how much oil does a pound of trim make

20 cookies made with 1/4 cup of this oil = approximately 20mg of THC per cookie. Divide the 800mg of infused THC by the amount of oil you will use, as well as the number of servings you will produce.

Check out our easy cannabutter recipe here. Some great ones to use are MCT, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil etc, I’m using 13 grams of weed I’m trying to make more than one edible like brownies and cereal bars and maybe another is 2 cups of oil to much I am using a exotic strain of weed I want them really strong.

Ethanol is a polar solvent, so it also extracts unwanted plant material such as chlorophyll, waxes, and fats. Is there such a thing as ‘over saturated’ oil? Though the majority of major cannabinoids are found in the flower or “bud” of the hemp or cannabis plant, with a little bit of hard work, extracting THC from cannabis trim is possible. It ends up costing me between 2-5 dollars per gram. thanks for the comment Macky – enjoy your edibles . However, the point is not necessarily the method here. I usually end up with a few grades of almost full melt bubble, and more than enough sandy dry looking hash that doesnt bubble but still gets you nice and high. And it is known that cannabinoid content varies with variety. Would this be a process of infusing the oil, straining the plant matter and then infusing again wit fresh flower. Yup what hippy said. Trim refers to the trichome-rich outer leaves that encompass the cannabis flower (or “bud”). We have the perfect machine for small, medium and large producers.

I have made cannabutter using 1 ounce of trim to 1 pound of butter.

Dr. Thompson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry and a Doctor of Chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota. How Much Wax from a Pound of Trim?

To clarify, my question is: can I use 1/8th oz bud for 1/2 cup of oil? (800mg/8 = 100mg per 1/4 cup of oil). Making bubble hash is a lot of work and im sure the club that im getting it from makes hash also, they just have more than they can deal with. Even though many medical purveyors in oils-only states use both flower and trim as a source for the extract oils, some extractors use trim exclusively as the source material for their extractions. The question is, “Is the sample representative of the truckload?” The answer to that question is where the science of statistics enters.

Total THC in the entire batch of edibles ___ (THC) divided by _____ (Servings). 811 Pine Street, Saint Croix Falls WI, 54024, Privacy Policy  – Cookies Policy  – Legal Page – Terms of Use – Sitemap – Purchase Consumables, how to remove dark colors from your extracts. Wow Yeah knowing this tad of info has helped me calculate I used 15 grams 26 % THC bud to 14 oz coconut oil with your terminology on oil to bud ratio I’ll have a potent substance to play around with making cookies ,candies Thanks guys ,oh I’m using a levo2 machine . Please check your spam/junk folders if the email has not shown up in your inbox. i like to smoke hash, and i like to eat pot products as well. The method involves squeezing and rolling the material in between your fingers. Are you making a profit? Divide 1,600mg of total infused THC by the amount of oil you use (1,600mg/8 = 200mg of THC per 1/4 cup of oil), as well as the number of servings you will create.

A popular way to downgrade the extract oil content from Grade 1 and 2 trim to Grade 3 is to tumble the trim with dry ice to knock the trichomes off of the plant. One of my friends is the manager of one of the clubs here in town and I was getting pounds of pretty good outdoor trim for 40 dollars. (400mg divided by 20 cookies).

First you must ask, “Is the sample a random sample?” Second, you must know, how many times you must sample the truckload in order to be certain within a degree of error that the sample is representative of the truckload. Hi Lanesha – I will give you the equation for 20% THC here, it may not be this strong since you said it may be 18% THC but this will give you a good idea. I have never done that much, but there is no reason why you can’t, experimentation is key and everyone is different in terms of tolerance. These cannabis cookies are perfect for those who are new to cannabis edibles, or, have a lower tolerance. We generally classify trim into four grades based on a standard set of criteria, such as resin, trichome density, and several other factors used to determine its quality.

We have to use an example in this part of the equation, but, it makes it easier to see the working. Divide 1,600mg of total infused THC by the amount of oil you use (1,600mg/8 = 200mg of THC per 1/4 cup of oil), as well as the number of servings you will create. This plant material is not trim.

20 cookies, made with 1/4 cup of this oil = approximately 10mg of THC in each cookie. When you want to remove the plant waxes and lipids from solution, winterization is a critical step in the process.

Please check your email. I am making 40 fruity pebble bars i did the math its around 130Mg each is that correct? Using trim, you can expect an “in versus out” ratio of 6%, meaning one pound of trim will produce 26.88 grams of concentrate (448 grams in a pound X .06).

