jana of the jungle

Dr. Ben Cooper, zoologist voiced by Michael Bell, has not aged so gracefully, resembling a cross between Mark Spitz and Burt Reynolds and definitely "stuck in the seventies," though Bell's voice work was also very good.Set along the Amazon river in Venezuela, rather than the African setting typical of jungle shows; Jana's stories may seem prosaic to those used to superheroes who can hurl planets into orbit. An infant girl is orphaned in the Amazon rain forest and is raised by the native chief, Montaro. There are also links available bring you to my Fine Vines brand and my social media! In this widely syndicated cartoon, King Zandor and a group of bizarre creatures protect their futuristic kingdom from creatures from other galaxies. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Ward, roamed the Venezuelan rain forest in search of her lost father. The spooky family finds adventures while on a cross-country road trip in a camper shaped like their mansion. Corey Anders, an average California teenager, finds an unusual-looking bottle on the beach while surfing. Ward provided the following opening narration, in character as Jana: "The last thing I remember was traveling up the Great River with my father. Ward, roamed the Venezuelan rain forest in search of her lost father. Jana of the Jungle Jana is essentially a female version of Tarzan who traveled to the rain forests of South America in search of her lost father (whom she never finds). The seldom-seen "Jana of the Jungle" remains in my memory as one of Hanna-Barbera's best adventure series, largely due to the work of its co-producer and designer, Doug Wildey.Wildey, a veteran newspaper-strip and comic book artist/writer, was the person most responsible for the design, style, and story sensibility of the famous (original) "Jonny Quest," and he brought those same qualities to his subsequent series at H-B and other studios (De Patie-Freleng, where he produced their "Planet of the Apes" adaptation, Ken Snyder Productions with "Skyhawks," etc.) She deals damage completely off a "per auto attack" type setting. The greatest of the DC Comics superheroes work together to uphold the good with the help of some young proteges.

I've been in touch with the Warner Archive folks; they own the Jana series and hope someday to release it, but have said it will need restoration work as the negatives are in poor condition due to less-than-adequate storage. Jana had two animal friends, Tiko the coatimundi (who more resembled a yapok, a South American aquatic marsupial) and Ghost the albino jaguar, and two human friends, Dr. Ben Cooper and Montaro. Ward, Michael Bell, Ted Cassidy, Marlene Aragon. J ana of the Jungle is the main protagonist of the cartoon series with the same name. His realistically proportioned characters avoided the clichéd "biceps-and-bazooms" style of many comic artists.Jana, beautiful, brave, kind, intelligent, and capable of remarkable feats of daring; was an excellent reinvention of the "jungle girl" heroine for a modern era. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s.

A boy and his dog are endowed with awesome powers to fight evil. Jana had two animal friends, Tiko the coatimundi (who more resembled a yapok, a South American aquatic marsupial) and Ghost the albino jaguar, and two human friends, Dr. Ben Cooper and Montaro. At times the writing did become cartoonish as Jana's boomerang necklace or Montaro's magical staff performed implausible feats ("Cartoon writers" were a bane of Wildey's existence) but in general the scripting was admirably serious-minded for a Saturday morning cartoon.Jana's animation was unusually lifelike; a live model, actress/dancer Michele Hart, was "rotoscoped" (filmed, then projected on a drawing board and traced, an early form of "motion capture") for many of her scenes, making Jana graceful, natural, and lightly muscular in action. She is a Tarzanesque heroine who lives in some kind of "Lost World", a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and cavemen. Montaro rescued Jana from the boat accident in which her father disappeared. BBC One London, 24 November 1980 16.35. Together, with Montaro, who is armed with the mystic Staff of Power, they now search for her father and helping people along the way against the dangers of the jungle and its enemies Among other animals, Jana has summoned a crocodile, a monkey, a bat, a snake and various tropical birds. Ward, who also voiced Princess Allura in Voltron, Velma Dinkley in the Scooby-Doo series, Betty Rubble in The Flintstones series, Casey Kelp in Snorks, Scarlett in G.I.

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