haunted bed and breakfast in natchitoches, louisiana

Let us know if you had a ghostly experience, in the comments below!

Marie’s mother has also been known to turn lights off and on and wander around the grounds of the hotel. His ghost is searching for his head.

The jail features a spiral staircase circling around a noose that hangs ominously, and underground tunnel that allowed prisoners to get to the courthouse next door.

Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of children who died in a fire at the school. The dying footsteps of William Drew Winter, an attorney who lived and was murdered on the plantation, have been heard by staff members and visitors alike. This home, built in 1796, is said to be one of the most haunted in America.

(800) 232-4319 This occurrence has been caught on video by visiting guests on a tour. At one point the Hotel was the French Market Ice Company while at others it served as a private residence with slave quarters. The Spring Street Historical Museum, housed inside the late-1800s Tally’s Bank Building, has a resident ghost thought to be Edward, a former bank manager who worked in the building. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! Tour guides are accustomed to these otherworldly beings, but bed and breakfast guests may be surprised by what they find.

Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 Ghost hunters swear it’s the most haunted house in the French Quarter, but some historians say the tales are not true.

Over the years a simple home was built on the property following the hospital burned down. Slamming doors, disembodied voices, and mysteriously moving objects are just some of the things you might experience while visiting these haunted spots across Louisiana. Read more on the haunted Lafitte Guest House, New Orleans.

It has since been restored and serves as a museum. Our full service Bed & Breakfast offers 18 accommodations to comfortably fulfill our guest's needs. Probably the only thing to beware at this town hall are the very sketchy rumors of it being haunted. Baton Rouge: 13th Gate originated in 2002 to deliver creeps to the Capitol City during Halloween season. Spook yourself with these tales of hauntings and paranormal activity around Louisiana.

Work through puzzles, riddles, and physical challenges to escape the room in the given time. Visit the Gothic hanging jail in DeRidder. Currently, the Myrtles Plantation is a bed and breakfast that is as well known for its incredible service as it is for its paranormal activity.

Magnolia Plantation’s origins date back to the … Numerous claims of ghost activity. T’Frere’s House Bed and Breakfast. Cheneyville, Louisiana: The black sheep in his London-based family, the original owner of Loyd Hall Plantation brought his money stateside around 1820. Folks say sneezing and coughing can be heard day and night, thought to be a residual haunting from someone who once ... Also known as the Stilley-Young House, The Grove is an 1861 house, reportedly very much a hotspot for paranormal activity, that has been featured on many TV shows and in many magazines over the years. It's a cemetery. This friendly Louisiana pub seems to boast its own not-so-friendly ghost. Surgeons have also been witnessed roaming around the Hotel. She spent her time in a holding cell in the Calcasieu Courthouse and jail officers think Toni Jo still hangs around locking doors, turning on electronic filing systems and talking for night guards to hear.

Guided day tours and private tours are offered daily, as well as complimentary self-guided tours of the grounds. This is called " The Battle of Bayou Bourbeau" The Confederates were victorious, and manage to capture an artillery piece. Built between 1926 and 1929, the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium is home to some intriguing activity. During the 2009 investigation, the investigators heard chanting of voodoo rituals and tapping noises while filming in a former slave cabin. Some attribute the phenomena to swamp gas; others say it is the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in a train accident and is searching for his head. Others have seen the motion detectors going off (meaning someone was in the museum) but when they went to investigate no one was there and nothing was caught on security tapes. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed and the ambience embraces the uniqueness of the local culture.

Visit Arnaud's Restaurant. The Hotel consists of five different buildings. It's an eerie looking tower standing all alone in a field. The Myrtles Plantation was built back in 1796 for General David “Whiskey Dave” Bradford. He is believed to have started the fire that burned the mansion down in 1980.

Firefighters discovered chained and tortured slaves in a chamber in the home. This 1950s tavern building was eventually turned into a bed-and-breakfast inn. White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast Jefferson, Texas 100.8 miles from Natchitoches, LA. I was driving and I remember the hard turn in the road... my windows were rolled down and the next thing I know, I noticed ... Those who stay here should be warned: Room 19 is said to be haunted. It is said that the ghost of a child comes from the cemetery and visits the manor home, making sudden noises or rushing past.

Haunted Places in New Orleans. The site, built by Ambrose Lecomte II and his wife Julia Buard, is now owned by the National Park Service and is believed to be haunted by mistreated slaves. If your wish is granted you are to return to the tomb and not only circle your X but also leave her a gift.

