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That said many boaters disagree entirely with these arguents and do paint the baseplate – how often is down to their enthusiasm for the task and / or the depth of their wallet. About David. Unfortunately I cannot as I have never used any of the rental companies myself so I can’t in good conscience recommend any. (hint: yes). I didn't know they existed. How fast can you go on the canals?Asking “how fast” is to miss the point of narrowboating. A documentary series following former UK television news reporter David Johns who quit his job, sold his house, bought a live-aboard narrowboat, and films his travels on the historic British canals. Search for "Cruising the Cut web-series" on, Title: A documentary series following former UK television news reporter David Johns who quit his job, sold his house, bought a live-aboard narrowboat, and films his travels on the historic British canals. The comments about women are a deal-breaker. There are no “speed police” or radar traps on the canals however; it’s more the ire of other boaters that you will incur though I’m sure if a CRT officer saw you zooming along they’d note your boat registration number (which is required to be clearly visible) and send you a suitable letter. If you’re permanently in one location or have a base mooring, register somewhere near there and whenever you go back to the mooring you can get your teeth checked or whatever. The steerers will wave and say hello when they pass each other, that is when the back of one boat passes the back of the other. Plus the supermarkets often react badly to people filming in them. To be clear, the “recipe” is buttered bread, with ingredients as just described, and that’s it.I absolutely loathe mayo or any similar gunge, and I don’t like salt, pepper or suchlike either. It’s got loads of very expert people who chip in but the only thing you have to watch is that sometimes the discussions veer (quickly) wildly off on a tangent, which is unhelpful, or occasionally descend into vitriolic arguments. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. If he were to make a 3rd year series, I'd watch that too. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Braving another substantial river like the courageous soul he is, David takes his narrowboat from Stourport onto the Severn and pops back to his home town of Droitwich along the way before returning to the river and continuing south to Tewkesbury where he begins what would become his most enjoyable journey yet, up the River Avon. And finally, I opened an online merchandise store selling branded mugs, hats, t-shirts and suchlike; I really should push this more but I don’t want to become one of those channels that’s always trying to flog stuff to its viewers. They’re not great but I still prefer them to the main alternative which is Pearson’s, although many boaters swear by those guides. Other boats have diesel or gas-fired radiator central heating systems just like in a house.

Thus at the height of summer, the panels might provide sufficient motive power as it was used but none to recharge the batteries as well.At any other time, you’d have to let the panels charge the batteries for longer such that in spring and autumn it could easily take several hours to recharge for an hour’s worth of movement.Without an additional (conventional) generator therefore, pure solar on a canal narrowboat is only suited for weekend breaks and day boats but not constantly cruising liveaboards. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. A terrifying ordeal awaits our hero as he continues north up the Trent & Mersey canal: The "Scarecastle" Tunnel, a very long, dark, damp tunnel which has sagged in the middle over the many decades since it was built, making it very, very low indeed in some parts. Another episode..."Damsels in Distress!" In short, not really worth the effort according to most sources I’ve read. They’re really not designed for water that’s not totally flat calm, and typically have holes in the hull (eg for sink waste outlets or engine cooling vents) just a few inches above the waterline so any waves could easily flood the boat. Usually – though it may not look like it! How do you make money?I film and edit corporate videos. Gentle, informative and fun. Do you need a licence to drive a narrowboat?Incredibly – and unfortunately – no. Can you cruise the canals at night?Not if you’re hiring but it’s unwise generally even if you own the boat. I’ve also heard it said that most people are right-handed thus their right hand is on the tiller so they stand on the left hand side of the boat; therefore when passing another boat coming towards you, both skippers will be on the side that’s nearest to the oncoming boat.A recent comment on my vlogs also explained that the steering board on ships of old would be on the right (hence the term “starboard” for right) and boats would put into port on the left (hence the term “port” for left hand side). And the drone batteries don’t last that long either so you’d be forever changing them.Using a drone to look ahead when single handed would just be way more hassle than it’s worth since you can either just toot your horn and proceed with caution, or you’re really bothered, pull the boat in and run along to see what’s coming (which would still be quicker and easier than using a drone)If you had crew aboard who could operate the boat while you do the drone, then it would make more sense but for me it’s not realistic. We do get lots of houseflies and occasional wasps etc but they’re just the normal summertime pests. A MARVELOUS thing to watch whilst on my Elliptical Training Machine! Ha Ha.

