birthday wish for long distance bestie

Happy birthday, dear. Sometimes in life, we need an amazing crazy friend to help us forget about all our worries and troubles. I secretly add this beautiful wish, may you find the sweetest of love and happiness wherever you find yourself. 66.

When I say you deserve every blessing that comes your way, I wasn’t making it up. You do not understand how much my life has transformed because of our friendship. Happy birthday! Being a good friend is one of them. Today is all about you. I want you to know that on your birthday, I will wish you the best and nothing less.

You know that today is also my special day if it’s yours. 90. Happy birthday. You’ve always believed in me even when I have doubts about myself. You’ve been part of the happy moments in my life, and you have been there for me during my wars. I know good people when I come in contact with them. Friends like you are not regular. Happy birthday to a worthwhile friend. Thanks for checking out these long birthday messages for best friend. You are everything meshed up in one. Check: 100 Cute Short Friendship Quotes and Sayings. My heart is fluttering because it has made a friend that is worth more than gold. #28: Happy Birthday to someone who knows me better than I know myself. I wouldn’t miss this special day for anything in the world, because you are so special to me. 86. Happy birthday to you this year and best wishes for many years to come. 71. sincerely, I wish one of the best people in my life a happy birthday. Happy birthday, and thank you for being my haven.

Cheers to the completion of another 365 days of your life. The happiness, joy, peace, blessings, goodness, hope and love that this new age brings will remain with you today and always. I will be here to celebrate your next birthday and the one after it because you are a friend worth being with at all times. To my one and only, you deserve the blessings showered on you and many other benefits that God will unleash on you. Exploit and conquer everything that comes your way. I’m grateful for the pure friendship you gave me. Yesterday might not be the tomorrow you have expected, but tomorrow doesn’t finish as long as there is life. #72: We raise our cups high in celebration of the birth of the sweetest person I’ve ever come across. 19. 40. May the day smile at you and your dreams.

Happy Birthday!! #46: I am wishing you an amazing 365 better than the one you’ve had before. It’s hard to find words to express how much your friendship means to me.

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