golden chinchilla persian

They are fairly uncommon and are similar to Silver Persians in every way except their color. Golden Persian Kittens Gallery. The nose is rose-colored. It is also observed that the silvery coats of these beautiful cats turn golden as they reach their adulthood. in the colors of Silver, Gold, Blue Silver, and Blue Gold ... Blue Chinchilla Golden and Blue Shaded Golden.....1074, 1075 and 1076, 1077 . Here is the breakdown on colors. So with great regret, we are having to sell her. The majority of our kittens are like one of a kind Picasso paintings. Only one security deposit per family. The undercoat of the golden chinchilla is described as ranging from pale honey to apricot. Beware of online Pet Scammers!

Color 2.) Designer Persian Kittens For Sale – Luxury Kittens (660) 292-2222 – (660)- 292-1126 – Shipping Available!! Check it out! Powered by WordPress and managed by Ryan Cronin. to submit their Kitten Application prior to contacting me to discuss any of my kittens. They get their name from South American rodents that have a similar kind of two-toned furry coat. (We ARE NOT A PET STORE).

Chinchilla Persian breeds can trace back their origin to beautiful Persian cats. Our Kittens Come with a Health Guarantee. 4.) Sorry, we do not offer cell phone pictures. The paw pads are either blue or rose. The new updated price of the kitten will be determined by the length of the photo shoot. Look at those, Though all are equally divine in their coat shades, one thing these exquisite kitties all have in common, they are all known as the cherished, Chinchilla Golden Persian | Shaded Golden Persian | Jungle Baby Persian | Teacup Persian Cat, #chinchillagoldenpersian #shadedgoldenpersian #junglebabypersian #teacuppersiancat #teacuppersiankitten, Teacup Persian Kittens | Teacup Persian Cats…. Silver.Mandy v. We do NOT breed dogs of ANY TYPE. Prices – Our kittens are priced on three contributing factors: 1.) The eye rims, nose and lips are outlined in black. The nose is rose-colored. Click below to browse our available kittens by color category. That little goatee!!!! These pictures are for you viewing pleasure and to give you an idea of what you can expect my kittens to look like should you choose to reserve a golden kitten from me. Persians are one of the most striking cat breeds, and they come in just about every color and pattern you can imagine. However, these cats are considered a separate breed by some other associations. Chinchilla - Around 1/8 of the length of the hair is tipped. Silver and Golden Persian cats and kittens in North Georgia Alchemist cattery is dedicated to raising happy, healthy, pedigreed Persians. Shaded - About 1/3 of the length of the hair is tipped. Characteristics of Chinchilla Persian Cats, 26 Best Cat Foods on the Market for Any Need, Don't Ignore These Symptoms of Worms in Cats, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, 15 Purse Essentials That Make Life Easier, Feline Diabetes Symptoms to Notice in Your Cat. We specialize in highly unique, ultra rare and one of a kind Persian coat colors.

Evidence suggests the existence of the first Chinchilla cat in 1882 that was called Chinnie who was later bred by Mrs. Hurt of Wakefield.

Those chinchilla kittens that have darker shades of silver on their coats are called as shaded silvers. We do not work with any third party transport companies. PLEASE READ FINE PRINT: We DO NOT hold kittens without a deposit or on verbal promises. Chinchilla Persian breeds can trace back their origin to beautiful Persian cats. However, these are lazy creatures who like to lie around on your cushions and sofa and serve as beautiful decorative pieces. The eye rims, nose and lips are outlined in black. You can fill that application out by clicking HERE. #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #persiankittensforsale #dollfacepersiankittens #kittens #persiankittens #teacupkittens #cats #persiancats #persians #cat #kitten #cutekittens. The Golden Persian is a blonde cat with green or blue –green eyes and chocolate paw pads and tipping or black paw pads and tipping. Chinchilla Golden Persian | Shaded Golden Persian | Jungle Baby Persian | Teacup Persian Cat #chinchillagoldenpersian #shadedgoldenpersian #junglebabypersian #teacuppersiancat #teacuppersiankitten, #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #persiankittensforsale #dollfacepersiankittens #kittens #persiankittens #teacupkittens #cats #persiancats #persians #cat #kitten #cutekittens. Facial Structure 3.) The Silver-shaded Chinchilla has more variety of tipping in their color coat. Care has to be taken to brush their undercoat and arm hairs which can easily get matted.

We Also have Silver Persians From Time To Time.

The eye rims, nose and lips are outlined in blue. Our willingness to keep them back as a future breeder. She comes from a long line of grand champion winners. FYI -Prices are subject to change without notice. The characteristic tipping of a chinchilla's coat gives this cat a shimmering quality.

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