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We saw that again yesterday, the blue chip average better by another 28.5 points to now stand at 13,269. (END OF VIDEOTAPE) COLLINS: British royalty and American history coming together in Jamestown, Virginia. Use your own accent. Even though he was not wearing a seat belt, the medical examiner says even if had he been wearing one, because of the impact of this crash, can't see how he could have survived this even if he was wearing a seat belt. One would address her as your majesty or madam.

The interesting part is that the biggest influence on this debate were the two men who weren't there, the late president Ronald Reagan, and the current president, George W. Bush.

Huh? MOOS: Pity the suffering interpreters when a 2.5 hour marathon debate was over, you could hear congratulatory kisses as the commercials rolled and the interpreters giggled.

That starry coming up for you in the NEWSROOM. HARRIS: Yes, on Carr's Beach, south of Baltimore, Annapolis, somewhere in there. Hey!

"This really is a story about how Netflix could read the room," Safon says. She's very good at that, having been a public figure for many years and she's very good at carrying the conversation and talking about things. Anna says on prom night she will be all dressed up, the question is, will she have any place to go? One neighbor said the older boy was rarely seen outside. HOWARD KURTZ, CNN'S RELIABLE SOURCES: This whole story makes me queasy because ordinarily journalists don't publicize on a national basis the names of clients of an escort service. We had so many people. HEIDI COLLINS, CNN ANCHOR: A reception fit for a queen. HARRIS: There is money out there looking for a home. Last time it was for the queen, this time it was for Sandra Day O'Connor. New wildfires prompt a state of emergency. What the heck is he talking about?" And that influenced James Brown so much, he started his own group to do the same thing. I'm thinking Kentucky. HARRIS: Pressed hair. MAJ. GEN. WILLIAM CALDWELL, SPOKESMAN, MULTI-NATIONAL FORCE-IRAQ: There has been in fact a reduction in the amount of foreign fighter flow making their way into Iraq here as we have observed over the last month.

You should hear her talk about just how beautiful it is there. It's the same element that drove the success of other docuseries like "Wild Wild Country," about Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the community his followers created in rural Oregon, or "The Jinx," which follows accused murderer and mega-rich real estate heir Robert Durst. More than 90 fires are now blazing across the parched state. LEMON: He dances in the documentary. Kevin Flynn at affiliate WMUR reports. Last night, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson was asked if it would be acceptable for a private employer to fire someone just because the person is gay. Flynn was fired shortly after Dillinger became Executive VP. "It became more character-driven and less issue-driven.". Let's sign it. HARRIS: Absolutely. Anna says on prom night she will be all dressed up, the question is, will she have any place to go? (END OF VIDEOTAPE) COLLINS: I like the moderators in that. ", "He's got all these people who (realize) he's very odd and kind of sketchy in some ways, but also seem very devoted to him and care about him.". Even less sensational programs, like the uber-popular reality series "Cheer," which documents the day-to-day lives of a cheer squad in Corsicana, Texas, give viewers the impression they've stolen a peek inside another world completely foreign, yet just as real as their own. JOHN ROBERTS, CNN ANCHOR: Of course, it's not good to imitate the queen. COLLINS: All right, coming up in just about 15 minutes or so, "YOUR WORLD TODAY" and Colleen McEdwards is there for us. Had big, curly hair. West Bank Story, it's a student film that will have you rolling in the aisles about a really serious subject. COLLINS: Four tons. HARRIS: In our "Daily Dose" of health news, is there a link between breast cancer and barbecue?

Here's Don Lemon with a preview.

There are 700+ professionals named "Kevin Flynn", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Don Lemon is here with us in the NEWSROOM. RUDY GIULIANI (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Since it is an issue of conscience, I would respect a woman's right to make a different choice. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good god. James Brown and his band were about to make history with a live recording. Get on the good foot. Sign in. On the beach, right? MOOS: Whatever you do, don't call the female candidate hot. He had a cape. MCEDWARDS: Yeah, happy Friday to everybody. LEMON: Heidi's going, no more.


Don't confuse the two. ROYAL: I'm not losing my cool. The country/rap rock star chipping in to replace six sets of golf clubs stolen from a girl's high school team in Michigan. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) COLLINS: Good Friday morning once again to you everybody. And during a weed killer commercial, who better to weed out the winner than those who played their parts? Please enter your email address to get started. contact each other, get access to advanced search tools, see to the tune of $50 billion.

To crib a popular meme about the show, it has everything: Conspiracy, intrigue, romance, mystery, big cats, fleeting political campaigns, bleached mullets, shirtless interviews, country songs and animal-print underwear brands -- and that's only the first few episodes. Take the time her senate opponent physically tried to get her to sign a campaign financing pledge. But the boy also told police he was caged when his father was using or making drugs. I'm getting a bit hoarse over the emotion of the visit. Add in a large dose of isolation, frustration and collective anxiety over a global pandemic, and the many mysteries of "Tiger King" become welcome obsessions. Here it is. That's the question one interviewer asked during Maldonado-Passage's brief but memorable run as a presidential candidate in 2016.

