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Mordin reassured the assistant of dire consequences if the krogan were cured of the genophage, and was unwilling to concede his beliefs on account of the very high risks.

Mass Effect Quotes that makes it the best RPG game. Sometime during his stay aboard the Normandy, Mordin hears that his old assistant, Maelon, has apparently been captured on Tuchanka, the krogan homeworld. The female krogan waited for the salarians at the target site, hammer in hand and ready to kill the intruders. This entailed brutal experimentation on kidnapped subjects. Mordin Solus: Had to be me. Hell, you destroyed Maelon’s data! If Mordin perished while trying to cure the genophage or was talked down from curing it, he leaves Shepard a collection of his early works. Primarily, when it came to people "politely" criticizing and insulting others. Even with incumbent salarian Councilor Valern requesting for alternatives, everyone present unanimously agreed to the proposal. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. At first, it is easy for these characters to write it off as a necessary evil but over time they lose sight of their original goals. But you did the right thing. Fearing for Maelon's safety if the krogan discover he helped to modify the genophage, Mordin is anxious for them to find Maelon and help him. Not on us, of course.

In this case Mordin can be convinced the krogan will only repeat the Krogan Rebellions under Wreav's command and he will willingly disappear to maintain the illusion of his death. After killing Chief Weyrloc Guld, he and Shepard find Maelon alive and completely unharmed and learn that Maelon was deliberately helping the clan out of guilt. He also adds that he would kill Maelon if he were to find him, unless he could aid in curing the genophage.

Can't remember which! Primitive.

Kasumi sarcastically replies, "Well, I'm spooked.

. For as blunt and inconsiderate as she was, Jack was still human and longed for a connection just like anyone else.

Once Mordin verifies that he can synthesize the genophage cure for universal krogan immunity, by process of impromptu elimination of unsuitable transmission vectors he proposes using the Shroud, a salarian facility used in repairing Tuchanka's atmosphere, as it also contains the original genophage strain. He found himself unnaturally suited to life there, as he pulled strings in the STG to have some military-grade mechs defend his clinic. Perhaps after war, if krogan politics demonstrate shift in direction, may be relevant to pursue subject again. May you all find rest in the stars.

If he sang for Shepard during their adventure stopping the Collectors, Mordin dies singing his favorite tune, "Scientist Salarian", finally at peace with his work on the genophage modification project. When he's not making up lists, he listens to film and comedy podcasts, listens to Let's Plays while playing video games, enjoying modern cartoons, anime, and films, writing the occasional fan fic or spec script, and trying to get better at drawing. ", "Not now. Whichever the case Mordin accurately deduces Shepard's complicity, and resolves to finish the job he started. Though he is affable, quick-talking and friendly, Mordin bears physical scars of his time in the STG and is still handling the consequences of his past. Later in his loyalty mission, Mordin will state that the labs should be up ahead from the smell "dead flesh". When the vorcha deactivate environmental systems for the district in which they are located, Mordin gives Shepard a cure for the plague as well as a weapon taken off of a dead Blue Suns mercenary as a "bonus, in good faith" and tasks the Commander with reactivating the power to the environmental systems. If Shepard shoots him to prevent the fix, the doctor manages to bring the elevator up, crawling with determination towards the control console once he's there but ultimately failing to reach it in time. His final words are tragic but encapsulate his character perfectly.

Discover (and save!) Not many salarian scientists are interested in the genophage, he reasons, and he feels it's his job to get things right as the stakes are too high for inexperience and failure.

Interspersed with these are several songs, the first a song about cell division to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas", the second about proteins and amino acids to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic", and the final song is Mordin's partial rendition of "Amazing Grace".

Ashley Williams may not be the strongest or the most beloved member in Mass Effect but she made some good points. I'm quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology) because I am an expert (which I know is a tautology). Many methods. Not everything went as planned, though; one botched mission to disperse the modified genophage in an area of Tuchanka resulted in injuries to his face and right cranial horn. Very fast *I would like to say* sketch-requests for guys from ask Mass Effect (Russian community).

Shepard asks him if he plans to stick around when the war is over, and Mordin replies he's unsure what to do next as he reflects on the impact his work has made on the galaxy. "Mass Effect 3 Quotes." What stings the most was that as a teacher of religion, she met her end only to discover that there was no light like her religion promised. I'm quite good a genetics. When players first encountered Jack, she was abrasive and emotionally distant from Shepard and the crew with her "space punk" attire. Thanks for your vote!

