deer harvest record sheet

Much like a creating a cooperative among neighbors, recording and obtaining data will take some time - most likely it’ll be a few years before you’re able to see results. �)Plؒ���n �� endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 298 0 obj <>stream Report fish kills, wildlife emergencies, sightings, etc. Thank you! 0000078323 00000 n Hunters should have an app-enabled mobile device with the Fish|Hunt Florida App (see mobile app instructions); a mobile device connected to the internet (see instructions for reporting online); or a deer harvest log with them in a backpack, fanny pack or pocket while hunting to avoid any delays in moving their harvested deer. 0000007698 00000 n 0000027435 00000 n Licensed in AL, GA, LA, & MS - Sybil Stewart, Broker. “This approach will assure maintenance of quality habitats and a healthy well-managed deer herd.”. 0000010677 00000 n 620 S. Meridian St. • Tallahassee, FL • (850) 488-4676 ��{�t�������JUnʭ(��F!^�V�;�5Z[��f���D v�8�v���i��yY�,þ�jݪ��� 'V+����Ҽ��R�YG�]Lg��N"�3���-�;ׯƾ�|tXL��t�|2��؉����hU�E˧��2��d�gggp>����� ������u��t�d�As��w'J�no�'�J��\k�� t���F��pM�w�U�2M�6@��t�t0��綆ȓ�RYb�����v�;`e����07�F}\�)�HI�h�n������M��? PAPER OR ELECTRONIC HARVEST RECORD PAPER HARVEST RECORD: The hunter must complete the information prior to moving the animal, then record your harvest in the Game Check System online and write the confirmation number on the harvest record within 48 hours. Licensed in AR - Anthony Chrisco, Broker. Yes. The way to update the app depends on your phone and app settings. Licensed in IL, MO, IA, KS, KY, NE & OK - Dan Perez, Broker. What information is needed to log and report harvested deer? Allhunters, regardless of age or license requirement,* must log (Step 1) their harvested deer prior to moving it from the point where the hunter located the harvested deer and report (Step 2) the harvested deer within 24 hours.**. 0000121864 00000 n 0000049463 00000 n Brows for days!OK Land Specialist Rustin Hayes with one of the coolest whitetails we’ve seen this year, putting t…, What’s your favorite way to create mock scrapes? Having proof of the time and money you spend managing the herd and growing bigger bucks will not only be rewarding from a personal standpoint, but it’s also a very helpful document to have if you ever wish to sell the land. �a�E\o�4���瓫�IJ�`4�

Expand/Collapse How can exempt hunters without a customer ID report their harvest? h�b```���IB ��ea�h`h�;��0"�b$z�Ł��������,���e�&w2|f8�p��!�Nv��WXo��d��eSbT�S{��D3S� ����{n�6;�Y@` E�m H��S]k�0}ׯ��Ƀ}Y�G(�mڱQh�a�2��(�W[N�i��$�ْPJ`��0��:�{��$Aψ �PIP��F��`�aȀ`.�C��H��'4��x\�g�����$f endstream endobj startxref �큚55�b;m`���NA�~;��GF6������dK��led`\�H�8�᢬�[׀e� l(S endstream endobj 188 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[6 126]/Length 27/Size 132/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream

0000019067 00000 n 0000037906 00000 n 0000004153 00000 n When must harvested deer be logged and reported? Record-keeping will help your operation in many ways, some of which will be apparent immediately and others of which might have an impact five to 10 years down the line. Option B – Log (Step 1) on a paper deer harvest log and then report (Step 2) at or Fish|Hunt Florida App or calling 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (888-486-8356) Please scroll down to see how to log and report harvested deer using these new options as well as FAQs about harvest reporting requirements. 0000005962 00000 n A harvest reporting system will foster bag limit compliance and give the FWC another source of deer harvest data. 0000039037 00000 n Expand/Collapse How can exempt hunters get a customer ID number? 0000158373 00000 n Purchase licenses, obtain free harvest record, obtain free HIP, SIP and other permits. moving it from the point of harvest, which is that point where the hunter located the harvested deer. 0000079150 00000 n Revised 06-02-2020 PAPER OR ELECTRONIC HARVEST RECORD PAPER HARVEST RECORD: The hunter must complete the information prior to moving the animal, then record your harvest in the Game Check System online and write the 0000006888 00000 n 0000007844 00000 n Check a deer using the Outdoor Alabama App. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission • Farris Bryant Building 0000018572 00000 n 0000035978 00000 n You Ought to Have That One Scored! Buyers' agent must be identified on first contact with Broker and must accompany the buyer on showings to receive full fee participation.

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