kano keyboard dongle replacement

Anyway, if anyone knows about this in detail, whether it’s really hard firmware, or softer firmware, or firm seeming software or whatever, chime in and tell us about it. Well, [The Equalizor] took it as a challenge and used the opportunity to practice his microscopic soldering skills just for funsies.

https://www.logitech.com/images/pdf/emea_business/2.4ghz_white_paper.pdf. (I figure the USB end will be as its got that USB connector that should be able to program it where the keyboard/mice would need either special jigs or firmware that listens for a rebind command and manual control to seek on the other end too. As each dongle is uniquely paired with our wireless mouse, if a dongle is misplaced, then the mouse will not work, so please keep the dongle safe.

For comparison, here is a paper describing MS’ wireless technology. I am moving to Logitech - this is very annoying to have to junk a $30 plus keyboard and mouse combo because the dongle breaks or goes missing. The usb end on the other hand surely must be able to be configured in some way its how that is the tricky part. It’s been languishing in storage, but recently I had an identical dongle turn up in a box of wires that came in from somewhere else. Despite the “O” in OTP, the configuration can be updated (a limited number of times) by appending new settings in the OTP area.

Faced with a broken USB dongle for our wireless devices, most of us would likely bin the part and order a replacement, after all the diminutive size of those things probably means hard to impossible repairability, right? AccidentalRebel has updated the log for Poor man's Mini 3D Printer. I have some new tact buttons in my Digikey cart and will repair it, but for the price, I was not expecting bargain basement components. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. I have a working Microsoft arc keyboard and receiver if you’re interested. What she didn’t tell me was that she had run over the drive with her car. Is it possible to order a replacement part that will work with the existing devices without buying a totally new set? Lost it first. There can be countless devices in close proximity.

Looks like a good repair, though I think I would have potted it with epoxy afterwards to prevent future stress on the already damaged PCB. Currently has a SanDisk 16 gig in it. Actual pairing is never lost in case of batteries dying or being changed. Then it’s a just a matter of evil-maid substituting a hacked dongle for a target’s existing one and re-pairing their devices. Microsoft arc 1392 keyboard dongle lost Hi guys. I looked into mice / keyboard pairing recently when giving my kids a raspberry PI to use for educational websites. If so, please press each of these keys in sequence and send me the output from the events pseudo-file. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

The bigger the end on the donor USB cord and the smaller the original flash drive, the better/easier. Matthew Edwards 10 September 2019 22:31 ... Just look for the Wireless Keyboard K400 on the list of devices and there, you can order a spare Unifying receiver.

Yup, I filled the 3D printed USB Plug up with Epoxy and pushed the whole board into it. However it would also seem to add an extra expense in manufacturing, so one wonders if there was is there is a softer way of doing it going on.

Please try running cat on each of these pseudo-files, and checking what kind of activity triggers any output. ).

Once the dongle was confirmed working, a new 3D shell was printed for it, replacing the original which had to be broken off. This has been a persistent problem for Logitech’s Unifying system: https://www.zdnet.com/article/logitech-wireless-usb-dongles-vulnerable-to-new-hijacking-flaws/. Logitech has a paper on their dongle’s compatibility. Never heard of any issues with these. Search for "usb unified" or perhaps "logitech usb unified". “Also, if you happen to have the original receiver (especially for the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard), I’d be VERY interested in seeing the HID descriptors, I’m still having trouble with some special key reports. Functions :RF&Bluetooth QWERTY , Multi-Media keys, LEDs,and rechargeable with Li-Polymer Battery . So, basically, the devices CAN be paired to a different receiver, but MS just doesn’t admit it.


