miroku wind tunnel

Menōmaru disdains the use of the Sacred Jewel to enhance his powers.

When Hyōga fired his beam of demonic energy, Inuyasha was able to use the Backlash wave, now augmented by the spiritual power of Kagome's arrow, to reverse the flow of the enormous moth demon's attack and destroy him.

Far more foreboding was the horde of demons that followed the invasion fleet, led by a giant moth yōkai and Menōmaru's father, Hyōga, who planned on stealing the souls of those who died in battle.

He proceeded to create a larger, more powerful Tree of Ages; the trunk of the old one having fallen when Menōmaru's power sphere ascended from beneath the tree's roots. He suffers from a hereditary curse originally inflicted upon his grandfather Miyatsu (also a Buddhist monk) by Naraku. He makes a point of asking every attractive woman he meets if she will bear his child, and he habitually strokes the buttocks of attractive women.

To overcome them, he gave Hari the Sacred Jewel shard which had revived him while tainting the shard with his blood to ensure it would not be purified by Kagome's presence.

This is perhaps due to the fact that he respects their power, as the Great Dog Demon was capable of defeating his father. English TV © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Seems pretty reckless IMO, especially since he never appeared to consider the above. Vincent Gale Skills information Physical information Displeased that Kagome was not staying put like polite bait, Menōmaru drew his sword and commanded Kagome to be more compliant. As Hyōga, Menōmaru had become an enormous demon of tremendous height.

Species [2], Ruri and Hari eventually tracked down the Tessaiga to the Great Dog Demon's hanyō son, Inuyasha. The girls did not understand why Kagome would be sufficient bait to lure Inuyasha into Menōmaru's trap, nor indeed why he needed to be lured to the hide-out in general. Death When the Shikon no Tama was shattered, one of the shards revived Menōmaru and he embarked on a quest to obtain his father's power. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Debut Comic Vine users. Menōmaru blocks the Wind Scar with an ordinary sword. To reinforce this subtle, insectile appearance, Menōmaru's cape is hemmed at the edges, and split down the middle, strongly resembling insect wings. Menōmaru is even aware of Myōga's cowardly nature. Menōmaru then began absorbing souls to complete his transformation. With the seal undone, the Tree of Ages began to collapse, as Menōmaru shouted triumphantly and Inuyasha's group fled the weakened structure. The Shikon no Tama releases Menōmaru from the Tree of Ages. In an effort to save Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha was tricked into destroying his father's fang, thereby breaking the seal on Hyōga's power. Menomaru Deceased Thus, Menōmaru was able to absorb his father's power to become the new Lord Hyōga. Yet, Menōmaru recognizes Myōga on sight and calls him by name, potentially suggesting that they knew each other before the battle occurred. [2], While Inuyasha lay unconscious and Kagome was trapped by the priestess Kikyō in the future, Ruri was consumed by the Kazaana she had copied from Miroku, and Hari was cut in half by the Hiraikotsu. Cookies help us deliver our Services. English VA 200+

While Kagome was able to force out a warning to Inuyasha, it was too late, and she stabbed through him with poison claws. Menōmaru rejoiced triumphantly as streams of souls poured into his chrysalis.

Just as she was about to shoot, however, Sango cut a gash into Menōmaru's chrysalis with her Hiraikotsu, breaking Menōmaru's interference. However, the fight was nowhere near over, as Menōmaru's body absorbed surplus energy from Hyōga, healing his wound instantly and bringing him back to life.

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