What’s your fuel consumption?I’ve never measured it but narrowboats typically drink 1-1.5 ltr/hour. Have a look at this video from Slim Potatohead where he experiments with one on his caravan (travel trailer): By that point the camera on my boat’s bow is 50 feet further forward so it’s missed it. Why are the canals so disgustingly filthy? I’m quite introverted in real life and wouldn’t enjoy it.

Why don’t you have an electric engine?You do find some hybrid boats on the canal (see vlog 69 I did about just such a craft) and electric running certainly is appealing especially when the boat’s just sitting in a lock but it seems a bit of an odd system with the massive battery bank and a diesel generator just to gain a bit of electric movement. Van Conversion From Scratch. How much did you pay for your boat?The boat was advertised at just under £50,000 and I paid less than that after haggling and after the survey showed some work needed doing. Cruising the Cut web-series. A must for all river boat enthusiasts.

A very special trip on the narrowboat as David reaches the Anderton Boat Lift, an amazing feat of Industrial Revolution engineering, restored some 15 years ago. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It has been known to happen but generally only in severe weather and often when a nearby river or stream overflows into the canal rather than the canal itself overfilling. Also, due to the shallowness of much of the canal network, any blacking on the baseplate would be quickly scraped off in many areas. Why don’t you have / fit a bow thruster / “trolling motor”?Although many (generally newer) narrowboats have bow thrusters, it would be near impossible to fit one onto my boat without some major, and expensive, surgery. He is a naughty boater. Thirdly, it’s not uncommon to drop a windlass into the canal by accident and it would be a very expensive mistake to do that with a cordless drill! After that, a beautiful few days of cruising along the Middlewich branch of the Shopshire Union Canal is in store. A couple of years ago there was extensive winter damage on some of the northern canals due to flooding which even raised up boats onto the towpath and left them there once the waters receeded. Is it cold in winter?No! This website has ads on it from Google; that also earns a few pounds each month. In this special bonus end-of-season episode, David goes "behind the scenes" at a narrowboat manufacturer, seeing how huge steel plates are beaten and wrestled into submission to become beautiful canal craft. He's so self-referential that he actually assigns thoughts to Geese!

At a push, I will eat pickle in it as well but it’s not something I add by default.And no, the sandwich is not grilled, that seems to be an American thing. In which David leaves his travelling companions behind and continues solo along the beautiful Trent & Mersey canal. I liked hearing about the problems and repairs as that is real life. In October 2015, David quit his job and went to live on a narrowboat where he's now making YouTube videos and writing articles … Most boats go along at 2-3mph, except some hire boats which are typically trying to get around a set cruising ring in a very short time such as a week. (2019– ). I prefer to keep the channel focused on narrowboats and canals rather than “life in Britain” as there are other channels that do that.

Links from my videos to Amazon with an affiliate code in them mean I get a small commission if someone buys anything (yes, anything, not just the product that was linked to) after going to the site from clicking on my link.I also have a Patreon page for really dedicated viewers – yes, there are some! As he reaches the final stage of his 2017 travels, two familiar faces pop up to help with the last strenuous leg down Hatton locks. After 13 years of doing this and working in radio, I decided to chuck it all in and buy a narrowboat to cruise around the canals on. Unlike rivers there’s virtually no current in the canals except for whenever a lock is emptied, and with the canals being so shallow and having a lot of trees on the bank, there’s an awful lot of silt lying at the bottom.

Why don’t you have a generator?

Lorna (aka London Boat Girl) has done a comprehensive video about it, see I only tend to visit pubs if I’m with friends and as I have no friends…Honestly the best advice you’ll get will be if you phone a handful of the hire firms, who have years of experience and know their local routes like the back of their hand. How do you deal with all the mosquitoes on the canals?There really aren’t that many. David's amazing week in the sunshine on the River Avon comes to an end as he reaches Stratford, whereupon he returns to the canals with a shock as he remembers just how narrow they are compared to rivers and how low some of their bridges can be. And really, they look just like every other supermarket I’ve ever been into (!!) Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. This show is an excellent respite from all that. As for voting, you can vote by post or by proxy and (I’m told) either declare an affiliation with a particular area of the country and vote there, or if you still own a bricks-and-mortar home, you vote wherever it is. It could disturb other boaters or I could bang into things, even with the bow light on. Cheers.

Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020.

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