-champion-turned-trail-racer, has also been extremely open about her struggle with an eating disorder and the difficulty that comes from the juxtaposition of a successful running career and an internal struggle. Kicked off the track this morning. “Most people wouldn’t think that Olympians are out eating doughnuts, but for me being able to have the freedom in my life to be able to go out and say, ‘You know what, I just ran so many miles, I’m so tired, I’m hungry, I’m just going to enjoy this doughnut right now,’ — that’s a big part of me just being able to come back to having a healthy relationship with food and just enjoying life a little bit,” she said. Her Instagram feed is sprinkled with frequent tributes to her favorite treat, including a photo of her running in a doughnut costume.

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