Related: Mass Effect: 5 Things Only Thane Could Do (& 5 Things Best Left to Legion). Mordin rides along with Eve and the Urdnot leader in a tomkah en route to the Shroud, later relaying his observations about the colossal thresher maw chasing them: metal in truck an excellent iron supplement in the thresher maw's diet when Wrex sarcastically asks the salarian for something he doesn't yet know, or insinuating krogan halitosis may be the reason the thresher maw is chasing them instead of "salarian meat" that Wreav puts forth as a jab. Have kept data from earlier discussion safe. If Maelon's research data was saved by Shepard, Mordin used the data to aid in the treatment of Eve, the only surviving female krogan from Maelon's experiments.,,, Mordin sings his "scientist salarian" song in Mass Effect 2 with the melody from, In Mass Effect 3, his "Krogan Queen" song is a modified version of "Pirate King," also from. A krogan wielding a hammer tried smashing him to a pulp soon afterward, but he dodged it. Thanks." He only returned to Tuchanka to do follow-up work, ensuring the genophage was effective. "I am the very model of a Scientist Salarian. While he notes the data has unethical origins, he concedes that there will always be scientists willing to perform unethical tests, and that helpful information must be put to use regardless of how it was acquired.

The krogan needed protection from themselves, and the genophage was doing just that. Requires focus. He's written articles for the defunct site Nerdcrave, worked on numerous short films, served as a PA on two feature films, developed a Mystery Science Theater 3000-inspired web series called What a Riff Off, and currently writes list articles for CBR. Her corpse is found by Mordin in a lab and serves as a grim reminder of the lives he shattered through the genophage modification project.

If Mordin is in the party when Shepard asks. His character can be boiled down to roughly every line from a buddy cop movies being mashed together and made funnier when Blasto interprets slang literally. He settles for going someplace sunny, a beach, and start collecting seashells. the colors are all over the place but whatevs, and tumblr’s just gonna make it look like crap, he's one of my faves too but i think i see him a bit differently from most ppl. Never mind.

Thank you both for the memories.

Fascinating to see salarian, turian, human forces working together.

Though others could have done it for him, Mordin felt he should see the damage he inflicted, finding it cowardly to simply walk away. Or inflammable!

Thanks for your vote! He ordered them to set explosives on the tunnels to provide another diversion while he and his assistant attempt to plant the device where originally intended. Simple treatment would... No, no, no, no. Take Earth Back! The final installment of the Mass Effect Trilogy drops you into the boots of Commander Shepard one last time as the Reapers finally descend upon the galaxy, bringing with them endless death and destruction. 3 Nov. 2020. On occasion when Mordin is in the squad, he will engage in conversations unique to him. Fortunately, subject is unlikely to be contagious.". About to test new bio-weapon. A great memorable quote from the Mass Effect 2 movie on - [When using Incinerate]Prof. Mordin Solus: Flammable!

His final words are tragic but encapsulate his character perfectly. .. Gemerkt von At some point in Mass Effect 2, Mordin comments about Cerberus implanting cyanide pills in molars of their personnel, saying it's primitive and that ocular nerve flashbangs are harder to disarm.

-arthdal chronicles, I recently fell down a Mass Effect 3 emotion pit, rewatching old scenes, remembering how nothing really hits as hard as that game. Doesn't matter! Down on the planet, he faces hostility from the local krogan, although Shepard and company quickly assert their authority and dissuade the krogan from making rash moves. All Cerberus personnel have cyanide capsules in molars.

. If they had a particular discussion earlier, he mentions he would've liked to run tests on the seashells. If not, he learns about it much later. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”. Affecting morale. Turians doomed without krogan support.

He fights alongside Shepard inside the Weyrloc base and soon discovers that the clan needed Maelon's work so that they could create a cure for the genophage and conquer the galaxy. If Mordin is saved and the genophage cure is sabotaged as a result, the salarians offer their support along with krogan support under Urdnot Wreav, as the krogan are unaware of the sabotage. If the situation presents it, Mordin plays matchmaker among prospective pairings aboard the Normandy. Can't remember which! The second installment of the legendary Mass Effect series, Mass Effect 2 once again follows Commander Shepard as he races against time to stop the enigmatic Collectors, who have been abducting human colonists in the far reaches of the Milky Way’s l…. Except famous characters — there Shepard Sand (top left) and Shepard Jane (bottom center), but they are not mine c’: it’s almost Summertime, feeling kinda nostalgic ;).

If Rana Thanoptis is allowed to leave, Mordin will comment "should've killed her, too much knowledge without ethical restraint. He graduated from St. Mary's College of California in Moraga, CA, where he receved his BA in English and currently attends a vocational film program for adults on the Autism spectrum called Futures Explored in Livermore, CA.

Or inflammable! The developers of Mass Effect went above and beyond to flesh out their world as much as possible. Originally, Mordin's team was merely studying population growths to see if the genophage was still effective and designing possible pre-emptive strategies should the krogan regain their numbers.

Shepard can come clean, or continue deceiving the doctor.

. Mordin, now missing his right cranial horn, was eased into a corner by the captain upon their return to the shuttle, and was admonished into not letting their teammates detonate places with them still inside.

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