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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to care for my hair, how to style it, and how to go longer in between washes so I don’t have to take so much time getting ready. Join me on Stories for some sneak peeks and I’ll share with you here soon. Feline Porklord. Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring you great deals on things you might love, want or need. Good morning Monday friends! Hi friends!

What Are Hybrid Fruits and Vegetables? All Rights Reserved, Shantae And The Pirate's Curse Cacklebats Locations, Millennium Pharmaceuticals Steroids Reviews, Paradise By The Dashboard Light Movie Scene, Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born Lesson Plan, Forget about Forex Indicators and Do This, 3 SUPER SIMPLE Ways To Skyrocket Your Win Rate When Trading The Trend. Another fun designing mama, Cassie at Hi Sugarplum has done an amazing job updating their 1980’s builder’s beige home that they bought and have been meticulously upgrading. Hi friends! Are you doing anything fun? I’m finishing up this post on Tuesday night, glued to the TV and election results, but I’m heading to bed before the results are in. It’s the first room you see when you enter our home, so it’s really nice to have it all prettied up! It felt like it took forever to redecorate the room, but now that it’s done, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! You’re saying there are no man made hybrids?I hope this helps. Nov 2000 – Jul 2005 4 years 9 months. Your email address will not be published. I mean I sure hope they’re saving $$$, because this bubble will burst one day. I’m cookbook author, lifestyle blogger, travel agency owner wife and mama who loves making every day special for my family. It felt like it took forever to redecorate the room, but now that it’s done, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Here’s what I found this week! Some of the kids in our school are SO creative with their costumes and its aways so fun to see everyone dressed up.

We went to another couples’. Thank you so much for the love on our Thanksgiving dining room!

After years of decorating my own homes, I've learned a few tricks on how to create a classic home on a budget. I’ve been sharing little goodies on Instagram Stories every Tuesday, but I wanted to share here too in case you missed any.

Hi friends! These goodies are nothing extravagant, just little things that make life a bit sweeter. I sure did! I’m excited for today’s post because I’m hoping it will answer a lot of your hair questions all in one spot! Some days it looks great, many days it’s a hot mess. Blog Design by Little Blue Deer Privacy Policy. I'm Shay! Hi friends! I’m sure there will be lots to talk about on Wednesday! It was nice to have a long stretch of time at home. The kitchen is one gorgeous space after Cassie got ahold of it and it gives me hope that when I get my fixer-upper house, which will most likely be a 70’s or 80’s version, I can have a nice kitchen too. Our Christmas tree is up! Did you get to enjoy it? Hi! Thank you so much for the love on our Thanksgiving dining room! Hope you'll join me! Can you believe Halloween is tomorrow? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Hi friends! It’s the first room you see when you enter our home, so it’s really nice to have it all prettied up! I spent ALL day Sunday cleaning and decorating and it made me so happy! Happy Friday! The first thing to keep in mind is if you attempt to chop them up or even smash them, the pieces will only regenerate into new hammerhead flatworms. I had a super fun date night last night. Our school is foregoing the annual costume party where parents could attend and it makes me so sad! How about that extra hour of sleep? I know lots of us have a love/hate relationship with our hair, myself included. The kids still get to dress up and have a classroom party, we just can’t attend.

Yes, it taste good but at what price?

If its an animal and does not procreate on it’s own without mans intervention, and does not live wild in nature the probability is high of being a crossbreed. Did you have a good Halloween?

Get my FREE Email Series How to Decorate in Classic Timeless Style....without breaking the bank! and (mostly) decorated and some holiday touches have been sprinkled throughout the living room and kitchen. 2009 – 2013 4 years. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Amazon Sweater • Jeans (On Sale) • Booties (On Sale) • Tory Burch Bag. He’s probably slightly grumpy from losing sleep I am sure. :(They’ll go to a friends’ house for Halloween and I know they will have a blast!

Some of what is said is true, but I always want to step in and defend! Production Manager Country Weekly Magazine. Hi Sugarplum blog. Kitchen Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas | Home Decor Inspirations.

My husband would not stand for that- he doesn't even like being in fb pictures in the background. I’m happy to share all my tips and tricks with you!

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