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Travel to the Ancient Cavern (whirlpool south of Barbarian Assault), it is not necessary to talk to Dallas before forging the pieces. If the ship's integrity falls to 0%, you will need to restart again. Dallas recalls an old settlement on Fossil Island with similar architecture as the laboratory, with one of the many books he found there mentioning a place called Lithkren.

Should you die an unsafe death a second time before retrieving all your items, they will be lost completely.

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Once he is below 150 health, you should switch to Diamond bolts (e). Note: While you can't die from the orb's damage directly, the ghasts in the Mort Myre Swamp can sometimes deal one or two hitpoints of damage. ", run to a pillar and hide behind it. A Level 100 spawn will burst out from the nearby strange egg and attack you; kill it. Robert will then teleport you back to him for being a coward.

He fires a shot at Galvek, before being knocked away by Zorgoth. Dragon Bolts You will be placed on Brundt's ship, and will need to repel a dragon assault for four minutes. Aivas, Tristan, Odysseus, Robert the Strong, and Camorra confronting a dragonkin on Lithkren. Keep using planks until the hole is filled. Speak to her, and she will tell you to go to the Shayzien Crypts, whose entrance is found in the south-western part of the Graveyard of Heroes. Go down the cave opening. He somehow recognises the player, but not Dallas, who will then ask Zorgoth about Elvarg, and why she attacked Crandor. Jardric can be found by the General Store within the Museum Camp. The history of Crandor is a bold one, enough so that many a Crandorian earned the right to be part of the Champions' Guild! These runes are crafted via the Wrath altar, located within the Myths' guild. Talk to Brundt the Chieftain about this fortress, and he tells you that a deadly beast has slain many of his warriors who went there. Speak to Dallas again, telling him that Robert the Strong was reincarnated into Bob the cat. Speak to Torfinn in Rellekka. He will tell you that to buy a Rune platebody from him, you will have to defeat Elvarg the dragon on Crandor island.

Ava's assembler requires 70 ranged to equip and can randomly gather mithril ranged items. Fill it with water, and use your goutweed on it. You have to navigate the maze, with traps consisting of spike and man traps. You will be brought back to Burthorpe, where you, Unferth and Neite will mourn Bob's death. Another advantage to a Melee attempt is that Galvek’s own Melee attack is fairly inaccurate (far less accurate than any of his other standard attacks) provided the player has a respectable Defence level (90+).

Read it to discover that a battle took place on Lithkren, lead by none other than Robert the Strong, a hero who lived during the Fourth Age, well known for defending humanity against the dragonkin.

Vorkath's acid and fire barrage, one of his most deadly attacks.

There are three levels in the crypt, and you will need to make your way to the bottom level.

Bob tells you that he hid the Karamja key on the south coast of Karamja; the Kharazi Jungle.

You can get back to Crandor by traveling through the caves in the volcano on Karamja, the opposite direction as if you were going to TzHaar.

The necklace is tradeable and requires 80 Prayer to equip. Dragon bolts can be fired from the Dragon Crossbow, Dragon hunter crossbow and Armadyl crossbow. Kill the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor and earn the right to buy and wear the Rune Platebody" It has been 16 years to the day that the earliest Champion first heeded these words and set upon one of the most iconic challenges within RuneScape. Doing so will grant you with 12xp per finished bolt.

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