Historic Jamestown is where the original ruins are. QUEST: That's right. show. By signing up, you agree to our And at times he went without food for a couple days.

Where she's headed now, she's sort of preparing to leave in a short period. TO ORDER A VIDEO OF THIS TRANSCRIPT, PLEASE CALL 800-CNN-NEWS OR USE OUR SECURE ONLINE ORDER FORM LOCATED AT LEMON: Pressed hair. FLYNN: But her boyfriend may have to work the night of the prom, so she asked administrators if she could go stag. creators, businesses and experts on Richard Quest, we so appreciate it. ", "What interests us is the psychology behind keeping these animals, and just as much as the issues surrounding the animals, we were interested in the people that did this.". BROWN (SINGING): Papa's got a brand new bag James Brown was telling people that he's going to do something different from now on.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am very angry. A new study finds post-menopausal women who ate the most grilled, barbecued or smoked red meat over their lifetime had a 47 percent increased risk of breast cancer. But again, it was a flat bed tow truck that was parked in the fast lane. In Baghdad today more insurgent attacks. (END VIDEOTAPE) HARRIS: Oh man. And the greatest of these was the war. They were killed during an operation near Taji.

Not "Say it loud, I'm the n-word and I'm proud." Ooh, I'm sorry. OF DEFENSE: In terms of who's providing equipment and providing the foreign fighters, I think it's been fairly clear that we remain concerned about Syria's involvement. REV. I'm disgusted and I'm revolted. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, we was cooking.

What, in our deep bedazzled denim id, draws us to these spectacles, like travelers to a semi-legal roadside zoo?

Its great stuff and well show it to you. Somebody has done a lot of work to take the detail and to make sure that there is a symmetry and a synchronicity between the 400 years ago, to the 50 years ago, to today. Heidi? With the French election this coming Sunday, Royal is trailing Sarkozy but not by much. It's the pictures of her in the carriage, it's the pictures of her at the church. But the study's author at the University of South Carolina offered this word of caution. The risk was even higher for big meat eaters who skimped on fruits and vegetables. "We knew from the outset that it was really an interesting subculture in America," the show's co-director Eric Goode said on an episode of the Netflix companion podcast "You Can't Make This Up. LEMON: Once again, James Brown's instinct was right on. Don, this looks like a lot of fun. LEMON: and inspirational music, rather than saying, you know, the n-word. And I would tell him the audience lost one or two pounds just watching. But what a lovely view. HARRIS: Yeah, you too. (CNN) - Every once in a while, a doozy of a documentary or podcast comes out that overtakes the national pop culture conversation. If she extends her hand, you certainly may shake it. Baskin has denied any involvement in her husband's disappearance. No, I'm not going to calm down. More about Josh Hancock, that St. Louis Cardinal's pitcher who died. CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Right. Reagan's name was invoked 19 times. (BEGIN AUDIO CLIP) TOMMY THOMPSON, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I made a mistake. He influenced everyone. By signing up, you agree to our It's always been a little bit difficult. and our The queen's not a very tall woman. Lewis was last seen in August of 1997, and several of Baskin's adversaries claim, without evidence, that Baskin had something to do with his disappearance. The queen is now touring the replica ships and the replica settlement here at Jamestown. TAYLOR: Listen, in this market. But here's the thing -- when you look at James Brown, who did he influence?

But he was influenced by James Brown, not only by his performance and dancing, but also his lyrics. In fact, Wisconsin has one of the first laws which I supported. Get on the... HARRIS: Would have liked a warning. All right, CNN NEWSROOM continues just one hour from now. RAY CARROLL, TOLEDO, OHIO, POLICE: They're just small cages, only about a couple feet high.

According to the network, the attorney claims his client is a government witness against Palfrey. COLLINS: And I'm Heidi Collins. Police say the parents told them the 10-year-old was put there for punishment. And it's always been a little bit difficult to actually see where Her Majesty is. But this is a really nice picture. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bam, two, three, four! So on behalf of President Bush and the people of this land, I'm proud to say thank you for joining us and welcome to the United States of America. HARRIS: Sure, sure. Hala Gorani who's often standing right here is actually in Paris for the last round of voting in the French election. COLLINS: Yes, off the replica of the ship. And then I said, all right, now who I am talking to again so I can write -- because I have a pad, I'm taking all these names on. TODD: Deborah Jeane Palfrey, accused by the government of running a high-end prostitution ring in Washington.

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