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He and his grandmother took me in and let me stay with them. Being a public figure, you deal with just as much hate as you do love, how do you handle this and how long has it taken you to adjust to this lifestyle? Did your parents cutting you completely off affect your relationship from them? Dreka is also launching a clothing line with sizes ranging from XS-3X. I’m one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars on sweats​,​ good t-shirts​, ​basic everyday pieces and while I can’t say that I will stop, I will do it a little less ​now ​that I have my own quality pieces to wear.”, Stay up to date with Dreka Gates @RealDrekaGates. I went years without seeing or speaking to my parents. Venezuelan-born brothers Mau y Ricky recently released a break-up anthem “La Grosera” that’ll remind you of the pop-punk hits from your youth, which makes sense since the brothers say they grew up listening to New Found Glory and, Janaya Nyala is a self identifying cis, queer, Afro-Latinx artist based in New York. I basically have to stay strong for everyone! Islah also has got a younger brother named Khaza Kamil Gates. She produced the main title, Well, we’ve been through six months and multiple seasons, and life is still wonky. He had a lot of maturing to do, as most men do. Some things are only found on Facebook. She states that her husband is her best friend and she has never tried to change him. Dreka Gates is a married woman with two children. The Time Is Now, For The Queen. I feel like the journey is as it should be. Don’t fail it! Mrs. Gates herself says she isn’t a fan of “fast fashion”. Whether she’s serving as the Creative Director and Curator for hundreds of photo shoots for artists from her label, Bread Winners Association, or having her own skincare line she look amazing while doing it. After that, the young girl tried various odd jobs.

All you can do is work your ass off to maintain and to improve yourself and to improve the things that may need improvement so that when your spouse comes back things are just better than they were before.

They took my car, stopped paying for school and really cut my ass off because I wasn’t doing what they wanted me to do. Dreka and Gates stated that they are open to having more kids once they move to a farm. Get yourself together. I was the “little sister.” I think this was because they couldn’t have me, lol. Who is Dreka outside of being Kevin Gates’ wife and outside of being Islah and Khaza’s mother? That’s something we really need. He’s my best friend. When it comes to purchases, I think most of us are still thinking “sweatpants and leggings” when we think of our Fall wardrobe. The one that really shaped me and prepared me for the rest of the hard times to come was when my parents cut me off. I’m the one that’s running shit!” It’s so sad but so true. Dreka Gates (nee Haynes) is a manager and business partner of rap artist Kevin Gates, who is also her husband. They thought it was all because of Kevin but really this was something that I realized on my own. Seeing how they were, I vowed to never be with an athlete! What is something about you that people can’t read about online? My husband is the reason why I actually work in the music biz though.

Times can be a little difficult for me right now especially missing Kevin, so I prefer to listen to the happy, walking on the sun type dance music to keep my spirits up! I’ve had a lot of those!

What tips do you have for women looking to join the music industry as a manager like yourself? I’m not making any excuses for him but I knew that he needed to get that out of his system. Screenshot the ^^^ or click the code to add now to join the fun. Besides, together with Kevin, she co-founded Bread Winners’ Association, a record company which expanded into a lifestyle brand. My parents were really strict.

Sometimes it’s just too much for them, so they have to stay behind with my mom or the nanny. I’m scared, because I’m a really sensitive person and I’m sort of a perfectionist and one thing I hate is for people to speak on things or just make rude comments for the hell of it. How did you two get past that as a couple? When I did this, my parents didn’t really like it too much. I was hurt and I was alone. This one time, one of the guys that we had been dealing with, but he always dealt with the guy that I would “work through,” I finally met him in person and he was like, “So, you’re Dreka! I would tell a woman to stand your ground. If he would’ve continued to do it, we wouldn’t be together today. Jul 10, 2017 @ 8:00 am By Taylor Winter Wilson. Damn! Are you all in a better place now? They taught me to have a mind of my own and to not be a follower. I would break up with him and go on my separate way. After about 10 years of relationship, the sweethearts finally tied knots on October 17, 2015. About past relations of Dreka, there are no pieces of information. I had everything taken away from me but I worked my ass off and knew that it wasn’t the end of the world. Shoot for the stars and allow yourself to grow! On 13th February 2020, Dreka posted a series of videos on Instagram where she detailed her breast implants removal. Accept the situation and look for ways to improve it.

