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Thank you very much. These reactions are generally referred to as Anti-Markovnikov addition reactions. Of course, the two reaction courses involve two different carbocation intermediates, which may have different energy levels. The alkene is protonated and it gives rise to the more stable carbocation as shown below. distinguish among primary, secondary and tertiary carbocations. It predicts that the halide part of the protic acid preferentially attaches itself to highly substituted carbon atoms whereas the hydrogen component of the protic acid preferentially attaches itself to the least substituted carbon atom (the carbon atom holding the most carbon-hydrogen bonds). Markovnikov and anti-Markovnikov additions. more substituents forms a more stable carbenium ion; attack of bromide ion Markovnikov’s rule is an empirical rule used to predict regioselectivity of electrophilic addition reactions of alkenes and alkynes. follows in a second step: Radical reactions require an initiation step. For example: Tertiary carbon (most substituted), Secondary carbon (medium substituted), primary carbon (least substituted). This important regiochemical principle is nicely illustrated by a simple electrophilic addition that is commonly carried out in the organic laboratory: the conversion of an alkene to an alkyl bromide by electrophilic addition of HBr to the double bond. Markovnikov’s rule is a rule that can be used to predict the outcomes of some addition reactions. )O,\,v� 8{�K�������d��ev��:��t~��-˘�>ݝ�����)�+�����}Z�O��������yvOϦ{�����ɛ��]��͢ή��׺n���������>��LL��-}����g��~~�#��d����0��Ofl���,xa/s#U�sb,������O��Թ��O'��4�a*' �����{�� ?�C��`u�$�U�Y��(�n�M�G���c\�2W�qQ�J� �1�Te�ޏ$.�NE�?�]"cw���J ��tVM5.

Markovnikov This effect is also known as Kharash effect or peroxide effect. Markovnikov’s Rule, also known as Markownikoff’s rule, can be used to describe the outcome of some chemical addition reactions. What is markovnikov’s Rule? As a result, the predominant product is the secondary rather than the tertiary bromoalkane. It is more accurate to use the more … Markovnikov’s rule predicts the regiochemistry of the reaction when a protic acid (usually denoted by HX) is added to an unsymmetrically substituted alkene. Hydroboration. However, the secondary carbocation is far more stable and therefore, its formation is preferred over the formation of a primary carbocation.

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