dolabella sea hare lifespan

Individuals were starved of algae in the aquarium overnight prior to the start of the trials (approximately 12 hours). 2004. [3], Dolabella auricularia is sometimes used by the keepers of large marine aquaria to limit algal growth in the tank. Ciba Foundation, Colloquia on ageing V. The life span of animals.

They’re known to hide in the sand, mud, or in patches of seagrass to avoid drawing attention to themselves. The coloring of this species helps them to blend in with their natural surroundings. In the wild, Dolabella auricularia and other Aplysia family sea hare slugs enjoy living in slow-moving ocean waters and is camouflaged to blend in with its food, while it is eating and improve their odds of becoming food for something else.

32, 389–395 (1975), Pauly, D.: Single-species dynamics in a multispecies context, pp 33–70.

Best wishes, Bill Rudman. The Stomach-Footed Mollusks, Class Gastropoda, Subclass Opisthobranchia, Sea Slugs - Wet Web Media - (English), © Kasper Hareskov Tygesen ( Dolabella auricularia wird umgangssprachlich oft als Seehase, Keilförmiger Seehase bezeichnet. Read more about dealing with green hair algae. Wedge sea hares are not affected by the chemical defences of algae but have a preference towards less tough algae (Pennings and Paul 1992). The sea hare slug might look vulnerable to predators since it’s this large, squishy body, but when they become threatened, they have an unusually bioweapon that they use to protect themselves: they release a noxious ink that irritates the would-be predator and stops them in their tracks, in much the same way a skunk protects itself. Vie Milieu Ser A 21 (1A), 189–211 (1970), Beverton, R. J. H. and S. J. Holt: A review of the life spans and mortality rates of fish in nature and the relation to growth and other physiological characteristics, pp 142–177. If your Aplysia or wedge sea hare has inked, then you need to act quickly to remove the substance from the water. Dolabella is a Sea Hare so have a look at the Sea Hares Page, which will give you links to pages with references on defence and other relevant topics. Once attached, they will feast and double their weight every ten days. Some species doesn't handle transportation very well, but that doesn't mean that the species isn't hardy under the right conditions. Always reef safe: No sources indicate that this species will harm corals or other invertebrates. People have been poisoned after eating a wedge sea hare (Sorokin 1988). All sea hares are hermaphrodites, which means each individual has both male and female reproductive organs, which would make establishing a pair easy, in theory, however they are considered to be difficult to breed in the home aquarium. The purple-pink ink Haltung im Aquarium: Kein Anfängertier. 2003). Sea hares have a lifespan of about one year, dying shortly after laying their eggs. Figure 1. The indifference to chemical defences may allow wedge sea hares to utilise the chemical defences of algae for their own defence. Appetite stimulated A. californica showed a decrease in the defensive withdrawal of the incurrent siphon and locomotion compared to unfed A. californica (Advokat 1980). Dolabella auricularia is a marine gastropod with an internal calcareous shell.Common names include Blunt-end sea hare, Sea hare wedge, Sea hare hatch and Shoulder-blade sea cat. Please try refreshing the page. The growth parameters W∞ and K of the von Bertalanffy growth equation were estimated from size-frequency data of the sea hare Dolabella auricularia using an objective, computer-based method. If it becomes startled, it may release a purple dye to repel attacking fish. They become free-swimming larva that after 30 days, search out algae to attach onto. Individuals of D. auricularia (n = 3) were collected from the reef crest lagoon on Heron Island, Australia and transported immediately to the field laboratory. Beeman, R. D.: An ecological study of Phyllaplysia taylori Dall 1900, Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia, with an emphasis on its reproduction. International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), Manila, Philippines, and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Cronulla, Australia 1982, Pauly, D. and N. David: ELEFAN I, a BASIC program for the objective extraction of growth parameters from length-frequency data. In the wild, Dolabella auricularia and other Aplysia family sea hare slugs enjoy living in slow-moving ocean waters and is camouflaged to blend in with its food, while it is eating and improve their odds of becoming food for something else. Blunt-end Sea Hare Family Aplysiidae - Dolabella Origin East Indian Ocean, The Red Sea Max length 50 cm (19,7") As aquarium fish Minimum volume 200 cm (53 gal) Hardiness Average : ... Sea hares are very effective at eating most types of algae, although not all of them, so do research this beforehand. wedge sea hares come from. disturbed, like an octopus or squid (Pennings 1994). 1). Dolabella auricularia, also known as the wedge sea hare, is a species of large sea slug, a marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusk in the family Aplysiidae, the sea hares. Es wird ein Aquarium von mindestens 450 Liter empfohlen. Mean duration of head withdrawal (± Standard Error) for unfed (open bars) and fed (grey bars) Dolabella auricularia (n The sea hare will do well in a tank with a sandy substrate and particularly a deep sand bed because they love to burrow in the sand. Even though sea hares are hermaphroditic, they are not self-fertilizing, so two slugs are required to breed. Zudem ist für die Benutzung dieser Seite der Einsatz von Cookies erforderlich. In Cebu, Phillippines, there was no difference between ingestion rates of algae with the time of day but smaller wedge sea hares ate less algae than larger ones (Lozada et al. It is also present in the Philippines. Satiation has been shown to increases the time to induce a feeding response in Aplysia californica (Susswein et al. Description. If you’re interested in observing the sea bunny slug during a scuba diving trip you’ll need to travel to the Indo-Pacific Ocean, anywhere from South Africa to the central Pacific, to find them. The Dolabella Sea Hare also known as Wedge Sea Hare is a very effective algae eater and will clean up hair algae in no time. That works great, in the wild, where the sea hare can escape into a rock, or the sand and the predator swims away while the ink dissipates in the ocean water–but in the confines of the reef aquarium, there is nowhere for the ink to dissipate to–which can cause some big problems. It could be rocks, decorations (if you have them) or even coral frags. Its body is covered with tubercles and skin flaps. His symptoms are, lethargic, has a lump on the right side about half way down the body, won't climb on the glass, spends a lot of time on his back, and when he does move it doesn't look like he is using his foot. [2], This sea hare lives in areas that are sheltered from rough currents. This site participates in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees at no additional direct cost to you by linking to some products on J. mar. If you (like me) have decided that the sea hare is fascinating but too risky to add to your tank, you might be interested in keeping one of these other fascinating and beautiful invertebrate species: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ich hatte eine größere Fadenalgenplage in meinem 200Liter-Becken und habe den Seehasen als Lösung probiert, um ihn irgendwann nach Erledigung der Arbeit weiterzugeben, da er ja doch zu groß werden würde. Giftigkeit: Vergiftungsgefahr unbekannt. The last several days my sea hare has been acting funny. The tank will need to be slug-proof as it’s not uncommon to see sea hares get sucked up into the filter. If that doesn't work, please contact support so we can address the problem. However, responses to the stimulus towards the end of the trials that were equally rapid to those at the start of the trials were observed, suggesting the amount of habituation may only be slight and muscle fatigue the more likely explanation. This amazing invertebrate grows up to 16 inches in length! Most species seem to live for about one year, although the tropical Sea Hare Dolabella auricularia can live for six years in an aquarium and the Antarctic cephalaspidean Philine gibba can live for up to four and a half years in nature. the laboratory at Heron Island Research Station, Australia.