It was all too much for Dreka.

When I stopped, they stopped supporting me financially and I had to do everything on my own. Tell us about a difficult time in your life that you overcame and explain how you do so. Where did you love for music stem from and what made you decide to be a part of the industry? So I went into fashion merchandising which I really enjoyed. Fans rated Gates an 'E' for effort and expressed disappointment in his lackluster equipment. Women sent their sympathies to his wife, Dreka, the mother of his children, and they offered to send her extra batteries. My dad had me listening to everything from Jazz to Biggie, Tupac, & Warren G. I remember one of his favorite songs being “Regulators.” “It was a clear black night, a clear white moon, Warren G on the streets.” That was our shit! It wasn’t until I was an adult and on my own that things started to click. But for those who don’t, or haven’t read much about her because she’s private af, we got the chance to sit down with her and learn about her upbringing and how she manages her husband’s career. We’ve been broke together, we’ve been rich together. Men that knew me knew that I was the one that really called all of the shots. My dad would always tell me, “If better is possible, then you’re not your best.” So I push myself to the max every single day. I never read any comments.

So, with Kevin, I knew that it wasn’t forever. Although, more and more people seem to be returning to their offices, and I’d be lying if I.

In December 2019, the spouses announced that they were expecting baby #3. After developing an online friendship and working with her for the cover art for my EP, I felt the world should also see the versatility, LUVK is a classically trained Black singer-songwriter whose pioneered her own unique fusion of hip-hop and rock & roll; think a hybrid of Post Malone, No Doubt, and Travis Scott.

So I’m working on that.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. When we’re at home I’m like up at 5:30 a.m. and headed off to work out and they go to school and other various activities, so I won’t really get to see them until night time. We always joke about how if we were to get divorced how we would have these so-called “business meetings” and be hooking up on the low and our new spouses [would be] tripping out on how involved we’d still be in each other’s lives, lol. From then on, I had to do everything on my own without any help. Don’t dwell on the situation and just know that it’s just a test. Polished Eccentric is a brand that you’ll love and isn’t overpriced. That shit made me hella strong, though. No matter what, I will always find a way. He got it from day one! Today, my work load is super crazy. I don’t just mean this in a financial way. Being a beautiful woman in a male-dominated industry isn’t easy. Articles; March 13, 2018 March 13, 2018 0. After being the manager for her husband, Kevin Gates, Dreka Gates is ready to step into the spotlight. We were gearing up to release his next album but we’re missing a few key songs so now we’re working on another mixtape project. We’ve fought and had amazing makeup sex. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. He’s a real artist. I was super cool with all of the athletes. I want people to know that anything is possible. But most importantly, have a little fun, do things that allow you to let your hair down. I surround myself with people who are super positive and supportive of what I have going on.

A curious fact: in February 2020, Dreka shocked her Instagram fans by posting videos of her breast implants removal. It’s not forever!

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. You have to show them that you’re serious and you don’t play! You’re like this queen that sits up in a castle and making all of the decisions!”. I was the oldest of two kids. If you’ve ever heard the song “I Don’t Get Tired” or you’re a fan of Kevin Gates, then you should already know who his wife, business partner and manager Dreka Gates is. Recently, your husband has been dealing with a serious legal battle. What made you forgive Kevin for cheating on you in the past? I’m also in the developing stages of two TV shows and apps.

Being a business woman and a mother of two isn’t easy, but Dreka gets the job done with ease. My dad was the star athlete in high school and my mom was the dance team captain and they had me at a young age. After being the manager for her husband, Kevin Gates…

I want people to know that managing my husband is one of my many jobs. I manage Kevin’s career and run several other businesses such as my clothing line, skincare line, energy drink, dog kennel, rental houses/flipping properties, and our nonprofit. It gets overwhelming at times.

The craziest channel on Snapchat for beauty, fashion and pop.

No bias, I swear.

I’m into anything creative. It’s not forever! I couldn’t even tell you how many likes I get on pictures. Tell us your story. I would just try to get as many as people as possible to listen to his music. I literally watched my dad mature and grow up. Our journey has been a good one.

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