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Changes to buff logic in order to decrease the impact of buff stacking and buff bots, as well as CC Diminishing Returns to keep the PVP experience more fluent. Shaman . save. Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones. It features trading & crafting, grouping and clans, 4 classes, over 50 unique spells, 10 gigantic maps, rare bosses and even more rare loot, such as rare mounts! gainer per item upgrade from .3 to .5, Increased MP/5s reg. They can work in packs, but others go it alone. You can search for Hordes.io is a 3D MMO that can be played in your browser! Play as a healer, tank, or DPS class and battle against the other faction! on Totems by 100%, Increased amount of inherent base Critical % on Quivers by 80%, Increased amount of potential bonus HP/5s reg. Hordes.io Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community.

r/Hordesio. Find your clan, survive large scale open world PVP and arenas, hunt down bosses and fight your way to the top in this group oriented MMORPG. on all gear by 100%, Increased amount of potential bonus MP/5s reg.

The 3D-mmo in your browser! Recent changes | New pages | Missing pages. Follow up patch adressing 0.31 bugs, lag improvements and QOL changes. The game is currently in early alpha. We also adress twink-healing with a healing reduction, and decided to make slight changes to general gear stats. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Choose your Faction: Vanguard . on all gear by 150%, Increased amount of potential bonus Critical % on all gear by 15%, Reduced amount of inherent base Defense on Shields by 8%, Reduced amount of inherent base Block % on Shields by 8%, Reduced amount of inherent base Intelligence on Orbs by 10%, Reduced amount of inherent base Defense on Chest, Glove, Boot and Armlet by 10%, Reduced amount of potential bonus Defense on all gear by 15%, Reduced amount of potential bonus Block % on all gear by 20%, Reduced amount of potential bonus Haste % on all gear by 15%, Reduced amount of HP/5s reg gainer per Strength from .5 to .3, Reduced amount of MP gained per Intelligence from 1 to .8, Reduced amount of MP gained per Wisdom from 1 to .8, Slowed down animations of grub and crawler mounts to be more smooth (comparable to pre 0.31), Auto targetting will now always prefer targets you can attack in PvP, Item GearScore is now displayed in the item information window, Added GearScore display to the character panel, Added PvP Level display to the character panel, 'Drop item' is now always displayed on the bottom of the item right-click context menu, Improved newsletter & changelog email design, added unsubscribe button, Buffs will now only ever show one visual effect per active buff type on the character to improve performance, Improved some buff effects to be more performant, Fixed the Min-Damage bug, Min-Damage can no longer be bigger than Max-Damage, Fixed a bug resulting in buff effects being off-center, Fixed a bug resulting in floating particles to remain in the air after a casting player was transformed via the Agonize skill, When a timed cast is interrupted (by movement, LOS, etc) it will clear any remaining global cooldown on spells, Bots now grant minor Elo in arena (rather than zero) until their AI is improved, PVP Kills now always show up in global log even if a player died to fall damage or monster hits, Added BFR (buffer rate) display to the fps / latency panel, Reduced time it takes for damage numbers to pop up after something takes damage in combat, Improved latency and rubberbanding for most players (this is an issue we're still looking into though), Reduced amount of redundant net traffic from client to players and vice versa, All browsers, including firefox, now always use the .webp version for all textures and images, Fixed a bug with some monsters pathing, resulting in them not moving at all, Fixed a bug resulting in wardens / kings to get stuck on props after de-aggroing, Fixed a bug resulting in the player floating after dismounting, Fixed a bug resulting in PVP logs to show a suicide when players die from fall damage in PVP combat, Fixed a bug resulting in an additional respawn message showing to the player after they already respawned, Fixed a bug allowing players to join a party with more than 10 players, Fixed a bug where AOE spells would not properly affect other players and monsters, Fixed a bug resulting in the automatic party find queue not querying for the appropriate world queue mode, Fixed a bug resulting in lag in the world editor when painting textures. Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones. Post your class ideas here.


A minor change to timed cast GCDs will have a gameplay impact in that you can cast again faster after an interrupted cast. In order to reduce twinking issues, we aim to ensure that players with gear significantly above average in quality can no longer attack completely undergeared players. share. any Giant Bomb content. Hordes is a 3D browser MMORPG with group oriented open world PVP and PVE action. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. 01: Games Media, Game » Some even Raid, which means that they cause a PvP battle, cursing on chat, and much erupts on the site. Still in combat. It is also a term used along with "grinding". 5 comments. Center and stack multiple super size images. send you an email once approved. Hordes.io is a free to … This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll as an inherent base stat, Increased HP gained per item upgrade from 3 to 4, Increased HP/5s reg. gainer per item upgrade from .2 to .4, Increased amount of inherent base Defense on Totems by 10%, Increased amount of inherent base MP/5s reg. Defense / HP changes to make healing less volatile, big performance boosts and several spell changes to play into the new meta. Multiboxing is now bannable as per our Terms of Service, Added a report feature to the game, allowing players to report others for various TOS violations, Whisper messages are now displayed as purple text boxes in the 3D world, Added ability to right click in the chat to report player messages, Added ability to right click in the chat to invite someone to your party, Added ability to right click in the chat to whisper someone, Added ability to double click in the chat to whisper someone, Taunt: Increased duration from 0.8s-1.6s to 0.9s-2.1s, Chilling Radiance: Increased duration from 6s at all levels to 6s-8s, increased CD from 20s to 25s, Cranial Punctures: Increased critical chance from 3.5%-17.5% to 4.0%-20.0%, Pathfinding: Increased duration from 8s to 10s, increased movement speed from 18-58 to 18-70, Spirit Animal: Changed movement speed from 45-65 to 20-68, reduced duration from 20s-32s to 10s-30s, Agonize: Increased healing reduction from 23%-35% to 25%-45%, increased duration from 3.2s-6.0s to 3.4s-7.4s, Strength now grants 2 HP per level up (instead of only 1), Changed defense formula to be slightly less exponential, allowing for less maximum mitigation, Added CC Diminishing Return effects, allowing players to become immune to CC after suffering from the same effects repeatedly in a short timeframe, Certain buffs are now considered 'unique' and no longer stack with reduced effects, instead the highest level buff of that type provides 100% of its effects, Increased the HP of monsters by ~10% to compensate for the defense changes (as they now take more damage), Added Skeleton Archers to most Lv.

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