Individuals were then given algae in the aquarium overnight prior to the fed trials the next day (approximately 12 hours).

Es wird ein Aquarium von mindestens 450 Liter empfohlen. These guys are great at taking care of hair algae but if you run out of algae they won't last long. 1993). Most species are easy to keep in an aquarium as long as there are enough algae, although some species do have slightly more specific food requirements. It can be recognized by a flattened disk on the posterior surface of the animal. Nach ca. Giftigkeit: Vergiftungsgefahr unbekannt. In the wild, Aplysia californicus and other sea hares sometimes mate in chains of three or more individuals. Each individual was stimulated by touching the rhinopores and stroking the anterior tentacles with a blunt dissection needle to induce a defensive head withdrawal. No evidence was found for the effect of food arousal on the time duration of head withdrawal (Fig. We’re sorry, something doesn't seem to be working properly. They tend to mate in and lay their eggs in the seagrass in coastal waters. Marine Biology 79, 289–293 (1984). The Aplysia sea hare itself is a docile, non-aggressive invertebrate that shouldn’t cause any compatibility issues on its own. Like almost every other invertebrate, the sea hare has a sensitivity to copper. [1] It has a short, blunt head. With that said, if you have a massive algae problem or just have a soft spot for the soft-bodied sea slugs, this article should help you figure out if they are something you want to add to your tank. Marine Invertebrates (PocketExpert Guide) - TFH Publications / Microcosm Ltd. - (English)Robert Toonen. There are fossil records of † Dolabella aldrichi from the Early Miocene, found in the Chipola Formation in Florida . A value of Z=3.66, corresponding to an annual survival rate of 2.6%, was estimated for the juveniles and adults from a length-converted catch curve.

grasps the algae with its muscular foot.

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