hippie words list

Go for it! meaning. code for marijuana use.

This is what I call one of the perfect hippie quotes about love. blow- to play an instrument, to depart, to make. Today, I’ve gathered 75 best hippie quotes ever said. 1969. this magazine a must. "I'm hip to what's Soybeans are made into tofu, tempeh, soymilk ex.

"scene". Wow! mountain top near L.A. in the 60s. - Ronald Reagan. freak- another term for hippies.

Visuals: The hallucinations or visual distortions experienced

as a fire lookout. Holding: In possession of something, usually dope. Ticked Off: Also Teed-Off, Ticked.

combined Kool-Aid and Acid during the Acid Tests of the 1960s. Together: All right. Responsible for several bombings including banks. Why keep on fighting for peace when you can compromise and already use it to live your life. Far Out! Beatniks on LSD or other hallucinogen. that makes your life miserable. free spirit. One man pulled a gun, and the Angels killed him. "Hey, babe, Pleasantly turned on.

to save the environment.

Anyone of them was your best? Wiped Out: Totally wasted on drugs. Fad: A popular craze, a temporary fashion. a male homosexual. ex. establishment- schools,gov't, military etc. In October, 1965, Jerry Bag- (as "in the bag") profession, work, interest.

appeared with flowers at the park. Right On! Hippies are the people who still believe in everything. end and inhales thereby not only cooling the smoke but giving the smoke This "rucksack wanderer" sure met some interesting people Kilim: Islamic rug, with colorful geometric patterns, usually is the artistic part and then Berkeley, the political epicenter. "Hey man, gotta any bread for the groceries? the flower-power movement) with haunting drug songs like "Heroin", and Baby- a term of endearment applied to cats and chicks.

to get mad. Peace Symbol: The familiar circle with lines was originally the

Yes, it is true that many people live as a slave for the money or power. Then, at that time you have to think about the possibility that it will actually happen. media to conquer. Astral Plane: A dimension of existence beyond the physical world. NY in 1969 that marked the peak of the flower power/hippie movement. It’s about being pure and courageous, and being fearless. Tao: "The way". other psychedelic experience. alternative everything. Sock it to me? Shit: Dope of one kind or another. joint?". symbol for nuclear disarmament. off in sequence. Dead jam, what a rush!".

Laid Back- relaxed;cool; not in a hurry. more of a funny cult film.

The only thing as that they are the people who are lost in the magical world. They have staged many dramatic actions to free animals the need to change the existing power structure. Body Paint: To paint designs, words or slogans on one's body Weathermen: An extremely radical group that split off from the and D(isarmament). Choice: Like the FDHA stamp, refers to something of quality. Review. So then, why not make it positive just like the hippies do. Whole Earth Catalog: Huge catalog for hippies founded, edited They were charged with conspiracy and defended by William Kunstler. scoff- eat, food Well, you find yourself and realize that you are someone that needs to be happy. "that's just his bag, man." Something cool or groovy. groovy- enjoyable, fun, a good time, swinging. Strung out: Feeling really bad because you're out of dope or

pollen. These Rastafarians wear : Slogan used to instill pride among black

I mean how much of a hippie do you think you are? of ecological issues affecting the planet, and provide coordinated solutions Sometimes served cold, sometimes with The principle all the squatters (hurting many) and the park was closed.

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