elizabeth logue hawaii

Clip 1 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/copertina/odissea-nuda-clip-1/33551062/1/1, Clip 2 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/film/odissea-nuda-clip-2/33551067/1/6, Clip 4 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/film/odissea-nuda-clip-4/33551072/1/1, Clip 5 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/copertina/odissea-nuda-clip-5/33551077/1/1, She is my Mother. Was just curious if you have any updates on Ms. Logue? If my mother were still alive she would be 78 years old. Mahalo. I welcome any corrections or flawed reasoning. She is one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. Not to be confused with the deceased Broadway dancer and actress. Give me a bit to muster up that info via another format.

As she removes the flower from her hair, and Enrico looks longingly upon her exotic beauty and enjoys her subtle flirtation, the trailer ends.

Elizabeth Logue was married to George Logue until his passing in 1997.

Like many GIs in Vietnam, I fell in love with the image of Elizabeth Logue in the brochures and magazine ads intended to lure GIs to Hawaii for R & R. When I actually moved to Hawaii in 1971, I was newly married, so did not try to “look her up”.

Brett…….. Hallo Mark! The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Grasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Grasse.

According to the birthday they have here she would have been 37 when Hawaii Five-o came out.

Ms. And note that I only provided the IMDB link as a quick reference. That seems a little old. I hope that is incorrect.

Can anyone confirm or deny that she may have gone to Bradley for her studies, perhaps graduate work…they specialize in business, science and education and at 1 time was strictly a woman’s school.

637 notes. If you ever google movie posters for this film, you will notice just how expensive they are, due to the rarity factor, and obscure content. The leading lady is Patricia Dolores Donlon, and I think Enrico Salerno, the lead male actor must be lower right, although this pic doesn’t really look like him. Of Hawaiian, Chinese, and English descent. André, thanx for your note. She is 69 yrs old @ this time but I really do not know if shes here or not.

I found a wonderful publication published in 2006, entitled ‘Designing Paradise: The Allure of the Hawaiian Resort’, by Don Hibbard. Ray Ray (a.k.a, ‘The Riddle of the Logue’), “[Oswald] was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency and was obviously drawn into a scapegoat situation and made to believe ultimately that he was penetrating the assassination. LOGUE WILL TURN 70 YEARS OLD! Porstmouth, NH USA – Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 08:00:47 (PDT) ‘The Riddle of the Logue’, I am narrowing in on some more clues to get to the bottom of this mystery, and hopefully will try, in the very near future, to contact Richard Duggan, son of actor Andrew Duggan. We are Mark and Christian Logue. My last assignment in the Army after a 30-year career (as a Chaplain).

Ray He has popped up here and there online to let everyone know that he is her son, and that she is still alive and well.

I’ll follow up this post with a few links that might clarify the situation. For those who cannot get enough visual imagery of Elizabeth Logue, I painstakingly went through the entire movie, Hawaii, in which she appeared in the role of “Noelani,” along with Oscar nominated actors, Max Von Sydow and Julie Andrews. Perhaps too, this information on the internet may be able to be changed someday, if it can be refuted from other, more credible sources.

I am sure there are many thousands (even tens of thousands) of men 35 and older who would watch the episode to see the object of their youthful crush, probably many women as well. I’m related by marriage.”, Posted by: Kaisha Trzaska | September 16, 2010 at 12:26 AM, That blog, which is very fascinating and spends a bit of time addressing this subject can be found here: http://baltimorediary.typepad.com/baltimore_diary/2010/08/book-em-danno.html, Another source which I’m a bit ambivalent about, but could be true can be found in the comments section of this rare video of Elizabeth Logue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC5Fpt6rRaA. But, being a mainland Haole, I’m probably naive and ignorant of the subtle cultural nuances of the following. Appeared in opening sequence for Hawaii Five O, 1967 Thanks for sharing. I promise not to be a weird person…just a fan. I cite the following to suggest that both Rose Marie Alvaro and Elizabeth Logue were central figures during the dawn of the jet age when Hawaii became the 50th state, and travel began to quickly flourish thanks to an aggressive campaign by tourism officials: “Beimes was succeeded later by Beverly Rivera Noa, and Rose Marie Alvaro, a dancer who posed for four posters, and followed by Liz Logue, Tracy Monsarrat and Zoe Ann Roach, they became Hawaii’s best known representatives around the world.”, http://www.hvcb.org/corporate/history.htm. Note* Hi Elizabeth! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

She must be very overwhelmed with all the fan appreciation. Suffice it to say, details of her life may have been erroneously mixed in with another ‘Liz’ Logue.

So, what I’m basically saying is, that what little I know, or may come to learn about Elizabeth, will go no further at this time. Thanx to your testimony, I now firmly believe that the Elizabeth Logue who passed away in 1988, the wife of character Andrew Duggan, is not the same Elizabeth Logue you met while in college. The trailer may simply be an initial marketing tool to gauge any potential interest, and if economically feasible, the entire film itself may one be available for viewing online or on DVD. 2. There is a beautifully done insert containing liner notes with all kinds of images from the film, including several great closeups of Elizabeth. As an immediate family member you can accomplish this much faster than anyone not related.

My mother was born August 10th 1932 and dies June 7th 1988. The ages and career sketches of each Elizabeth Logue simply do not match up well when comparing several online sources. I believe clip 5 features Vaea Bennett (the second Tahitian girl who appears at the end of the clip), who met Marlon Brando and was rumored allegedly to have been offered a minor role in the film Mutiny on the Bounty. I’ve just stumbled across this posting in the hope of identifying the beautiful woman who has stayed with me all those years since my teens when I was a fan of the original ‘Hawaii Five-O’.

elizabeth logue hawaii five o 60s vintage Retro women of color WOC.

George suggested we picnic at his place a few miles west of the resort. Thanks. My wife and I spent 2 glorious weeks at the Moorea Lagoon in 1981. I suspect this scene says it all without any dialog — mutual flirtation! I do not know if the other Elizabeth Logue is alive or not.

I could be very wrong…as it’s hard to tell from various images I have researched on the net. Here is a youtube clip of her in a 1966 Hawaii Tourist film… Enjoy! George Logue was my Father.

I’m picking up more airline trips to Hawaii these days, so life is good! Finally, Elizabeth invites herself to where he will spend the evening and they have an interestingly playful interlude in a dialect neither of them understand. Thanks for the reply to my message. I hope so ‘koz she was extremely attractive 2 say the least.

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