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I know, it's no.' "They didn't hire me because I had a strong interest in the news," she recalls. "The idea was to do something cool with a platform that reaches a lot of people.". October 21, 2020 10:33 PM 2 mins reading. She is the daughter of Robert Maddow, a former U.S. Air Force captain, and Elaine, a school program administrator. "We just click," says erstwhile RNC chairman and on-air sparring partner Michael Steele. Her not speaking to onetime mentor Olbermann since he left MSNBC is not out of emnity. If she is still worried about reaching lots of people, her upcoming cameo in George Clooney's  Oscar-contending The Ides of March shows that her profile is expanding well beyond wonky news circles. The trappings of television news stardom have facilitated certain material comforts. "I think Rachel abhors being considered sweet," he says. "I actually have a surprising number of Republican sources, maybe even more than I have Democratic sources," says Maddow. As the host of the hugely popular nightly television show, ‘The Rachel Maddow show’, she is a much sought after political commentator in the world of television as well as radio. Maddow's father Robert was a captain in the Air Force and her mother Elaine is Canadian; she got her citizenship, says Maddow, because she wanted to vote. 0. Born in: Castro Valley, California, United States, education: University of Oxford (2001), Stanford University (1994), Castro Valley High School, Lincoln College, Oxford, awards: 2008 - Visibility Awards for Lesbian/Bi Woman of the Year 2009 - Gracie Award 1994 - Humanity Prize in Ethics, 2010 - GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding TV Journalism 2010 - Maggie Award for her ongoing reporting 2010 - Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award 2012 - John Steinbeck Award - Emmy Award for Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis, Quotes By Rachel Maddow | A script for The Ides of March on her office bookshelf prompts a query and Maddow tells how she came to film the obligatory news anchor cameo for the film. She earned an undergraduate degree in public policy at Stanford and went on to a doctoral in political science on a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford. An eight-day stint as substitute host of Countdown in July 2008 made it abundantly clear that Maddow was host material. About Our Ads MSNBC executives are banking on Maddow (along with fellow hosts including Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz and most recently Al Sharpton) to expand the network's brand in a way that has momentum beyond the current political season. The door to Maddow's office bursts open and she sprints down the hall toward the elevator.

And in July, they pre-emptively extended Maddow's contract, which had more than a year left, locking her in well beyond the 2012 election. "She was certainly as well-informed as anybody we had on the air," says Olbermann. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter "Rachel is informed, she does her homework, she preps better and longer than anyone, she is fair and always smart," says MSNBC president Phil Griffin, who has been in his role since July 2008. FACEBOOK It's one of the reasons I love going on her show. She signed a contract with MSNBC as a political analyst in 2008 and also served as a regular panelist on the show ‘Race for the White House’ with David Gregory. ", “I certainly don’t agree with her politics at all, but she's a really nice person,” says Tucker Carlson, libertarian and founder of conservative web site The Daily Caller. She moved to Western Massachusetts where she had a community of friends and settled in to write her dissertation on AIDS and health care reform in prisons. By her fifth night on Countdown, Griffin had made the decision she was going on in the hour after, and a little over a month later, on Aug. 20, MSNBC made an official announcement. (Air America was shuttered in 2010.).

| Cookie Settings. Olbermann had become a close friend of Maddow’s and he urged her to host her own show. The not thinking about it is an active value for me.". ", A few days later, Griffin called Wallace to press Maddow's case. But Maddow's parents were not particularly political; she describes them as centrists, and her only sibling, an older brother David, 42, is "100 percent apolitical," she says. With the rise of the Tea Party, general disenchantment with the president and a resurgence of Republican vigor, she is peddling into the winds of a rightward shift in the nation's political sentiments. "She's unique," says Matt Delzell, director of entertainment for branding agency The Marketing Arm, of Maddow's broadening appeal. Her radio program ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ premiered in April 2005—just a couple of weeks after ‘Unfiltered’ was cancelled. McCain-Palin campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace met Maddow at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, a couple weeks before the premiere of Maddow's show, and Maddow asked Wallace if McCain would be willing to be a guest on her program. It was an auspicious beginning for Maddow. "She thought it reflected well on us that we had chosen to highlight the work ethic behind the show," recalls Maddow. After hosting and co-hosting several shows, her own show, ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ was aired. Maddow, David Maddow, Photo by Drew Altizer Photography via @inthebasement 18. She has been dealing with clinical depression for years though she tries to live her best in spite of the condition. Do…, Never Run Late! David Robert Maddow and David R Maddow are some of the alias or nicknames that David has used. Someday I’m going to do the show I want to do.”. "That's my yacht lifestyle.". Maddow's time-management issues are a by-product of her perfectionist work ethic and what Wolff terms her "bad radio habits. "Rachel comes to me and says, 'We have to postpone Michael Moore because I can't read three books this weekend I can only read two,'" recalls Wolff. "My agent was like, 'George Clooney called. "I decided at the start of this that there are certain things that you need to do visually in order to be on TV," she says. Join us in our Facebook group to hangout with like-minded Docs and team members. "Why are we doing this?". The budding journalist began reading newspapers cover-to-cover as a seven year old and even analyzed what she read by asking questions. In it Maddow is wearing a baseball cap and her black-frame glasses and holding a rainbow trout under her chin. "Yes, I'm now so rich and famous that I bought a boat. She was an academically brilliant student and won a scholarship to attend Oxford University. by "We know a lot of people who have gotten married but I don't think we feel any urgency about it.".

Attention is not something she seeks out or is entirely comfortable with, which may sound disingenuous for someone in an industry thick with titanic egos. The 38-year-old former Air America radio host -- the first openly gay person to host a primetime news program -- is a progressive voice that eviscerates with facts, not pejoratives. She was socially aware from her teenage years and used to volunteer at an AIDS clinic and later became an activist for an AIDS organization.

She was presented the Emmy Award in the Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis category for the episode ‘Good Morning Landlocked Central Asia’ of ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’. The show received positive reviews and the viewership for the program doubled after just a month of its premiering. PHOTOS: The Most Talked-About TV News Faces. A bold and courageous woman, she openly accepted her sexuality and is the first openly gay anchor to host a major prime time news program in the U.S.,,,,,

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