chris del gatto

It provided an outlet for people to sell their gems and jewelry without having to waste their time going to shops that wouldn’t offer them the right prices.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for technology, Josh’s idea for arose when he tried to sell his ex-fiancées engagement ring and was offered 30% of what he initially paid for the piece. Del Gatto’s most prized activity is to spend time with his children. I Do Now I Don’t Co-Founder of I Do Now I Don’t, Josh Opperman launched the revolutionary consumer-to-consumer Marketplace for recycled diamonds, jewelry, and watches together with his sister, Mara, in 2007. After merging with I Do Now I Don’t in 2015, Chris launched his latest company, the eponymous DELGATTO, where he currently serves as Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO. We sell to many of the major off-price retailers—typically not jewelry retailers, but the off-price retailers that can swallow a lot of product quietly, that specialize in delivering what usually are name-branded watches and jewelry at discount prices. Chris Del Gatto’s age is 47, and he is Veronica Webb’s husband. Not the diamonds that you pull out of the ground, but all the stuff that’s been worn and bought and worn again over the years that is out there waiting to come back into the market. So we’ve got buyers for every product category. At the time, we launched under the name of Sell Jewelry. ET: Before we started you mentioned you’re out the door to Sardinia after we’re done, so talk to us a little bit about when you’re not busy building CIRCA. ET: The buying rooms, they felt like luxury boutiques. Del Gatto is divorced but has a great relationship with his ex-wife. Del Gatto has two children from Webb including a daughter named Alessandra. Walk me through the process for a potential customer. We had our first office here in New York City, and we started to advertise to the general public.

“At Circa we are able to offer economies of scale and can pay more.

Now we see our customers coming back, and that core business is really coming back to almost where it was pre-recession. What are some of your favorite things to do, places to visit?

You’re a buying company. Today, DELGATTO is known as the most innovative buyer of fine jewelry, watches, and diamonds from the general public all over the world. Also Read: Interesting Facts About Tyler Blevins’ Wife. Lucas started the Lanesborough Alternative Strategies Fund that systematically looked for opportunities in expiring listed options markets, where he served as Chief Portfolio Manager and handled all relationships with the Prime Broker Dealer Community. The same type of private salon—is that on purpose? I wasn’t looking to attack the cash-for-gold market, the people who were selling broken chains to pay their rent because they lost their job, but people who had resources, not necessarily wealthy people, although that’s certainly an important part of the customer base, but just regular people who had jewelry they no longer wanted. Obviously I had a very good diamond education, so that was never a problem, but buying estate jewelry was a learning experience.

We’ll probably have another one or two offices in the Far East and in the Middle East. We’re buying from the public. We bring a different level of expertise to it. It was kind of a Wild West atmosphere where people didn’t know how or where to get product. You talked to us about trying to sell it. So why don’t you talk a little bit about CIRCA’s business, broadly? They carry Rolex and Patek Philippe and David Yurman and all the better names in jewelry, and they act as our agent.

Chris Del Gatto: I actually started right out of high school. He loves watches, and he often indulges himself by buying them for his own use.

We only have six offices in the United States, but we’ll probably have another six to ten offices within the next couple of years. He has made the process of buying and selling jewelry very easy for his clients all over the world. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. The third way is we have a network of some of the most high-end independent retail jewelers in the United States that work in conjunction with us, and they’re called “CIRCA Purchasing Agents.” These are truly the best retail jewelry stores in their given areas. Just from being in the diamond industry, I knew a lot of the big estate jewelry dealers already so I was able to get into the jet stream of the people who were doing the deals and buying at auction, and I started to pay for my education by making mistakes. We’ve won tournaments in Palm Beach and in the Hamptons last summer, in Bridgehampton, CIRCA partnered with Ralph Lauren, so the team was Circa-Ralph Lauren Black Watch, and we got to the finals in two of our tournaments. However, technically what we do is provide a premium service. People are starting to act normally again, at least on the selling side.

Del Gatto is an entrepreneur and a gemologist who got into the jewelry business at a very young age.

But the team I play on is the CIRCA team, and we’ve probably gotten more publicity about my polo playing than anything else we’ve done. And, talking about down-market or up-market, we recognized from the very beginning that we not only had to do a great job in providing this service, but we had to change the public’s perception about what it meant to sell a piece of jewelry. Eventually we may look at building our own internet retail platform, because there’s nobody who owns as much branded product as we do at the prices that we own it, and why wouldn’t we want to go somewhat vertical for a lot of that product, especially in the age of all these 24-hour and 36-hour internet sites that use us to supply them? It’s added credibility for us and for that retailer in that area that we’re working with. Chris left the company in November of 2012 to create a portfolio of luxury brands, as well as taking what he’d previously built to new levels. Chris Del Gatto has successfully turned buying and selling second-hand jewelry into a luxury experience. After merging with I Do Now I Don’t in 2015, Chris launched his latest company, the eponymous DELGATTO, where he currently serves as Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO.

It was really at that point when I recognized that everybody used to talk about how good it was when they were able to buy something that was “fresh,” something that had been sitting in a box for 10 or 20 years and they either bought it directly from that private because they were referred to that private, or they bought it from a retail jewelry store representing that private, which was, at that time, more often the way it happened.

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