In 2015, owner Dwayne Sanburn ventured into 13th Gate Escape Games for year-round frights and fun. Through sightings, paranormal research and documented letters, there seem to be four main characters who keep establishing their presence from beyond the grave. The Bourbon Orleans is a luxury hotel located in Louisiana’s famous French Quarter. Others have experienced blood stains on linens appear then disappear in certain rooms of the hotel. All Rights Reserved. Her mother told her that she could pray for the world's sinners, and when Charlene was diagnosed ... Shadows and electrical interference are the two big ticket items to look for when visiting Big Woods cemetery. Don't miss May Bailey's—it's been the site for two different "overnight lockdowns" by the hosts of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures TV series.

He is believed to have started the fire that burned the mansion down in 1980.

The building served as a seat for the government until the Civil War when the legislators left and the State Capitol became a prison.

Learn more about haunted hotels in New Orleans. She is considered to be a New Orlean’s voodoo queen. He also likes to change the pages on the calendar. Doors opening and closing on their own is something else that people have witnessed. LOUISIANATRAVEL.COM is the official travel authority for the state of Louisiana.

Built in 1789 and situated close behind the French Quarter, the cemetery spans only a block but supposedly houses 100,000 of the city’s dead, many of whom are thought to still walk the cemetery’s grounds.

Here are 10 places in Louisiana where you can get a scare tonight! Countless paranormal investigators have come to the location to investigate the claims made; this includes teams from the SyFy Channel and the TAPS team. Having earned numerous excellence in service awards based on guest reviews we have played an integral role in establishing historic Natchitoches as a Bed and Breakfast destination. Learn about New Orleans’s Most Haunted Locations, Haunted Rooms America

It is believed that the Bourbon Orleans Hotel is home to no less than 17 different ghosts. Regarded by many as America’s most haunted city, it’s easy to see why when you walk down its narrow yet foreboding streets at night, especially around the French Quarter. Magnolia Plantation, Derry Most Haunted Plantations. Evening mystery tours are offered on Fridays and Saturdays. The truth was made known when a fire swept through the house revealing Madame LaLaurie’s darker side. Locals say it is the spirit of a man who was hit by the train and was decapitated. Owners have described phantom odors, shadowy figures, moving objects, apparitions, and lights that turn on ... You may want to hang on to your drawers if you visit this pretty inn. Although she is not truly a saint, at a young age she expressed interest in becoming one. Visitors have flocked to the location, and some have sworn they’ve captured photos of ghostly beings. The 1830 Magnolia Plantation has a main plantation house, slaves' quarters, store, blacksmith shop and slave hospital. When they left it was nothing more than a shell of its former glory. Other people have seen a young girl in a blue dress. Reports say that the ... We are a local Paranormal Research Team filming and investigating places for the brand-new TV series, called True Ghost Stories. This is a must-visit for those looking to learn more about this iconic aspect of New Orleans’ history and culture. There are those that say the ghosts of former slaves who lived and worked on the plantation are present. DeRidder: Built in 1915, the Gothic Jail of DeRidder is believed to be haunted by the two men hanged for the slaying of their taxi cab driver – hence the nickname “The Hanging Jail.” The story goes - Joe Genna and Molton Brasseaux hired taxi driver Joe Brevelle, killed him, and dumped his body in the old Pickering Mill pond. Couvillon’s large footprints have appeared on the Senate floor, and a rumpled bed in the exhibit hall could have been his resting spot for the night. ... "Haunted or not, this place deserves to be the center of any vacation tour of the South. Kezia Kamenetz is a native to southern Louisiana and lives in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans currently. Jean Baptiste LeComte II owned the land but did not build anything on it until the 19th century. A ghost named Ida Sue, a young blonde girl, is said to haunt this inn. The Orleans was host to a plethora of different balls including masquerade balls, carnival balls, and Quadroon balls. “Mary” walks about on stage, and others have shown up in photographs sitting in the otherwise empty arena seats. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Great orator and defender of the common people, Avoyelles' Parish Legislator Pierre Couvillon suffered a heart attack in the capitol's chambers after a spirited speech about corrupt politicians. Learn more about the Shreveport’s haunted Municipal Auditorium. Nearly every old house claims at least one ghostly presence, and others can’t even keep track of the number of hauntings occurring there. A former hospital this site is said to be haunted by the ghosts of patients who died. The light is said to ... » Cemeteries near Natchitoches, LA The site also served as a meeting place for legislators for the house and state.

Thank you! The Myrtles Plantation Accommodations. Read more on the haunted Provincial Hotel in New Orleans. Bed & Breakfast Our full service Bed & Breakfast offers 18 accommodations to comfortably fulfill our guest's needs.

Although the bar is now closed, it's still open to the ghosts who are reported to haunt this former hospital site.

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