super metroid jump

Select the Spazer Beam and the Charge Beam, then charge up your weapon with a Power Bomb selected. In the case of 14%, as well as Any% PRKD (or any run that does "Phantoon first"), a CWJ is used to cross the moat before the Wrecked Ship. As her base of operations, Samus can not only save her game in her gunship but completely refill all energy, missiles, super missiles and Power Bombs just by paying the ship a visit. Pressing up or forward while holding jump after breaking out of your spinjump with shot will cause Samus to immediately shinespark, whereas pressing and releasing forward after breaking out of your spinjump with shot will activate the shinespark.

The starting position is the furthest right you can be for this setup. The window of time for the shinespark inputs changes if you're in water without Gravity Suit, such as when collecting the energy tank in Waterway Energy Tank Room in RBO or Randomizer. Her health will be completely restored, draining some of your weapon ammo in the process. That way you can get all the goodies beyond the green door early on. The horizontal shinespark is always performed in the direction you are already facing, regardless of if it is being performed from the ground or air. To use this special trick, you must have at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles and 11 Power Bombs. To perform a shinespark from the ground, perform the following: The Dachora at the bottom of Dachora Room teaches the player how to perform a vertical shinespark of this type. Activate the Morphing Ball, then lay bombs to propel Samus up. Then press and hold the shoulder button mapped to fire and keep them all held down to engage the Crystal Flash.

Since the Right press will clear the text box, this means a consistent rhythm of those two button presses will work better for some runners than relying on visual cues from the textbox disappearing. As an alternate Phantoon strategy, if you stand at the right corner of the room, you can easily just blast away at his blue flames and grab the energy and weapon refills they drop. The Speed Booster can be used to perform spectacular almost never-ending jumps in different directions. If you use the wall jump trick to get the Wave Beam before facing Crocomire, you can use the Wave Beam together with the Spazer to easily whack Crocomire's mouth, pushing him back miles and easily into the lava.

Blast the solid wall on the right of the room open with your Hyper Beam to give them a chance to escape. To charge a shinespark, perform the following: If you were successful, Samus should appear to be flashing white. The shinespark can be performed either from the ground or in the air and can travel either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Each jump can help you reach areas not normally accessible.

Select the Ice Beam and the Charge Beam, then select a Power Bomb and charge up your weapon to create four ice crystals that continuously rotate around Samus until they strike a foe, freezing or destroying the target. If you find yourself surrounded by the smaller of Zebes' inhabitants, power up the Charge Beam and activate the Morphing Ball. If you do accidentally start a spark inside lava, you can conserve health, and probably save time, by turning off Speed Booster.

You've no doubt discovered the Etecoons and Dachora - the trio of Etecoons demonstrate Samus' ability to jump up walls (see above), while the Dachora demonstrates the Speed Booster's Shinespark ability (check Chapters 6 and 10 of the walkthrough for more).

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