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A ranger (along with Bugs) appears, and has an angry expression on his face. Elmer reaches in and, in spite of resistance from below, retrieves the tent which is tied in knots. Popular pages. The lobby card where Bugs paints Elmer's glasses black is also done in the film. However, Bugs simply pushes it open, steps out and mimics Elmer. He nails a board over the hole ("that'll hold 'em alwhight, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh"). S12-E4: There's No Place Like The Main Series! Wabbit Twouble ("Rabbit Trouble" in Elmer Fudd's speech impediment)[2] is a Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions and released on December 20, 1941 by Warner Bros. Big Chunk Saves the Day, Lucky Them, It's Season 7 Episode 7, and Big Chunk hasn't got a girlfriend yet. Season 8 is all about soup for some reason. For the cartoon, Elmer was redesigned as a fat man (based on voice actor Arthur Q. Bryan's own physique) in an attempt to make him funnier. Finally, the bear freaks Elmer out by riding on top of him. Wikis. Pictures. Bugs balloons up to Elmer's size and repeats what Elmer had said, labeling it "phooey". Elmer blindly follows the towel ("I do this kind of stuff to him all through the picture", Bugs confides to the audience). This is the only cartoon with the "fat" version of Elmer to remain under copyright; the other "fat Elmer" cartoons are in the public domain. – before returning to the slimmer form by which he is better known, for The Hare-Brained Hypnotist. He misbehaves in various ways to keep Elmer on the ground with his eyes shut, but just as he starts biting Elmer's foot, Elmer sees what is going on and grabs his shotgun. All seasons except season 11 are rated TV-MA. Big Chungus refers to an image of cartoon character Bugs Bunny, usually captioned with the phrase "Big Chungus" and presented as a game for "PlayStation 4" console. Bugs would show up in a prison two more times: in Rebel Rabbit (1949) and Big House Bunny (1950). a knuckle Sandwich. He causes Elmer to step off a cliff edge. Add new page. Big Chungus refers to an image of cartoon character Bugs Bunny, usually captioned with the phrase "Big Chungus" and presented as a game for PlayStation 4 console. Register Start a Wiki. At the ends of Rabbit Transit (1947) and Hare Brush (1955) he is arrested, but not actually shown in prison therein, Bugs would also be arrested at the end of Fresh Hare (1942), but it is shown he decided to give himself up and also given a death penalty instead. and pulls Elmer's hat over his eyes. In the cartoon, Elmer expects to find rest and relaxation at Jellostone National Park. Elmer looks at the miraculous view of the Grand Canyon, but suddenly realizes he is in midair.

In the short, Bugs is mocking Elmer Fudd, who in this cartoon was made much more portly than his previous and more iconic design.On May 27th, 2017, an anonymous 4chan user posted the image of obese Bugs Bunny to /lit/ board (shown below, upper left). In December 2018 (77 years after the film's release), a still from the short depicting Bugs mocking Elmer by imitating his weight became an Internet meme. Elmer is arrested for the destruction of government property, and from his jail cell window he tells us that "anyway" he is "wid of that gwizzwy bear and scwewy wabbit! a knuckle Sandwich, S4-E1: A Yank To Yanee/A Location of Laurel. Big Chungus refers to an image of cartoon character Bugs Bunny, usually captioned with the phrase \"Big Chungus\" and presented as a game for PlayStation 4 console.

The meme originated from fictitious cover art for a video game titled Big Chungus (with "chungus" being a neologism associated with video game commentator Jim Sterling) which featured the still and was popularized by a Facebook post by a GameStop manager, who alleged that a colleague's mother had inquired about purchasing the fictional game as a gift for her son. Bugs pops up, welcomes Elmer to Jellostone ("a restful retreat. He runs back to safety and holds on to Bugs for dear life. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? S1-E1: A Wild Hare S1-E2: A Delicious Breakfast S1-E3: A Delicious Lunch S1-E4: A Delicious Supper S1-E5: The Greatest Desert S1-E6: A Duel With Thanos! Elmer then settles into his hammock and quickly falls fast asleep, muttering to himself. Big Chunk Saves the Day.

