the hills of manchuria

Around us, it is calm; Hills are covered by mist, Плачет молодая жена,

"On the Hills of Manchuria" (Russian: На сопках Маньчжурии, romanized: Na sopkah Manchzhurii) is a haunting waltz composed in 1906 by Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov. Zloj rok i sudʹbu kljanja!

Plačet molodaja žena, Na sopkah manʹčžurskih voiny spjat All like one are crying, Spite geroi russkoj zemli, Let sorghum's rustling lull you to sleep, Плачет, плачет мать родная, Graves hold their calm. Tiho vokrug, veter tuman unës, Vy pali za Rusʹ, pogibli vy za Otčiznu, "On the Hills of Manchuria" achieved colossal success and Knaube boasted of having published some 82 different editions of the piece. You fell for Russia, perished for Fatherland, (Transscription) Zloj rok i sudʹbu kljanja! A great song played by the Soviet Choir Please Like/Comment/Subscribe for more Soviet music!

"On the hills of Manchuria" (Russian: На сопках Маньчжурии, Na sopkah Manchzhurii) is a haunting waltz (i.e. Вот из-за туч блеснула луна, And celebrate a bloody wake! Белеют кресты – это герои спят. Вы пали за Русь, погибли вы за Отчизну, Mogily hranjat pokoj. Believe us, we shall avenge you Prošlogo teni kružat davno, 1909 instrumental version, performed by the 1st Grenadier Artillery Brigade's orchestra, "Ilya Shatrov: On the Hills of Manchuria, Waltz",, Articles containing Russian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 18:21. And they cannot hear the Russian tears. Пусть гаолян вам навевает сны,

The shadows of the past circle around, Plačut vse, kak odin čelovek, All like one are crying,

The white glow of the crosses – heroes are asleep.

The original title of the waltz was "The Mokshansky Regiment on the Hills of Manchuria" and referred to an incident during the Battle of Mukden, the disastrous final land battle of the Russo-Japanese War, when the Mokshansky Infantry Regiment was encircled by Japanese forces for 11 days, during which it sustained considerable casualties. Поверьте, мы за вас отомстим

Dear sons of the Fatherland. [2] Soon after its publication, the poet Stepan Petrov, better known by the pen-name of Skitalets, provided the lyrics which contributed to its wider success. Плачут все, как один человек,

Suddenly, the moon shines through the clouds, Плачет молодая жена, a waltz composed of mostly minor notes and sub-4th octave arrangements) composed in 1906 by Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov.

Тихо вокруг, сопки покрыты мглой, Plačet molodaja žena, Shatrov served in the regiment as bandmaster and composed the tune on returning from the war. Plačet, plačet matʹ rodnaja, Cursing fate, cursing destiny! Отчизны родной сыны. Cursing fate, cursing destiny! Recalling the victims of battles. И русских не слышат слёз. Спите герои русской земли, I russkih ne slyšat slëz. The young wife is weeping, [1] The original and orchestral arrangement is written in E-flat minor while the folk arrangement is in F minor.

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