The buttons on the $60 Surface mouse started failing after a year, constantly double clicking when I’d single click, or letting up a long-click. View solution in original post. The other guy can use his 6 other devices, possibly even sharing the same RF channel as you (the firmware will try to avoid this if possible to reduce interference), and so on. The devices use an OTP nrf24le1 soc (radio + 8051 cpu). So one wonders if leaving the batteries out for long enough would clear the keyboard and/or mouse. The first part I need is the contents of the “rdesc” file inside each one of these (sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/hid/####/rdesc, for each #### matching the description above). I guess that each endpoint corresponds to the keyboard/keypad/mouse, but I’m not sure about the special keys. 78 channels x “> 65000” which is probably 65535 codes, TDMA to multiplex the many devices on each frequency. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6. Heh, good one. practice his microscopic soldering skills, Counter-Strike Gets The RGB LED Treatment, https://www.zdnet.com/article/logitech-wireless-usb-dongles-vulnerable-to-new-hijacking-flaws/, https://download.microsoft.com/download/3/3/2/3324D913-59F5-4EA2-BC6E-AA6EDBECFB9D/Microsoft_Wireless_Comparison_vs_27Mhz.pdf, As Facebook Tightens Their Grip On VR, Jailbreaking Looks More Likely, OpenOffice Or LibreOffice? MaBe42 has updated components for the project titled CoViano. Aside from code, the OTP contains factory-programmed settings such as address, RF channel set, and AES encryption key (not present in the mouse) Any devices sharing a channel will be distinguished based on a 5-byte address (defined by software configuration, and so, changeable). Running Linux in a VM may be ok if the VM interfaces with the dongle directly at the USB level (instead of an emulated keyboard/whatever). For example, it mentions 300kbps data rate (unifying uses 2mbit), different number of channels, and TEA encryption (unifying uses AES). It should be possible to patch the receiver FW to do something leaky, like periodically broadcast the pairing keys or traffic in the clear, do keystroke injection, or force the pairing process to use a weak key. Also, my apologies for spamming the forum. I have an arc keyboard buy lost receiver while moving. You can see the raw events via “sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/hid/####/events”.

Just look for the Wireless Keyboard K400 on the list of devices and there, you can order a spare Unifying receiver. My broke but still works is an ancient prism2 802.11b card that is bent like a banana, lost it’s case over a decade ago, and overheats after a few hours, but still sees use as it seems to be the only one that every OS in the world supports out of the box (If it supported wifi at all) so gets used on clean installs to download the wifi drivers so the fancy wifi will work. If you need any further information please contact me using the email mentioned above. 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Everything today is designed to LOOK premium while being the same garbage on the inside. Sometimes I wonder what the data would really have been worth to her or her boss. Then, with an inspection of the severed traces and lifted components, it was simply a matter of reflowing solder a few times to try to make the board whole again. The following is based on the capabilities of NRF24LU1, which is used by some models of the logitech “unifying” dongle, with the 6-device limitation. From what I can tell, VID:PID will likely be 045e:07a5.

It’s trivial to filter out in the receiver firmware, but MS has an OTP receiver, so they can’t push a firmware update. So, each HID device will have a directory in debugfs, something like /sys/kernel/debug/hid/XXXX:VID:PID.YYYY. 1 Kudo 10 Replies Highlighted.

I buy Logitech due to its universal dongle. The NRF datasheet for the chip suggests that its One Time Programmable and that it can have “125 RF channel operation, 79 (2.402-2.81 GHz) channels within 2.400 – 2.4853 GHz”.

I managed to get the thing working (with tweezers and a fine-tipped soldering iron) well enough to grab a single copy of everything. Does maybe the dongle pick the number/code when first initialised by driver, does maybe the keyboard have some super low power capacitor backed nvRAM to remember it??? The paper mentioned by thechad seems to be describing a technology distinct from the logitech “Unifying” dongles. This however, requires that you can communicate with the device beforehand. A bit of close examination showed it has a Micro SD shoved into the end of the plug. Also, if you happen to have the original receiver (especially for the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard), I’d be VERY interested in seeing the HID descriptors, I’m still having trouble with some special key reports. It’s an older type, uses PS/2 connectors. I took a small USB flash drive apart to have just the metal part and the circuit board. Then took an old USB cord and cut off the end and frayed the wires. I haven’t actually watched the video, just read the text, and briefly saw “wireless adapter”. I’m slightly more than academically interested, because I had a MS half-ergo* desktop for a desktop machine, where the dongle seemed to fry. The firmware also implements “debug” radio commands which can, among other things, write the configuration area.

1. It seems to work in an emulated environment though) So I don’t think its pairing as such I think they just have to be on the same channel, and that’s programmed at the factory. 99. I found out that this keynote as rd is disconnected and can't find any to replace. KatCeDe 11 September 2019 06:55; Hi, in a very big world wide online store I found it in 2 seconds. Learn how your comment data is processed. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Can anyone help me find a usb for the K400 plus. Life too short to deal with lost dongle.

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