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I could not tell if the authors assumed their readers would have intimate knowledge or that they didn't think information was absolutely necessary, such as going into any detail regarding their claims. At the outset, [the Englers] wonder, ‘what if periods of mass, spontaneous uprising are neither as spontaneous nor as unbridled as they might at first appear?’ They build their response around a number of longitudinal real-world examples…producing a clearly organized mix of history and handbook. &

Mark and Paul Engler have constructed a new intellectual platform to advance our understanding of these strategic dilemmas.” —Frances Fox Piven, author of Challenging Authority and Poor People’s Movements, “If you want to understand the social movements that are erupting all around us, you should be reading the Englers. Interesting history of non violent protest and resistance in the 20th century. |

The field of research into nonviolent civil protest and activism has advanced quite a ways since Alinsky was around, and this book is an in-depth investigation of each of the pieces. We’d love your help. Action includes pressing for reform in schools, unions, and local governments; boycotting businesses that exploit people of color; contributing money to social justice organizations; and, most of all, voting for candidates who make “diversity, inclusion and racial justice a priority.”, Categories: GENERAL CURRENT EVENTS & SOCIAL ISSUES The book is a highly useful tool for social change activists. RELEASE DATE: Aug. 13, 2019. Maybe it looks good on paper, but I doubt it is really possible for any one person or group to reconcile the opposing tides of movement and institution-based organizing. on Barnes & Noble here. And it offers the thrilling possibility that we can plan, create, and train for mass mobilizations, rather than just wait for them to ‘erupt.’” —Laura Tanenbaum, Democratic Left, “Brilliant… Everyone interested in politics and political movements needs to read This Is An Uprising.” —Nomiki Konst, SiriusXM Radio, “Mark Engler and Paul Engler execute an ambitious study of mass mobilization… [T]he authors’ careful analysis shows that nonviolence is not simply a matter of morality; it can be strategically employed as a pragmatic political approach to achieving social change.” — Teaching Tolerance, “The Engler brothers do a masterful job of weaving riveting stories with social change theory to create a book that is both engaging and informative. A genuine gift to social movements everywhere.” —Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine, “For all those who dare to dream that truly transformational, even revolutionary change might be possible here in America in our lifetimes (but who wonder what strategies or tactics could possibly achieve a monumental shift in consciousness), this book is for you. Any single body that would seek to practice momentum-based organizing must be dangerously arrogant, thinking itself capable of being all things to all people. Beginning with Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 and the Birmingham and Selma desegregation campaigns, their account takes in Gandhi’s Salt March, the Otpor movement in Serbia, the Occupy campaign, and the Arab Spring among many others…. The chapter on gay marriage allows for the Englers' most fascinating illustration of both the ways traditional social change theories fall short of comprehensive explanations and the ways divergent social change theories can actually complement each other. That’s why… I’m reading This Is an Uprising, by writer Mark Engler and his activist brother Paul. In all cases, nonviolent strategies were employed, not because they are morally superior but because they work. At worst, the boo. In their impressive analysis and practically step-by-step account of what it takes for movements to instill change, the authors highlight the critical strategic undertones of otherwise seemingly spontaneous uprisings.” —Pauline Moore, Journal of Peace Research, “Well-structured and engaging… The history and key ideas of nonviolent revolt are distilled into an essential guide to the most effective strategies for creating lasting social change. Clear, no-nonsense explanation of the theory and practice behind what the Englers hope will spark a new organizing tradition in the United States.

In This is an Uprising, Engler & Engler carefully arrange the complex pieces of the puzzle that comprise a nonviolent movement, drawing from a range of campaigns as diverse as the US LGBT movement, the anti-Milosevic uprising in Serbia, Gandhi’s campaign against British occupation, and man y more. “Absorbing… Ambitious… Indispensable. The field of research into nonviolent civil protest and activism has advanced quite a ways since Alinsky was around, and this book is an in-depth investigation of each of the pieces.

They synthesize these narratives with an overview of effective strategies, based on theorists Saul Alinsky, Frances Fox Piven, and Gene Sharp (an obscure academic considered a perennial favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize), producing a clearly organized mix of history and handbook. Although the authors write with clear passion regarding these examples of dramatic social change, they acknowledge that the Arab Spring has provided a counternarrative: “the revolution in Egypt presents a troubling case….Not all efforts to create change prevail over the long term.”, Categories: Kind of bougie White in that sense... That said, the overall advocacy for non violent theory and practice as an effective tactic against injustice is was well throughout and argued throughout the book.

by I found it both enlightening and encouraging. Excellent book, and excellent overview to nonviolent and civil resistance, with a compelling range of examples, campaigns, and movements.

“Mark Engler and Paul Engler haven’t written a predictable book. This Is an Uprising is an excellent introduction to social change in both practice and theory over the past 100 years. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Really enjoyed this book - massive work nerd alert! I thought this was an excellent book. THIS IS AN UPRISING HOW NONVIOLENT REVOLT IS SHAPING THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. and on Indiebound here. Chicagoans: Come to a discussion of this book with coauthor Paul Engler and me on Tuesday, March 22, at 6 PM at the Seminary-Co-op in Hyde Park! Especially w/ Otpor. I mean, I completely understand despair and paralyzing fear and blind hedonistic escapism, been there, but days of productive disruption against the corporate state may be a better use of my time. In This is an Uprising, Mark and Paul Engler brilliantly unearth, explain, and contextualize the dynamics of breakout mobilizations–both dispelling the popular notion that transformational progress simply arises from historical circumstance, and pushing back on long-held dogma that hinders more successful engineering of people-driven campaigns. ‧ The Englers have put together a book that is the anatomy of revolt, not just against dictators and tyrants, but against all forms of governments resistant to change. Fairly good guide to nonviolent political action tactics and strategy. There is real research quoted in this book and you might be surprised to find that most social movements need only 3.5% of the population to be engaged to really become a force to be reckoned with.

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