how to use planswift software

Have you taken advantage of the FREE 14-day trial yet? When you choose to buy PlanSwift from us you get the exact same support and attention that you would get by buying direct PLUS you get a special discount we’ve negotiated on your behalf as a CAD International client.

PlanSwift has several useful predefined functions you can add to any part of you footer or header by first selecting the placement of the item then clicking on the function.

Select the item you would like to update and change the information. The measurements will automatically be shown. You can attach an Excel sheet to a job through clicking the “Attach Excel File to Job” button. You can customize these reports or create new report layouts anytime you want.

You can also select which columns you would like to be visible within a report.

PlanSwift lets you view, measure and markup plans directly on your computer screen! Next you can choose the DPI, which is the indication of the. Copy the code (best100) and go to Planswift’s pricing page right now, by CLICKING HERE, to purchase your License with Upgrades & Support. If you haven’t yet, it is really SIMPLE. Our way of saying “thank-you” for sticking around to explore best construction estimating software. “Flip Horizontally” – Flips the takeoff item so the left side is now on the right. Odd – Will print the odd numbered pages. You may edit columns by clicking on the Columns button. We have used On-screen-takeoff in the past, which does everything PlanSwift does, but better. This Drag & Drop feature will greatly increase the accuracy of and reduce the time it takes to Estimate a job. Being able to test-run a software before purchasing it is very important. Such choices include printing the Report portrait or landscape, adjusting margins, headers and footers, Page size and Scaling Report Filters Report Filters confirm what truly shows up within the report. Select the number of copies you want made.

When done click the “OK” button to continue, you have created a new item for your use. Download SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer and Network Performance Monitor and solve problems today. One interesting feature in Planswift 10 is the “Single Click” tool. This allows you to edit the order that Property Groups appear in an advanced property window view. This will show you how far away the unknown dimension is from the two known points.

Measure joists, rafters, studs, headers, etc. “Font” – Select the font style you want to use. “Back” will move you to the page previous to the current page. Click “Open” to insert the image. Introduces single click, which enables you to count your areas, linear items, etc. This makes it also harder for other people to review the estimated quantities.

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