horse mating in dream meaning

2- In ordinary everyday life, symbols which have a long history become fixed in, and used by; our unconscious often to represent other happier times or times when there has been more happening. The Element Encyclopedia. To dream of a horseshoe, indicates advance in business and lucky engagements for women. To dream of a horseshoe, indicates advance in business and lucky engagements for women.

It's … You may be … In earlier times, horses equated to movement and transition much as modern vehicles (see Airplane, Bus, Car, Spaceship) do now. Depending on the details of the dream, horses can symbolize freedom, power and sexual energy. You need to preserve your energy.

This dream is unfortunately a warning signal for instability and insecurity in your current situation. Seeing a horse in a dream also may connote owning a good house. Idioms: back the wrong horse; from the horse’s mouth, horse sense; you can take a horse to water, wild horses.

As a dream symbol it can represent a wide range of positive thoughts and ideas about self or others. To dream of a dark horse reflects mystery and danger. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary. Black horses are said to point out delays; white horses are reinforcing the positive and transformative aspects of life; gray horses may point to the difficulties in the dreams current situation; Piebald horses are symbolic of confusion; brown horses of mental pursuits, and tan horses are said to be symbolic of love and sex.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation. A horse race: one’s life; everyday competition and where you rate yourself in it. A wild horse can represent unleashed and untamed power. At times, they can also be considered messengers, relaying information from the unconscious to the conscious, from the spiritual to the physical. The crescent form of the horseshoe links the symbol to pagan moon goddesses of ancient europe such as artemis and diana, and the protection invoked is that of the goddess herself. Controlling the horse, or fear of it: Trying to control your feelings of passion and sexuality. Black horse: unaccepted passions. To ride a horse down hill, your affairs will undoubtedly disappoint you. 6:5 ... Christian Dream Symbols, A brown to tawny-coloured horse means the owner will travel to some land where he will face harships.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, The controlling power of the world rising up in rebellion; see “horse”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, To dream of currying a horse, signifies that you will have a great many hard licks to make both with brain and hand before you attain to the heights of your ambition; but if you successfully curry him you will attain that height, whatever it may be.

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