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Despite being famous for her exceptional acting talent, she hasn’t got herself a wiki-bio of her own. As she is about to shoot Nate, he is able to throw dust into h…

A few weeks after the move, her father sent her a Ganesh figurine – the only evidence he had been to the ancient city of Belur. As Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan plan to steal the Amber Seal (that reveals the whereabouts of the Amber Room in Agartha) from a black auction being held in Volkov Castle, Ukraine, they arrive the next night scouting out the castle grounds, marking patrol routes and a secret entrance. Chloe appears to be good friends with Charlie Cutter. At the end of the game, the two women are seen together with Sam eating pizza showing their new partnership and close relation. Cutter was presented in a very similar situation to Jeff. They come across a tour bus and steal it to escape. In Among Thieves and Drake's Deception, Chloe is voiced and motion-captured by Claudia Black, who also recorded lines for the character in the multiplayer mode of A Thief's End. When Chloe enters the Jeep to go after Asav and retrieve the Tusk, Sam is the first one to enter the car and is willing to help Chloe in her mission, though he doesn't helps Chloe in the fight against Asav he does provide cover for her in order to enter Asav's train. She is suggested to sell it on the black market, which she finds disgraceful, since she considers it a representation of the Hoysala people and culture. Hearing more soldiers coming up behind them, Chloe once again betrays the group, holding them at gunpoint when Flynn and the mercenaries show up in the room and Flynn orders her to be taken to a train.

After the train ride to the North Pole, Nate, Sully, and Chloe locate the airstrip where Michael and Rose Doughty (siblings who are also searching for the Amber Room) are about to depart to Agartha. She's known throughout Drake's world as a gifted and adaptable treasure hunter with a long list of impressive accomplishments to her name. In Nepal, Chloe assists Nate in finding the hidden temple. This section is empty or needs to be expanded.

Chloe's relationship with Nathan Drake was rocky, as he describes it as "complicated" and he walked out on her for unknown reasons. Once the setup has run smoothly, she follows Marlowe's car, watching it disappear through a green door. He finds Chloe, Flynn and Lazarevic in the room believed to hold the key to Shambhala.

The trio escapes through a volcano as it erupts and wash ashore on a beach. She was also an associate, a major ally, and a former love interest to fellow treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and has also worked with other people such as Harry Flynn, Charlie Cutter, Nadine Ross, and Samuel Drake. After the two jump over a gap, they come across a bridge made of World War II planes, suspended over a river of lava.

Cleo Fraser is an American actress known for her appearance in the American sitcom, The Unicorn. The events of The Lost Legacy drastically change Chloe’s personality. Chloe's eyebrows are among her most distinguishing 'trademark' features: it was a challenge to control the weight of their thickness against her dark, olive skin without them looking masculine.". When they reach safety, the four of them discuss the next step.

Flynn brings the information to the Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarevic. Nate falls into a river of lava, but Chloe comes back to save him by having Sully fly in with the plane. The four heroes are separated from Talbot and his men by a deadly drop. She tells him that she has obtained pictures of the flying machines in Agartha and wants her money ready for her.

Eventually, the trio finds a tomb containing the bodies of Polo's shipmates, as well as a golden Tibetan Phurba and a map that has a message on it from Polo, pointing towards a specific temple in Nepal. She subsequently appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, in which she appears as a supporting character for the first act of the game, and is briefly mentioned in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, before becoming the main protagonist of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Claudia Black

But while they're doing this, Nate is discovered by Chloe, who points her gun at him. Cleo Fraser, Self: Newshub Live at 6pm. When Chloe is alone, Nate takes the dagger from her, before finally opening the gate to Shambhala.

After telling Nadine about the death of her father and discovering he actually completed his mission by finding Belur, Chloe gains more respect for Indian culture, becoming disgusted that Asav would desecrate the legacy of his people by destroying its ancient city and selling the Tusk of Ganesh for a bomb. However, Chloe shoots the two soldiers and tells Nate to go to Nepal, where she will meet him.

But while they're doing this, Nate is discovered by Chloe, who points her gun at him.

Equally comfortable in a gunfight or a fistfight — whatever the occasion demands — she's in hot demand for jobs that lesser fortune hunters would turn down flat. Chloe takes the map from them and gives it to Flynn. She is quick to take action and stays positive in dangerous situations. Taking the map, Flynn betrays Nate by shooting the museum's display cases, alerting the guards.

To achieve this, we invested tremendous energy and time in her skin-tone balance; layers of skin blemishes and subtle beauty marks were meticulously placed in order to create a natural, girl-next-door look without applying too many artificial cosmetics. They decide that Nate and Sully will travel to France, while Cutter and Chloe will go to Syria. $1.2 Million Cleo Fraser Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Cleo Fraser is an actress, known for Chronic (2015), Transparent (2014) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013). She also stops Sully from killing him. Chloe is as tough and capable as she is beautiful.

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