Do you know the THC level of your cannabis?

The overall cannabinoid content of these leaves can range from 10-15%, and high-grade trim usually includes small flowers that cannot be sold elsewhere. So Ive been buying a lot of trim lately to make hash and some edibles. I want a minimum amount of oil in this and also potent candy.

You must log in or register to reply here. This is an awesome post!! For example, If you were to make cookies using 1/4 of a cup of this oil, they would contain 100mg of THC in total. Cannabis edibles will affect everyone differently, your oil may knock me out completely while you’re left feeling fine!

or do I need to dilute it in something like coconut oil? Just simmer the RSO with the oil/butter for 2-4 hours (in a double boiler, on low, never boiling) and then strain it. Too much oil and the candy won’t harden. Currently I am experimenting with 70 gms per 2 cups of coconut oil. This is because there are many uneducated buyers on the market.

(200mg of THC divided by 20 cookies), 15 grams of 20% THC cannabis = 15,000mg x 20% THC = 3,000mg of total THC, Multiply 3,000mg of THC by 80% = 2,400mg (Infused) THC. I hope this helped a little bit, feel free to ask any more questions below. In addition, different fats and oils produce different results therefore, experimentation with different oils, fats, and other substances such as flour, sugar or alcohol are incredibly important. Can I use a 1/2 cup of oil or less and still infuse with 7 grams?

In our experience with CBD extraction, there is no difference in quality between trim from cannabis plants grown indoors versus outdoors. Ethanol is designated GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the US Food and Drug Administration, and it is highly effective at separating cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material. hey thanks for sharing.

As a scientist, he has a strong technical background and industry experience in analytical instrumentation, in-vitro diagnostics, biotech, mining, and homeland security markets. This approximation is somewhat high, however, it is better to overestimate when you are consuming cannabis edibles and a flower to oil ratio that suits you. You can view more information by visiting our Supercritical CO2 Extractors page wich we have detailed guide about hemp processing, hemp extraction, extraction method and Co2 extraction process.. For more information about any of our products, fill out the form below or give our sales team a call at 651-600-0036. So Ive been buying a lot of trim lately to make hash and some edibles. 10 grams of 20% THC cannabis = 10,000mg x 20% THC = 2,000mg of total THC, Multiply 2,000mg of THC by 80% = 1,600mg (Infused) THC. The only way to truly grasp your own personal dosage when it comes to cannabis edibles is to experiment by starting low, in terms of THC content, and taking it slow, in terms of how much you consume. Divide this by the number of servings created. We will also be infusing 2 cups of oil (500ml) in total for these examples and making 20 cannabis cookies with 1/4 of a cup of the cannabis-infused oil. When learning how to make oil from fan leaves and how to extract oil from plants, it’s important to note that there are many unscrupulous sellers of trim on the market. The most I’ve ever done was 25g of trim into 2 cups of oil and it was great Good luck with the infusions. The absorption rate for THC into fats and oils is not 80%, however, it is better to over approximate your cannabis edibles and potency when it comes to the flower to oil ratio.

Personally, I wouldn’t use that much per 2 cups though because you may end up wasting some of your cannabis if it can’t absorb any more cannabinoids, I just used 80 grams with 29 fl oz = 3.62 cups of oil and I’m about to make cookies wish me luck, Good luck Kev! Starting a Cannabis Business?

There are several different methods you can use to extract hash oil from cannabis trim. While I realize this is a very large amount I am searching for a potent dose. This is because there are many uneducated buyers on the market. Our model line makes it easy for you to scale your operations while keeping your operating costs at a minimum. extraktLAB specializes in CO2 extraction equipment. This results in not only flower with high THC content, but trim that is “perfect” for extracting THC. 5 grams of 20% THC cannabis = 5,000mg x 20% THC = 1,000mg of total THC, Multiply 1,000mg of THC by 80% (The approximate absorption rate of THC into the oil) = 800mg THC. _ Grams of cannabis multiplied by __ % THC = ____ (Total Amount of THC), Step Two: Multiply the total amount of THC (Step One) within the cannabis by 80% (An approximate infusion rate), _ MG of total THC multiplied by 80% = _____ (This represents the total infused THC).

Hi Skip, thanks for the comment and additional info – I actually wouldn’t know what a super saturation point would be for 1/2 a cup of oil but I think you can easily infuse 7-10g into a half cup and it will be quite potent.

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