Elmer, driving his Ford Model T jalopy to a Conga beat, makes his way to Jellostone National Park (a pun on Yellowstone National Park) while looking forward to getting some rest. Elmer sets up his campsite by setting a camp fire, and hanging mirror on a tree and, beneath it, a wash basin on a table, hanging a hammock, and pitching his tent. They both ask how long he has in jail ("Pardon me but, how long ya in for, doc?" [4][5], 1941 Bugs Bunny cartoon directed by Bob Clampett, "Cartoon Logic: Cartoon Logic Episode 06: Myth-Guided History - The Early Days of Bugs and Elmer (Wabbit Twouble)", "Big Chungus Is The Last Great Meme Of 2018","Big_Chungus", Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 19:31. S1-E7: The Hungriest of Them All S1-E8: Olmer Food's Amazing Plan pt. [3] This is the first of several Bugs Bunny cartoon titles that refers to Elmer Fudd's speech impediment, making the names of Robert Clampett, Sid Sutherland, and Carl Stalling as well as the roles of Story, Supervision, and Musical Direction intentionally misspelled in the credits to receive the perfect match for Elmer's speech impediment. Oh brudda!") The tent is positioned directly over Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole (just as Elmer had arrived, Bugs had posted a sign next to his hole saying 'Camp Here', then had retreated into the lair, covering it with grass as he went). Games Movies TV Video. Elmer reaches in again and tries to yank Bugs out. The "fat Elmer" would only make three more appearances in the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies canon – The Wabbit Who Came to Supper, The Wacky Wabbit and Fresh Hare, in addition to a cameo appearance in the war bond advertisement Any Bonds Today? Bugs places a pair of glasses on Elmer's face, paints the lenses black and sets the alarm clock to go off at noon. Wabbit Twouble ("Rabbit Trouble" in Elmer Fudd's speech impediment) is a Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions and released on December 20, 1941 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

When the bear is knocked off him after hitting a tree branch, Elmer gives up and packs everything into his car (almost including a huge tree). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. FANDOM. Chungapedia - Big Chungus Wiki. S12-E7: Random Episode (01001100 01101111 01101100 01111001 01100111 01100001 01100111 01110010 00100000 01101100 01101001 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101100 01101001 01100011 01101011 00100000 01001100 01101111 01101100 01111001 01100111 01100001 01100111 01100001 00100000 01011001 01000101 01000001 01001000 00100001), S12-E21.5: Totaka's Punishment a.k.a. S6-E1: It's Conspiracy Time! KammeHamme Sandwich v.s. He mistakenly sets camp in the neighborhood of Bugs' rabbit hole, and Bugs (and a neighboring bear) don't have much leisure in mind. Big Chungus Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The bear starts growling, and so Elmer turns to a wildlife handbook for advice, which directs him to play dead. The bear returns and Bugs runs away just as Elmer swings the gun, clobbering the bear rather than the rabbit.

S7-E7: Lucky Them, It's Season 7 Episode 7, and Big Chunk hasn't got a girlfriend yet. – his feet), but Bugs climbs onto Elmer and starts growling exactly like the bear. A chase ensues with Elmer and the bear running through the trees to the tune of the "William Tell Overture." The bear soon gives up (after sniffing Elmer's "B.O." 531 Pages. The word \"chungus\" was coined by video game journalist Jim Sterling several years before the meme became popular.The image of Bugs Bunny appears in Merrie Melodies cartoon Wabbit Twouble, first shown on December 20th, 1941[1]. Unfortunately, he turns to find out that somehow he is sharing his cell with both Bugs and the black bear. 1 S1-E9: Olmer Food's Amazing Plan pt. He goes to his tent, takes off his day clothes to reveal night clothes underneath, and goes to bed. When it wakes Elmer, he thinks it is nighttime because everything seems dark. Elmer washes his face but cannot reach his towel because it is hanging on a branch that Bugs keeps at a steady, short distance from him. However, he runs into a black bear. The next appearance of the image on 4chan can be tracked to July 19th, 2017 (shown below, upper right), with more posts containing it appearing on /lit/ and other boards later that year.Top 10 characters who can defeat thanos and, to teach the park not to give false advertisement, he chops the sign to bits with an ax and stomps on the pieces while calling the park's "peace and wewaxation" promises "wubbish!" After several attempts, Elmer pulls his hands out to find that his fingers are tied together. This cartoon was the only time, though, that the Fat Elmer also had a red nose. Sid Sutherland is the only credited animator, although Virgil Ross, Rod Scribner, and Robert McKimson also animated the short. S10-E7: Dream Girl (For some Reason will not exist until the Finale).

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