hogwarts au prompts

She would pretend not to care but as soon as her house started making points she would lose her calm demeanor. hogwarts prompt < > Most recent. Cas. 01. we just had a one-night stand but a massive storm hit so now we’re snowed in, hello awkward02. my family invites you to join our holiday meal as an obvious setup and i’m so sorry14. With Naomi Novak, the minister of magic, putting laws into place that would allow further discrimination against muggleborns, it seems unlikely. i'm not doing all the prompts - just a few i really like! She didn't have any other family members they could send her too and her father had practically disappeared from the face of the earth.

I believe that there are many people you meet, who love different parts of your soul, different parts of you. Hogwarts AU . has the commoner’s relative/friend unjustly punished and the prince and the commoner meet while the commoner is seeking justice. "She had us fooled" the red eyed boy said with a smirk. I think I missed one because Tumblr ate a message, so if it was your’s, let me know! She had managed to convince Professor Zuko to let her sit with the Gryffindors for the opening ceremony even if she hadn't been sorted into a house yet "Who is that? his hands over the pale marks that curled around his wrists. Need some inspiration for your next fanfic? ?” au, “im a pizza delivery person and i just delivered a pizza to someone in the middle of a satanic ritual and they gave me their number?? The first explosion had been on the Hufflepuff dormitory and soon the whole school was a mess.

She threw the wrapper away and wondered if the smell would ever come out of the bag’s insides, or if she should just buy another one. No middle ground.

Feng just carries him around in his robe the whole time, Logan’s wittle pink nose poking out over feng's shoulder on inclement days. She dropped little pebbles down the ragged tumble of stones, counting their bounces and calculating averages, until Astoria Greengrass showed up with a glass of water and a pasty and put them down beside her. ridiculously poofy emu?). "And then Bolin said I'm sorry, I didn't know this was a idiots only class " Korra's laugh was loud as she recalled the incident during Defense Against the Dark Arts. Her bed would have been there, months untouched except for the bras and scarves and bottles of sparkly purple nail polish Parvati and Lavender had strewn onto every open surface. She looked at her intensely. Meetings. The prince is cursed and the commoner is the only one who knows how to break the spell. Lots of little butterfly kisses. “Damn that Saint Potter and his friends.” He sneered, his girlfriend ran off. Not only that, [Last Name] was sitting there her book, minding her own business, unaware of the love-struck look the blonde boy was giving her. we always carpool home for the holidays from college but a storm hit and now we’re taking the last room at the local b&b (bonus: bedsharing! About . He was placed in Hufflepuff due to his sacrificing nature and how he always tries his best to help others. “you died and left me a haunted house”, 3. Unlike Pansy, Blaise and [Name] got along quite well. Slytherin/Ravenclaw: Holy Power Couple.

He had light skin and dark grey hair.

"I was not looking and..." when she looked up she realized the person she had crashed into was Asami Sato. better ideas for chance encounters than a bar or coffee shop: (Source: dohertyinc-archive-blog, via my-ainsel), 1. In the end, and thanks to Korra's insistence, she was allowed to stay. Tasting an official match for the first time its Asami Sato!". Logan in Scotland meets Cory who can not be stopped by any lock, no spells necessary: doors and windows are just open for them.

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